Is this a legitimate connection blocker?

I’m going to have to agree here.

IP bans do nothing against people who have basic computer knowledge…

Then account ban

I tried to add it because I thought I needed additional explanation in this article, but I couldn’t.

Therefore, additional posts with additional explanations were created.

If you have seen the above, please read additional explanations.

That will help you understand

How about understand this:

“Leaving matches is against the rules of the game. They should report and ban you for doing it. Make a group or take what you get. You are lucky that you have not got a ban for longer. They are wrong, but so are you. I do not think that any situation where you leave the match is execusable. Period, end of story.”

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Yup it sure is

May not be in your eyes, but it’s there for a reason, what’s the point in playing this game if you’re just gonna leave match after match wasting your own time and getting nothing to show it just because you didn’t get your ideal team

Then don’t team hope and you won’t get blocked

It’s a game you’re playing, you’re not running for a political party, save the politics for when you’re choosing a political leader
Yeah leave it for irl polls, as this game as nothing to do with political systems

That’s only you

Nope, we don’t

Not with politics, that’ll ruin the game as it ruined the college/university campuses as it’ll just SKU to one side

Yup if and I’ve done pve/raids where everyone left and I was alone, it’s not fun so no one person can just play it alone darkhero1942

Yup this too, kinda shows the person who left the match as a rage quite, not very many like quiters haha

Like most sound minded people do!

Yup there’s your democracy for you haha majority rule

Yeah, especially if you’re throwing in politics in said wall of text, you sound/look like a politician running for office, it ain’t appealing at all, people like straight to the point posts and ones that ain’t cramming politics down our throats!

It sure is, looks like darkhero1942 needs to read the game rules and they should report serial game leavers as it SKUs the game to the opposite team, especially when you do it late enough in the match a bot doesn’t replace you!

darkhero1942 sure was/is lucky, but the ban has done nothing to show their way of leaving isn’t right, so many a longer one is needed!!!

I’d add a caveat/exception of if the match is so laggy it’s unplayable then I see leaving it as justified!

I hope the self-irony wasnt lost here.

Is that referring to me or darkhero1942

you :smiley: your reply wasnt exactly laconic either (yes, it was 70% quotes, but still)

ironic* fixed

90%* fixed
Mine were almost all quotes so people know what I was replying to, would you rather me spam responses or would you just complain I was spamming huh?
Now that be ironic