Is this a legitimate connection blocker?

I ran a pve raid for the Big Chase event

When I met a team I didn’t like, I left when I was counting before the game started
(Most of them left the team before when the count was more than 5 seconds away.)

I didn’t get any compensation and found another team to play the game

So on August 4th, the connection was blocked due to “leaving battles early”

Again on August 7th, the connection was blocked due to “leaving battles early”

Is this a just punishment?

I didn’t get a reward, I didn’t start the game

Shouldn’t this game be democratic?

I gave up my reward when I left the team before the game started

The fact that this is punishable

Isn’t that possible only in communist countries?

The team I’m leaving for can either get a new team or

It’s about re-building a new team

I also met a new team and formed a new team

I don’t understand why it’s subject to punishment

What do you think?

P.S. This article was written by a translation program.
Please understand

You lost me at “communism”. Why are you all so obsessed with communism and why do you mention it in totally irrelevant contexts all the time?


please go muricing somewhere else. you complain like middle-school edgy teen with an unused crossbow and alcol abusing uncle in the corn belt

Isn’t that something that should only be possible in communism?

Why is it that you can’t see the center of the writing and only get angry at “communism”?

I don’t understand your childlike joke

Do people around you exchange conversations in different ways?

Do you talk to your mother and father like that?

That’s a pity.

I would like to discuss the justification for this treatment

There are a lot of cross-out users who act thoughtlessly

I know, but

Please refrain from making disparaging remarks or swearing

Anyway, I communicate through a translation program, so in the program filtering,

be deleted and do not understand

Let’s just have a polite conversation

Yeah, I stopped right here.

Just play the game man, if you leave you get what you get.

If your picky with who you play with, then make a team.

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As you said, I left the team I didn’t like and met another team.

And I was disconnected block

Which is how it works. So now that you know, stop leaving games.

That is not justified

The content of the writing is translated into a translation program

I don’t know if the reader got it wrong

Let me give you a specific reasonable start and an example

  1. Reasonable starting method (I will explain based on pve, not pvp)
    (The pvp will need a slightly different structure.)

1.1pve Press the Start button between the people you want

1.2 When the game progress page and counting start, play with each other

a decision to do or not to do
1.3 If you have a team member you don’t want, go find another team

1.4 If you want to play with a new team member, start the game

1.5 - If you want to do it all together, you start the game with consent
Penalty if you leave during play

Is there anything unreasonable here? What about the non-democratic part?

Let me give you an example

You need milk. You stopped by the mart

There is milk from two companies in the mart, and you are one of the products from A and B

I decided to buy the product of Company B, which is the product of the company you want

But the mart forces only A product company to buy it

If you don’t buy company A’s products or leave the mart, they will punish you

Is this reasonable? Is it democratic?

At least you

Shouldn’t you be able to make a choice under your free will?

Why do you think it’s fair to be punished for refusing compulsion?

If there’s a problem with the system, it’s a problem that needs to be fixed

Why should the minimum free will to choose be ignored?

If you want to choose something, why should you be punished?

If you leave the team after the game has already started, not counting the start of the game,

I’m sure the rest of the team will have a hard time

It’s a selfish act and it deserves to be punished or penalized

I think.

But even though I know it’s going to be hard because of the lack of team members before the game starts,

Without providing conditions for finding new team members,

If the game is forced,

The system that forced it was wrong, not the team member who left

If the game had been played by recruiting new team members, the remaining team members would have been

It wouldn’t have been a tough process

If you’re given the conditions to recruit new team members

Some people seem to misunderstand the gist of the article, so I gave an additional explanation

P.S. also used a translation program.I hope you understand

No thank you. Leave this fairy tale at polls.

I think it’s a bummer

But we need to discuss more

I think we can improve the game

We don’t need to discuss that and we cannot improve this game because we don’t own this game.

That mode kicks you out if you fall down to two members so they have every right to block people that might screw up 3 other players.

I don’t understand what you’re saying

Where did the idea of “get kicked out” come from?

“Those who don’t want to leave”

“Whoever wants remains”

It’s a simple logic

Who’s kicking who out?

Is the translation wrong? Or are you misunderstanding?

You’re talking about what I’m saying

I also have a misunderstanding about the Big Chase Raid event

The Big Chase Raid has a maximum of four players and a minimum of three players

Do you know that?

I know the game you mentioned will be canceled

But it’s not that the game canceled, it’s

The system should not have cancelled the game but stopped counting as it was, adding new team members and proceeding again

But the system cancelled the game because it was understaffed

I just went out. I didn’t cancel the game.

I don’t have the authority to kick out team members, get rid of teams, or cancel games.

It’s not me who can do that, it’s the system

And you misunderstand democracy as the dogma of the absolute majority

P.S. The message says it has reached the maximum number of words a day
I’ll add it here

Normal minimum for missions is 4 humans (you will get 4 AI bots)
If you leave game might be aborted.
Also - you can deny people points if you quit before they can finally kill you - so leaving has very high impact on game. You dont like the team? That is your problem, endure 4 minutes and hope for better team.
As for “democratic” - yeah, you are alone and you dont like the TEAM - so if its democratic shut up and align with majority. And dont expect anyone ever again or at all read your walls of text.

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The remaining two players if the third player leaves get returned to the garage without reward.

No thank you to the OPs idea.

You team griefed by quitting the match… repeatedly.

People like you should get IP banned for life to my view.

Sorry that you thought this tantrumy nonsense was going to be coddled here.