If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

My PS4 is making weird noises, and I worry it might be at the end of its life.
The problem is that it used to belong to my old roommate, and everything is in his name. Yes, poony4u isn’t even my handle, it was just a dumb joke he made when we first set the console up.
Chances are I could move everything over to a new machine, but there’s a chance that neither he nor me remember the login details, and I might have to start all over.

As much as it would suck to lose everything, I’m also quite curious what it would be like to start the game from scratch with my current knowledge and the current state of the game.

What would you do differently if you started a new account?

I would initially focus on getting three builds to do the daily challenges, and then join a clan as soon as possible.
I would then upgrade those three basic builds until all the parts were epic.
I would spend all my badges on bonus structure parts, and also run enough decor/flags so that I can maximize my reputation to unlock faction structure parts quicker.


I’m almost sure support department will solve this. They will look IP and stuff, explain situation and if doesn’t look like you stealing somebody’s account they should reset password for you.

I’d hate it. I love to build in this game. I need to have all structural parts like I do now. I’d either have to buy like 20 packs… again. Or do 20 000 battles. But if having all the parts doesn’t mean much to you, well…

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Weirdly, I think it’s the structure parts I would miss the most.
Weapons and modules and cabins are important obviously, but I need lots of structure parts to really enjoy building, and I’m just as happy playing at 5kPS as I am at 15kPS.

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Same. Need all parts for even 4-6k PS builds. Legendaries and stuff one can do without.


When I first started I didn’t realize you could join all three faction groups. So I would start with that. It was a horrible mistake. Oh and I haven’t used most of my flags to over inflate my levels yet. I still have most of them. I just found them meaning less as they didn’t extend the rpg aspects beyond the base lvls.

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Not sure if you know this, but after level 15 you start getting structure parts from packs, which are really nice to have.
So those flags might still have some use!

Some come in better batches than others… Like the scavengers can give you a 6x bartizan parts just in one leveling when other will just give you one.

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I’m still working at getting all the bonus parts, but I’m pretty close now. About to finish off Steppenwolfs, and then I think I have a few more Firestarter parts.
It’s been a long journey!
I wish they’d add decor as faction bonus parts.

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As often as this game changes dynamics, it would be hard to know what to do differently. Every few months it’s like starting over. There are a few constants, like hovers have always been strong, and shotguns and melee too.

Paints are about the only thing they can’t nerf, so as far as my investments have gone, that one’s the only one that’s held its value…as far as usefulness goes. The market on PC is garbage though, and selling paints to make money has proven unfortunate for me, but paints never stop working as intended. Red is still red and blue is still blue, while whether or not your Augers, flamethrowers, or ACs will still work tomorrow is a fickle thing.

I find it difficult to want to invest in guns because of the frequent and unpredictable nerfs. Modules have generally been more stable, but then what they did to engines not long ago was pretty drastic.

This game can be frustrating because of how they pull the rug out from under you after you’ve committed to a certain style of build by nerfing your goodies after you’ve put considerable effort into acquiring them.

I don’t know what I could have done differently, but in retrospect paints and structure parts have been about the only dependable features worth pursuing, IMO. There’s no guarantee that anything else you invest your time into to acquire won’t get nerfed into obsolescence, and this game can make for some grindy and often futile pursuits when it comes to acquiring effective top-shelf weapons.

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You basically already did this experiment with your F2P account, didn’t you?
I guess that was more about seeing what you could get for free, but I’m sure the knowledge you’ve acquired made it easier to figure out what to do in the early stages.

Not really. It’s actually pretty simple: As far as PVP goes, melee wins a lot, and takes very little investment, creativity, ingenuity, skill, experience, or insight. Anybody can do it, and it’s a very successful method for wins. Anything else takes a lot of practice to survive with, I think.

Rotate your builds for PVP, is something I might have learned from experience (makes the game less boring and the matchmaker gives you a better variety of maps and opponents). That and team work means a lot.

Also, the most efficient way to complete challenges is to build a hybrid of cannons, MGs, and ACs, and then grind it out in copper patrols. This way you complete multiple tasks that reward badges and scrap, while also earning copper. This takes the edge off the grind considerably, I think. It’s sure been working for me.

I’m not sure this game rewards thoughtful contemplation or creativity enough to say experience is really worth that much. I see the dumbest crap win hard in PVP, and often. It’s not consistent enough to provide for any long term strategy either.

Take advantage of all the free stuff. They give away a lot of cool stuff for beginners (some of which is often discontinued as far as decor goes). Also watch the sales, and you can buy good cabs for cheap off the market when certain packs are being promoted in the store.

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That seems like a bunch of things to me.
I don’t think winning is so important, but you nailed a lot of the things needed for efficient grinding.

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I guess I came up with a few more things than I initially thought I would. :thinking:

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either way ‘grind baby grind’ :kissing_heart:
makes no difference,it’s the same game–Grind.your not going to gain anything,sorry :shushing_face: :face_with_peeking_eye:

'oops i forgot the topic ’ If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

'i would never start over,i would just find another game :crazy_face:
still waiting for ‘EverQuest3’ :thinking:

Clip more games and I would not have lost my auger clips to reminisce on after they killed auger builds with the rework that added omnis. I got as much fun out of this game as I could possibly get without spending a ton of money. I’ve mastered the hardest to play builds that nobody plays to the point of having screenshots of meta squad players accusing me of aimbot after getting dumpstered.
The devs however will have the most interesting answer when they finally kill this game as the steam and reddit stats clearly show its in its death throes. Might even see regret for adding dawn children, nothungs, destructors, athenas, and removing badges.

Will have to spend more time playing the game from scratch again, but I won’t be playing any more foreign games on Chinese servers
As far as different, yeah, take more time, then there’s no difference

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I just would skip that game which took way too many hours of my time for no good reason.

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If I had to start all over I just would not, I have put some money and very much time into this game and I would not do it all over again

No thank you

Just no


What i did different when i started on pc, after ~4 years on ps4:

  • i stayed completely free to play, zero money put in the game
  • i didn’t grind out all factions: i now have for example all prestige parts on lunatics, but only lvl 8 on steppenwolves
  • i mostly crafted blue parts simply for selling, while any higher tier items i bought off the market

On pc, some of the blue parts are the only thing you get a profit off, compared to selling the materials. Anything higher tier you make a big loss when crafting.

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I would start off at low power score and stay there and wouldn’t even bother with end game items. I find myself playing low ps more often than not lately. I created a new account the one I told you about and the stuff they gives you now is rather generous compared to when I started off in 2018 where they basically gave you nothing but now they gives you all kinds of free upgraded rares, a rare cab and even a special weapon. Here is a few screenshots of my new account that I toyed around with for a day or two.