If hovers looked like this

I know a lot of guys don’t really care what their builds look like & absolutely hate art builds.
Fair enough…

For me, the aesthetics of the game are a big part of why I enjoy it. It’s a HUGE part of why I enjoy it.
To which… if hovers IN THE GAME looked like this month’s wallpaper, I’d love hovers.

This thing looks awesome… If this was a movie poster, I’d wanna see it.



That’s the only upside of this game.

But the problem is, we don’t have to play the game to enjoy its “aesthetics”. We can look at the pictures such as above.

And this is a serious problem.

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I think the build in the photo looks like :poop:

Your never going to make everyone happy.

But with a game like Crossout they shouldn’t even try.

That photo makes me wish for pedestrians, even just so that we could have a better sense of scale. Too many monster vehicles look like toys.
Maybe the projectile change could lead to more compact hovers like that in game, but it’s hard to predict.
I was surprised at how quickly the current hover metas appeared after 2.0. It seemed like there were two weeks when everyone was mounting their guns high above their cabins so they could still shoot while reversing, and then suddenly everyone was playing those horseshoe builds with the guns buried in the middle.
I actually kind of like how the horseshoe hovers look, even though they’ve been a bit OP for a while.

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Agreed… You can get a sense of scale a bit on some of the maps that have single vehicle wrecks laying around… meaning old campers, cars & trucks. Pedestrians would also be… well… hilarious.

Yep… especially true with this one since it’s changing so many parts… virtually everything.

I don’t even care if the pedestrians don’t go splat when you run over them if they need to keep the all-ages rating.
Just having them run away from us would be great.

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Can you make a VIPER MARK II ?

Now that would be awesome.

P.S.- it’s me or that wallpaper have StarWars vibes?

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Mad Max?? This…. Is…. Crossout! (Kicked into the pit)

You got to love how the world of Crossout has highly advanced exoskeleton suits.


Up until that new gun came out, I kind of liked how the more sci-fi elements have been styled. They are more Blade Runner or Star Wars in style rather than shiny polished Star Trek.

That fits more with the grungy Mad Max aesthetic the game also has.

And I love me some Star Trek.

I’m betting or at least hoping the new gun isn’t as polished as it looked in that rendering we were shown.

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well only the strongest and smartest survived right?


IRON_DOG made most his builds in a similar style. He quit when 2.0 broke all his builds and, yeah, if you look him up on the ex, then, you’ll need to rebuild things but they’re worth it.

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Agreed, that is why I love all the tech stuff, it makes sense they would invent advanced systems to fight.

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I think I know how we can do that. Hovers can not have frame parts on their outward side within 10 pips.

this would force people to make hovers look like actual vehicles, and prevent inner mounting of them which removes their one main downside.

Sure you can still spaced armor them, but no more frame armoring them.

Any idea that has the word “force” in it when it comes to building is a bad idea.

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That exosuit is literally a giant chunk of metal hanging off that dude’s back. No support coming from his legs or waist. Two backpack straps hold 100+ pounds of pain. That man’s back HURTS. :joy: RIP believability


I want whatever power core is powering that thing for my car. It had to be super small.

what if it’s a robot in a skin-suit trying to comedically pass as a human?

That’s funny that you think you would still exist.

Not really as some times you have to force, see hover wheel combos not working.

I never thought hovers with wheels were a problem.

That was any awful patch IMO