If you want to win

are you gonna sit there and tell me those piercer builds aren’t trashy compared to the other meta builds they posted?

I don’t play 5kPS, so I have no idea what works down there.
As I posted previously, I’ve never seen any of those builds before, so I just took the OPs word that they are dominating that range.

I thought you don’t play that low either? Are you playing down there now?


Again, I have no idea what you are trying to say.
Which question are you saying “yes” to?

astute observations and excellent trolling, poony. you made sir xbox sit down and just say “yes”, chapeau.

i agree, nothing really checks out here, the only points everybody agrees on are “meta bad”, “im better than people who use meta” and, goes without saying, “i dont play cw”.

its the old spiel, hating the player instead of the game in combination with what essentially can be called “cope”.

to elaborate on “cope”: because self declared non meta players often dont play cw, many of them feel an extra need to prove themselves.

the game is p2w and horribly balanced, so even if they stay away from cw its still a rough turf and they get smacked regularly by “the meta”.

so they become self-declared non meta users and try to shame the “meta slaves” to get at least a moral victory in the end.

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Where do I fit in on that scale?
I don’t typically play meta builds, but I have nothing against those who do.

I definitely don’t think I’m better than them.

I’m just not that competitive, and don’t feel like I have anything to prove. I just want to make some builds I think are cool, and try my best to make them work. I’ll borrow ideas from the more competitive players, because I still want to perform as best as I can. But I’ve never felt like I had to play meta builds or spend money to win matches and get enough MVPs/Unyieldings to feel satisfied.

CW is a different thing of course, but it just doesn’t concern me. It’s just like all the other parts of the game that I ignore (raids, adventure, bedlam). Glad it’s there for people that want it, but not something I need to care or think about.

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youre all so primitive

Why be the biggest fish in the kiddie pool?

The message was intended for newer crossout players who grind material at 4-6k.
if you play around 7-17k it wont be much use since the meta is different there.

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Like they are going to have gerridas and omamoris.

Do you see many hovers at 5kPS? Other omnidirectional parts?
You posted some Gerrida builds, so I’m curious if the update has reduced their effectiveness much.

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IDK, my Gerrida spider build hit right under PS 7K without me even trying to low-ball it. I just built what I thought was cool, and I used six legs to do it, and it landed at 6.9K. Works good still, too (since nerf).

Many of the builds the OP posted as examples are using three Gerridae and land well under PS 6K. They are very exemplary of what I see between 5 and 6K. I’m sure some of them are using an Omamori too, since the PS on that is only 600 points. It would be easy to fit one in there if you could afford the module.

It’s pretty expensive, and arguably game wrecking due to it’s nature, and/or it’s ridiculous price tag. If there were any seals left to club, one might say that it is a seal club. I’m not convinced there are very many new players, though, and

I’m running light on pity anyway, and DGAF anymore.

A $9.99 battle pass makes a PS 9K build pretty accessible to anybody, I suppose. Grinding it out seems too stupid at that price, unless F2P was some kind of experiment, demonstration, discipline, or hard rule (kid with no Visa).

Are you still considered a noob if you’re sporting Legendary gear?

I do. It’s almost like old pre-Supercharged Crossout down there, with the min-maxed Hovers being more frequent and popular…probably due to the plague of melee bricks at that PS they counter so well, or at least are more able to escape from.

Things will probably change again, since the Goblin-Brick got nerfed. IDK. I haven’t been able to play much due to how bad the lag has been since the update, but that seems to be better today, and I was actually able to play. It was really bad for a while, especially in the Rise of the Machines brawl.

Not many hovers around 5k, they mostly hang out at 6k, but theres plenty builds with 1-3 gerridas or 2 omni wheels at 5k

its true, you dont. you might be a unicorn! but id argue this could change if you sucked harder at the game or couldnt pay for it. in other words if you were losing more than you do now.

its mostly there for people who cant help wanting all those things! the game is an addiction machine after all. not everybody is equally receptive to addiction.

well thats up for debate, i suppose.

with the cc they could have those.

yes, youve been a good boy and paid 10 bucks. now you just have this stuff and randomly build something with it and boom, it just works and is fun! ggwp

I feel like a unicorn on the forum, but I don’t think I’m that unique within the actual game.
Forums always attract those who are most unhappy with whatever the topic of the forum is. Everyone else just plays the game (or enjoys whatever the topic of the forum is: music, film, sports, etc).

I will agree that the game is designed to be addictive, but I would argue that all games are, including things like chess or baseball. If the activity wasn’t something we wanted to do over and over, it wouldn’t be a very good game.

As for me, I’d still play as much if I didn’t buy BPs. I might even have played more before they were introduced, to keep my rate of acquiring new items high.

With the current rate of BPs, I don’t have enough playtime to actually properly use all the new stuff I accumulate each month. Too many things are collecting dust until I have a chance to build with them.

That’s not a real complaint though, as it’s nice to be able to come up with an idea and be able to try it out immediately. So I just keep filling up my storage, and resist the urge to sell things. And the devs keep adding new things at a rate that means I will never run out of new things to try.

I wish low PS queue times were better, as I would enjoy trying to come up with counters to other metas than what I typically see in the busier PS ranges. The fact that the meta changes a lot over the PS ranges is one of the most interesting parts of the game for me. New and diverse challenges keep things fun.

Or just quit

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I’m bored. Very bored. In fact it’s more fun to post on the forum than play the game atm.

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Towards the end of every season I kind of get like that. I normally don’t even want the next one to start because I get burn out on them. I really wish they didn’t pull all the RPG aspects out as that gave me something to explore when I just wanted to cool off.

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BP only takes one day of the week for me. I don’t care about the daily quests. Those are easily done with regular sg/mg/cannon dailies.

I’m bored because the fights are boring. Am I going to fight spiders or hovers? Oh it’s spiders and hovers. Go to low and its all Tusks, melee and rapid fire mg’s. Boring.


All I’m doing for pvp is heli with dumb rockets it’s kind of funny… It’s amusing until you get stuck with homing missiles or AI drone machine gunners…