Inventory value

Just curious, how many relics do you currently own out of those 40?

Let say 16 of which 9 is fused :wink:

You got me beat on total relics at this time.
I have owned sets of all the relics in game at some point except that Jormagand-whatever shotgun.

I stop playing clan wars about a year ago and started selling relics off and fusing lower tier gear.

Currently I have 9 total Relics and 7 of those are fused.

I also have 40 fused Legendary weapons - not sure of the total number of legendary weapons I own right now - I’m currently saving up legendary weapons in a goal to fuse sets of every legendary in the game. Waiting for the next fuse event and my total fused legendary weapons will jump up a lot.

I already have all the modules and cabins in game fused - except Natrino Scope, Tormentor and Tank Tranks. Everything else is done.

Next question - what is your current Engineer level?

This might also give an estimated amount of effort needed to get said weapons, I think people might be interested in that.

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My lvl is not moving foorvard since last year ,as I already mention Im not playing competitive in xo anymore.


I get you man. I did stop playing XO twice while I have been playing. Once for 7 months and one for 4 1/2 months. So during my 6-7 years here about one of those years I didn’t play too.

I got burnt out big time both times I stopped.

But my level is almost half of yours. (Edit: not really half :slight_smile: but a lot less)

I am currently level 187.


Yeah I had some break too , Im clanless since February last year and i havent play any cw since then also numbers of pvp played I could count on my two hands fingers , The only thing I’ve played hard it was Steel Championship bc Im keeping 1st place last few years and i dont want to lose it. This year I’ve tried Spring Mayhem but after crossing 740pts its ridiculous how points system works and I stopped.
From my 6yrs XO career I had 1.5yr break when I dont play due to different things and in all that time I only bought 5x monthly scanner so my lvl is reached this lvl by hard playing the game, many events and all daily cw sessions , imagine how much effort and heart I put into XO (over 14k hours sold soul to the devil), but Im done with it and Im feeling great tbh :slight_smile:

I would like to clarify that XO will be 6yrs next month, it’s not the first time I see someone write 7 years , but it will be next year, no offense Monkey :slight_smile:


No offense taken, I’m only guessing.

But below is the 7th year anniversary hubcaps. (Note the 7 on the side)

And those came out when? Almost a year ago?

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Crossout release on consoles and pc as open beta was 2017 June, Idk why it is 7yrs, maybe since they started closed alpha? I really dont know.

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After looking my earliest badge was from June of 2017, so almost 6 years.

That’s why I said 6-7 years as a guess :slight_smile: without looking it up.

Sorry, I’m not intentionally inflating that number :slight_smile:

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It’s okay, the older people get the more the mind slips on us!


Lol, yeah yeah :wink:

It’s more of a “I know I have 7th anniversary gear” and “I know I started at the beginning” so without looking it up :slight_smile: 6-7 years is a pretty good guess.

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Yeah, You got a few months on me as I started in November 2017, so I’ve been around long enough to have played with and chatted with players who played during closed Beta. So I remember having inventory value of below 1000 coins


You have persevered for a long time for XO, no doubt you are a persistent player, XO must need more content if you want to retain players

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You know I dont need more content, Im ok with this what we have, my goal always was to get all relics and this was my focus. I was doing all to get resources same as coins in game, market ,cw and weekly challenges , I always tried to improve myself and be good with weapons I was using. My main focus was cw to keep top10 all the time, bc only cw can let you get relics rly fast and I also like competition , playing with other guys and checking myself how good Iam.

I would still play XO like crazy if the devs stopped doing crazy things, pointless nerfs and changes only small group of not experienced players wants, I call it making game n00bs friendly.

What do these refer to? Warhead changes?

Let say If we use something from the beginning of the game or for many years and everybody who know how to play XO knows how to deal with it and dont see a problem with simple things , later after some weak players big cries its gonna be changed ppl getting frustrated, turning everything up side down bc of crybabies is rly bad. It only satisfies rly small group of not experienced players and destroying ppl who put a lot of work in game to become vets.

I do agree that some changes are not needed and are only to silence the crying.

But on the other hand many vets will lie and say things don’t need changed just to protect OP things with their last breath.

I’m not saying your wrong, I’m saying I don’t only see this as a “No0b” problem.

There is always a little bit of truth in every side.

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From the developer’s point of view, they want more new players to join, plus you have to know that new players make up the majority of the game

the pursuit of intensity of this trend will lead to the exhaustion of each player, and the player should go to explore more content, and the original intention of the game is similar, he wants the player to appear in the game in a variety of different ways, but now we see only hoverout1 with a limited number of meta-design


The problem is that many people on this forum don’t even know what they’re talking about, I’ve seen many times how players who never had or used any relics complained about them without seeing the pros and cons, the same applies to hovers, people can only complain about them and they themselves have not even used them and do not know how much work it takes to be good at them.

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