If you want to win

Here are some of the builds around 5k that perform best and make ppl cry.

You can find them at the exhibition, just search for the parts i marked in orange in the pictures.

Damn every member of the small dick gang


I’m just posting those meta builds here, since complaining about them to targem doesnt work, so why not convert everyone to 1337 builds and make them lose their playerbase by bored players playing against the same lame builds over and over again.


This is why we can’t have nice things.



It’s interesting how every PS range has its own metas, and how often they change.
I haven’t played down at 5kPS for a while because I find the queue times too long, so I’ve never seen any of those builds.

Maybe the forum should see what kinds of counter builds we could come up for in that PS?


This!!! So this!!!

People should read this instead of copying/ paste from the exhibition.

If you have a Nemesis, build for it, don’t join so early in the game, cause Meta come and go, but counter builds stay

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Hover MG or Omni MG, nothing else works, it’s cancer vs cancer

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So basically you are saying that shotguns, machine guns, melee, ACs, and drones all work in low PS. Seems relatively balanced, except for the absence of cannons.

I guess those avenger builds don’t work anymore? There’s got to be a long range option that works down there. Medians maybe? Or maybe judges?

Depends on the movement parts, I’m really tired of people simplifying things.

You know it’s not as simple as “these weapons” work at that PS and you know if you use omnidirectional movement and meta setups that these things are viable… those movement parts make a lot “viable” yet the same weapons become useless on other builds.

You can put 3 avengers on a leg build under 2499 still easily. It’s all about the movement parts and you know it.

These weapons are all viable if you use a meta build to seal club.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most
of these low PS meta builds pictured on wheels?

I’m not going to deny that fixed angle weapons are best on omni directional parts. That’s kind of a no brainer, and there are lots of movement parts to pick from to achieve that.

You know all shotgun/rapidMG and melee are on wheels stop acting dumb

I’m honestly not sure what you are even trying to argue.
Of course weapons work best when on a build that maximizes their potential. Shotguns work better on wheels, fixed angle weapons work better on omnidirectional parts. Is this supposed to be some shocking revelation? Are you going to say that low durability weapons benefit from defensive modules next?

Then why do all MGs work best on hovers, why is everyone using ACs on legs. Fuck off monkey

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you mean Clan players with no skill?

Those 2 things are not mutually exclusive

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Didn’t the OP post a bunch of wheeled MG meta builds in this thread? Aren’t those 5kPS builds what we’re talking about here? I don’t see any hovers in any of those shots, unless I didn’t look close enough.

I’m just trying to respond to this particular thread. You seem to have some other argument you are trying to prove, and I am genuinely not sure what it is.

No, it’s not just about movement parts, there’s other factors involved, like type of armour.
Before change of the penetration values having high durability parts helped a lot.
Not the best dura to weight ratio crap, just pure dura parts.
After the change it’s best to have the best part for whatever type of weapon you want to counter.
Now there are modules to help to the resilience of a build, where you mount depends of type of weapon you want to counter.
To keep it short.
If you want to try to counter something, the build has to be focus toward that, the all build from top to bottom. Not just the weapons or armour or type of movement parts.
And often we see normal builds ( which is fine) but they are not meant to counter nothing in particular, and those are the ones who suffer the most against Meta builds.

and those MG builds are the worst looking trash they posted

I’m confused now. Are those not the current “toxic meta” builds at 5kPS?

I thought you were agreeing with the OP?