Inventory value

This is a thing for sure

I have read people on the forum say that they can’t even figure out how to use hovers. So they sell them immediately. I have been playing hovers from day one, so to me they feel like easy mode in comparison to other movement parts.

So that is the double truth of this situation.

Also for every example we can come up I’m sure we can come up with an opposite example.

Like all the guys during the Typhoon Stun Lock meta claiming “But cannons are skill based noob, they don’t need changed.”

LoL, I know you know that was such BS. I had the most cheesy “Top 10” CW wins in the Stun lock days. It was easy money in the bank.

That stuff should have never been added to the game, but vets defend it for how long? Like a year or more right? That was greedy vet guys destroying the game to suit their own purpose. I know I took more then my fair share of the easy Ore.


Yes stunt effect was a big bs even if I had a lot of fun with it Im honest and I never cried to keep it, I like cannons and before typhons I played a lot with tsunamis, my first relic was scorps which was not ezz to use for beginners. Its all about skills.
Speaking about hovers I meant how much effort you have to put to make proper vehicle, its not like you just take any cabin and put some hovers on it and you can fly smoothly, ppl dont realize that you have to fuse hovers for power or acceleration, cabin must have power and min mass, gen, weps and all the rest min mass as well, it cost a lot of coins, ppl who cry they’re killed by hovers have no idea how much all of this cost and a guy who killed them is probably a good player too.

I’m terrible at remembering dates & when things happened. I mean… really bad. I have dates anchored in memory - like my anniversary - that helps me. That was also almost 20 years ago. I’ve said before I’ve been on XO for 5 years, but since you guys posted badges, I looked at mine. It looked like my earliest was early 2019, so I thought I was wrong. But, then I remembered, I started on an account I gave to my son. I checked it, & that one was started around Christmas of 2017, so I guess I wasn’t lying. :joy: Honestly, I had no real idea & was always just guessing. Now I know, and knowing is…

People see relics, hovers, or any weapon they’ve never had in game & start fantasizing. They build them up in their minds like a teenage boy does a pretty girl. I keep trying to keep people (and myself) in check. This is why I was asking so many questions in another thread about what makes each relic unique. It’s easy to think a weapon is OP if you’ve never played them. I briefly had the relic cannon & shotgun. One of each. I hated them. My kid sold 'em. LOL… haven’t really missed them to be honest. Still toying with the idea of Porcs, though.

I agree they’re like easy mode, but I just don’t have as much fun with them. I have always been a car-combat game fan… all the way back to stuff like the old “Spy Hunter” arcade game. When I play hovers, I generally do well, but just don’t have as much fun. :man_shrugging:


Spy hunter is a big part of why I like this game. That and watching a lot of monster trucks as a kid in the 80s.


That’s crazy, I was talking about Spy Hunger in game chat a few days ago.

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I finally got around to checking my number, and it’s at 108106.03 currently.
Since the only fused items I have are the BP stuff and a handful of rare items, that’s pretty much what I’ve been able to grind out for free. I know I scrapped a few BP items from Founders (dumb move), and sold a lot of stabilizers that may have come from BPs, but I doubt those would change the total that much. Definitely lost a lot of coin from bad market decisions when I was new and impatient.

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