I'm breaking the silence to bring light to an ongoing situation. I can use some proper insight

Well, since I understand the moderators are a little busy, and with no way to be certain that my updated Harassment complaint made it through, I might as well have a kind of document on the forums out of the reach of terrible folk. this is a way to have everything in one location so it is not forgotten, while bringing light to my current plight, and my continued efforts to put an end to the harrassment once and for all.

So, to keep it simple, I have been dealing with an extremely bad case of cyberharrassment for years at the hands of some terrible people. for the sake of others, I will not mention their names, other than in the screenshots I am about to share with all here. since they had kicked up their activity around a similar time when the Brigadeers on the subreddit decided it was a good day to burn the XO community with false information and hatred, somebody had to step up, and finally get things done as needed. me and TKG_Actual have been doing our best to stem the tide on the subreddit, and our efforts already managed to reduce them to a Fifth of their total strength. whenever or not the subreddit brigadeering and the harassment I got for many years is beyond me. what I do know is if they are connected somehow, then this is basically the ultimate form of treason against the Crossout community itself, all because they don’t like to change their meta/Toxic ways. It’s that simple.

here is the 5 screenshots I’ve currently sent to the one who does the complaints, but I had not recieved any update in regards to these currently, so I figured “Why not just share them here, and get my point across to the entire community?” I am a bit reluctant to share these screenshots, but considering the lack of any proper support recently, I figured I create this document as was to to show another side to many of your “Friends” you had no idea about. keep in mind, I had been hacked prior in an attempt to prevent this inevitability, but they had not been thorough enough to prevent this event.

the Screenshots are as follows, from earliest to latest

proof of Whaler toxicity

I was not kidding

I will note that if the Moderators want me to tear this post down, I am more than happy too. With the current situation on the Subreddit getting way out hand, and the reemergence of my prior harassers through a series of possible “alts” means I don’t really have much of a choice but to bring much needed light to my situation, in order to hopefully speed the process along properly. that is my intent with this discussion initially, but I think it can easily be something more.

I’ll even ask a question in regards to this situation, have you ever dealt with a situation involving these guys/their accomplices or friends? if you have anything to say about them, this discussion might be the chance to finally bring light to many old stories in a concentrated series of accounts. the more information against them, the better our chances of finally getting some peace of mind. as a community, I think it is time to break our silence to finally have the closure we all deserve.

I’ll answer as many posts as I can. it will not be easy, but I’ll do my best to be informal and such about this sensitive topic that is rarely talked about. I hope I am doing the right thing here, by breaking the silence.

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Just leave the discord, they’re a bunch of coomer kids with mental issues.

Block those on Reddit that only post ragebait and troll instead of providing any insight.

It’s honestly that easy, I’ve dealt with these types and their trash for 6 years of this game.If you’re good at the game then do what I do and just keep beating them in your build while they’re slaves to the meta. Simple.


I honestly could not agree more. even my attempts do as you said were not really enough to stop them dead in their tracks. all it did really was it seemed to have motivated them. that is why I’ve decided to spread awarness. I understand the staff are a bit bogged down by a series of account boosting issues they had to contend with recently, so I feel this is a good start to get a proper discussion going while they do what they gotta do

They won’t stop and their mob mentality just backs themselves up, never underestimate morons in large numbers, just look at Brexit.

This is why when I talk trash I back it up by absolutely clapping these types of players day in day out. Because this way you know what they say is through gritted teeth as you trash them.

Staff won’t give a F, you gotta sort and get over it yourself. That discord is a sad sad place, I’m glad I didn’t have to be there long for the Summer contest, straight up teenage coomers with mob mentality attitudes.

took you down memory lane, didnt it? not good old days?

fixed that for you. and charly just went for a pack of cigs btw, hell be right back.

also ive seen this discord name/pic before, frenchtoad. he used to play in the clan i was in im pretty sure.
im not sure if hes the guy i think he is. if he is, imagine your average clichee upstate new yorker and lots of hacking claims and threats.

Good to know you’re one of them


Based on everything you’ve shared, it seems you like it.

I couldn’t be bothered to see who’s who in those screenshots, nor what they were saying.

I advice you to do the same.

