Inventory value

Am I right in thinking that the inventory value we see when looking at our storage doesn’t count BP fused items?
Does it omit all fused items?

Curious if I can use it to get an idea of how much I’ve grinded out in the game without including the stuff I got in BPs. Also curious what other people have achieved without buying packs or crosscoins.

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It does not count any fused items.

On a side note:
My inventory says it is worth somewhere in the 160k mark (can’t remember without looking) but almost all of my inventory is fused.

It has been a long time since I tried to figure out the value, I would have to recalculate, but I know it was over 3million coins (on Xbox) last time I tried to figure it out.

Also, I have spent a little under $100 a year on the game. I’m about $600 over 7 years.

$600 don’t buy :poop: on Xbox. So the Lions share of my stuff I earned by playing.

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To put that in perspective.

A single porc on Xbox costs 53,000 coins at this second.

At the current rate of crosscoins to buy 10k coin packs that is about $713 to get one porc.

I have 4 fused porcs. (These are not the only fused Relics I own)

Each fused porc I value at x3 (yes you can use fuse events, but that’s not the standard)

$713 x 3 = $2146 - then times 4 porcs = $8,586

I know you where talking about coin value of inventories, but the above illustrates how insane someone would have to be to “Pay to Win” this game. And if they can afford that, then good for them.

To get back to the Coin value - each fused porc is currently worth 159,000 coins X 4 = 636,000 coins for the set.

Once you add in the movement parts, cabin and modules (all fused) it puts my porc build at around 900k - 1million coins just for the one build.

This is what new guys have to look forward to when trying to be competitive.



Correction… that’s what new guys have to look forward to if they want to be competitive with you in your fused builds.

They can be competitive within a few weeks… just not with you. LOL

They’ll never be competitive with you, most likely. Because by the time they get where you are now, you’ll have even more than you currently do.

As for inventory value, what we’ve spent etc… I’ve spent money on 4 accounts. Two of em wasn’t much, but the other two have seen a good chunk of change thrown at them - not $600, but probably $250 or so.

That being said, the account I play on the most frequently says the value is 65,242 coins.

I’m going to try to remember to check the value before & after fusing something to see how it changes.
Try to remember… don’t hold your breath.

You don’t have to guess on that.

The value of your inventory will go down the amount of the items you used to fuse.

If you fuse 3 items worth $200 coins each to make one fused item the your inventory value will drop by $600 coins.

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Good, because the chances I’d have remembered are roughly the same as Disney making a good Marvel movie again.

I get what your saying.

And yes you can be competitive at low PS on day one.

When I talk about being competitive I’m talking about end game, because that’s the only place I really play.

You always have these dudes accusing people in CWs of being Pay to Win… and some might be, I’m just trying to illustrate that it would takes thousands, if not tens of thousands of real life $ to even dip your toe into high end competitive play OR years of your life.


The sad and scary thing is that those dudes really do exist. :no_mouth:
There was one on here bragging a few days ago. :nauseated_face:

Of course they do exist, some people have way more money then time. Their adults, let them spend their money without shame.

I personally have played with guys that are into the game for 10k+ real money.

The funny thing is, their inventory is not even close to mine when I spent $600.

It’s the dudes who do that & then shame others for not having maxed out inventories or not being 500 with Engineers. Like… is this dude really attempting to shame me for doing something other than spending daddy’s 401k & never leaving the basement? I’d share a link to the post, but I think the troll deleted it. :joy: He wasn’t shaming me specifically, but one of the other regulars.

OTOH, if you’re spending real money & having fun, by all means… some dudes buy cars & drive fast. Some people travel… other people smoke copious amounts of weed. Then, you have Epstein’s clients, so you could definitely be spending money on things more nefarious than Rippers. :joy:


Yeah, I get you and I remember the post.

I’m not sure how he worded it, but the meaning of his post was kind of like “I spent a lot of money so I should be able to kick everyone’s ass now. Also, because I spent this money everyone needs to listen to what I say because it matters more then everyone else.”

That’s what he needs to be ashamed of, not spending the money.

But we digress :slight_smile:

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I got a good job, paid my bills, worked 72 hours a week for half a year, and handed this game $1500 for three unfused Punishers (back when theg were trash) and would never feel an ounce of shame for it. Disposable income is just that. Doesnt make me more or less important in game or here in the forums. Just means i handled my business and put money into my hobby.

P.S.- Buying Punishers during the age of Typhoon stun lock gives me diplomatic immunity to Pay to Win xD

Being funny ^

But seriously it does.

On topic edit: My current inventory value is 30k on Playstation. Thats less than one relic. But i have everg single cabin fused, every epic movement part fused, 2 Punishers fused (no, not three and mine are mismatched b.c i fused them before there was ever a single relic fusion event, RIP 300K lol), most legendary weapons fused, and most modules fused as well. Id say 80% of my fusions across all categories are god roll tier fusions as well. But most def a broke bish for an OG atm.

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:joy:My kids asked me what was so funny. :joy:

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Hmm…i did all the math on my inventory a while ago and i checked what my ftp gains were too. I probably have over 500k worth of inventory at least. I have 250k worth of unfused stuff atm as it is. I cant imagine i have much more than 100k worth of fused bp stuff if im calculateing each fused part as being worth three parts. Well actually id probably have close to 200k worth of bp stuff if i calculate it like that. Ill do the math when i get home and find out actual numbers. But it looks like five years of crossout has gotten me 250k in unfused ftp stuff. 200k + in fused ftp stuff. 200k in fused bp stuff.


I might do this again soon too.

I’m curious for sure.

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As I like to say: ‘Bugs are better than drugs.


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I can’t remember if you play (or played) CW?
Was some of your grinding in that mode?

40 relics crafted ,120$ spent on game ,everything fused ,beat it :wink:

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It really should do a double count for value… value locked, value unlocked. Both fused and locked items can go into value locked. I don’t think they need to float the upgrade cost though. Those to value’s could then just be added together for a final total value. It would just be nice to be able to get a better gist of value on an account.

I’m saying this for the most part because it’s nice to know what you have in liquefiable assets when your playing around with the market.


Yes a good bit of my grinding was done in clanwars. But i havent done any cw this year. Ive spent a loy of time in diamond too so i was earning primo uranium. I never usually went much higher than 90 ore in a week.

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