Two things :


Don’t waste any more of your time with those guys and they will go away…if not better still cause that means they are wasting THEIR time not you wasting YOUR time.

Don’t block them, just ignore them, your answer should be silence, let them write what they want, they will realise to the fact they are wasting their time too late.

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Yeah that was unfortunate… bad signal caused me to loose some posts… anyways, I can confirm that Frenchtoad definitely did me dirty, and had me hacked under Kizions’ request. lost my clouddrive, and years on evidence on those guys. I could have nailed them as soon as July last summer, had the hack never happened. Could have set this whole mess behind me for good, had things went according to plan. tried to move on, but I can no longer ignore this anymore, especially since there had been threats in recent times.

I was honestly was not gonna call out that two faced, discord bugs’ involvement in all this, but… yeah. not like I had much of a choice now, since it’s clear he is not backing down at all. I can’t be silent forever, so I had to speak up.

I’m very glad you spoke up about this. This is extremely good information for later.

I’m talking with FrenchToad on and off since 5+ years, if he has any kind of hacking skills he’s particularly tight-lipped about it. Pretty sure he can’t stand Kizion since 2+ years and stopped playing nearly a year ago, so I’m questionning the “ongoing” in the title, or your claim that he hacked you on Kizion’s orders in July…

@mupppet42069 upstate new-yorker???

holy crap, charly actually came back in the meantime!

i beg your pardon, you vile creature! i most certainly am not one of them.
around the time i was leaving this clan, more and more edgy newcomers were joining and there was one who stood out in particular. the clichée upstate new yorker.



would have loved to just leave it at that!

but, i have to admit, it was just a hunch that the upstate new yorker type is in fact frenchtoad and im now rather thinking he isnt.

the new yorker was real, but i forgot his name. and frenchtoad might have had a different nickname on discord at times, because i saw some inconclusive talk about renaming. im also not sure if frenchtoad was actually ever in bite, or just on the discord server.

the pepe memes are strong with this one, thats for sure. and it perfectly fit the new yorker, edgy conservative libertarian type. but those types are everywhere i guess.

the new yorker actually claimed on discord, while sucking at cw and switching to porcs lmao, that he had ddos’ed the crossout servers and crashed them in the process. and he was talking about hacking individuals. it wasnt believable or aynthing, but sketchy for sure.

interesting to see if and how this develops.

Sounds like the whole server

I hate being there for this Winter competition… I only want cool paints out of it, not fussed about winning the whole thing this time

Just ignore them who cares, why even use chat in game?

You know how many people target and harass me on Reddit? You know I have over 200 mentions on the official discord despite never being there?

These kids are little freaks with issues, just shit on them in game and make them cry by being better and ignoring their bait.

if so, Why not tell me another way to report them that is far more reliable?

Least you can do is help a brother out. You’re the chad after all.

That isn’t gonna do anything though, mods aren’t gonna care even if they’re openly racist and you know that.

What is the outcome you want?

A stop to the hostility towards me really is all I could wish for at this rate. This has been happening for 5 bloody years now, and I’m sick of it. I had even got wise to many of their baits, and even called them out for it over the years. not to mention the various threats they had made in regards to harming my family. however, I ignore them now, since I realized they were bluffing, and incapable of enacting their threats.

Like in that screenshot, I did ask them to stop multiple times already, but they were never the… backing town type, if that makes any real sense. that is why I need a more reliable way to report these pests.

You ignore it, simple as.

You cannot simply rely on others to police the behaviour of random people online forever.

Well… I probably would not be too bitter over it, had the rumors became so widespread that I struggle to even report them now. I did attempt to ignore them in the past, even logging in repeatedly to see if they had backed off.

before that screenshot, I was actually bloody silent about it for weeks before that. for a few days, I thought they left me alone, but they apparantly didn’t. seems my mere existence is enough to piss them off. I would have left long ago, but I have friends here in this game I do consider family. I simply cannot afford to abandon them, for they would be without any real protection from such bad folk if I did.

You give them power. Block them and move on with your life. Kids getting bullied in school are victims, you are not.

honestly that works most of the time. Ignoring the “lil’ freaks with issues” makes them royally pissed and it is fun to watch that happen :rofl:

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