Is this why the Battle Pass is lite?

Because half way through they are going to add a mini event that also cost money? But it gives you lighters to craft the event?

If so, then I call BS before it happens.


Great question!

Like you I’m trying to theory craft why this Battlepass feels lite. They will likely release a pack with a unique weapon, like a cryo cannon, that has three tiers of payment. The highest tier will have a unique garage.

An event will occur somewhere during the event, as you suggested that will cost money. Could be the May Victory Day with World War II style PVP action.

Shrug we the community of Crossout will reward the company when we buy into an event that we have to pay for. Before it was free now we pay. The company will continue to try to innovate with new ways to make money so the game will be maintained. They use analytics to help with the decision making.

Kind of how a free to play game usually keeps on going.


I refuse to buy those weird event BPs, but the normal BPs still seem like a good value, even when they’re light.
Hoping that if you are right, I can get more lighters from the event and craft more stuff.


I agree. I already got the BP.

But did you notice that you can’t get any real items until past level 15. They put a bunch of BS stuff at the beginning so the guys that fork out the extra money for the bigger pack get new toys right off the bat, and everyone else has to wait 3 weeks.


That doesn’t really bother me. They need to offer something to the people who want to drop money to skip the grind.
I’ll be grinding out the basic BP like I always do.


Yeah, me too.

But before we used to get sometime to play with in the first few weeks.

It is what it is.

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I noticed. I logged on for a moment, checked it out a little, then put the tarp back on it. I’ll get back to it in a few more weeks, I guess. It’s not going anywhere any time soon.


It has the same amount of stuff as all the other faction introduction battlepasses.

Like founders had

Omnibox x1
Assembler x1
Bigram x4
Summator x2

=two legendaries, two teals, four epics

Vs this bp

=three legendaries,two epics +650 lighters(a legendary), + at least 25 lighter levels for 350 more lighters.

So technically we are getting a bit more this battlepass. Like a legendary or two extra. We didnt get any teals this bp though =(. But seriously. We get four legendaries. The gun, the cab, the generator and enough lighters before level 76 to affort a fourth legendary. This bp gives more than previouse factionnintroduction. And it gives a little less than the biggest bp we’ve had.

The only downside is they decided to not make the workbench permanent. Thats the first fsction theyve done this with. No workpieced either?

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I could have sworn the blueprints disappeared after some of the first BPs, and they only added the selectable faction for Founders later. Am I misremembering?

That is what this leads me to believe , " ATTENTION! These recipes will only be available temporarily during the current season. Once it is completed, the part recipes will be unavailable." seems they would specify that the upgraded recipes are going to expire , not just the recipes in general

Content-wise, this BP seems pretty good.

The biggest thing that bothers me about the more recent battle passes is the limited crafting window. I wish they would stop doing this. It seems like it enriches the whales and punishes everyone else.

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…but, but…what about the Stabilzers? There are no Stabilizers.

I don’t care for the Legendary stuff. I don’t want to be up there in the balcony complaining about Hovers like all those other kids, so I avoid them entirely. IMO, hovers and a number of meet-and-delete weapons make the upper power-scores a miserable game experience, and I avoid those PS ranges, and I’m glad if I can. This legendary stuff in the battle pass is totally undesirable to me. I won’t use it, and wish they’d do more at the lower end where the game isn’t so based on wallet powered fusions and game exploits.

You’re probably right though; this pass has about the same value as the others, and $10 is well worth it still…not so much to me, but that’s a matter of taste, isn’t it?

I do feel like I need that drone CK. I asked for those, and I’m sure I could make use of some of the other stuff, if I still thought this game was actually fun to play.

One of the things that I could argue makes this Battle Pass light, is the way they have stretched it’s presence over four months. It’s occupying the space of multiple Battle Passes by doing this, and is perhaps another example of scandalous marketing…or the “hustle,” as I like to call it.

I much prefer the lighter system where I can get a complete set of the guns or gear that I am interested in.

That $10 Twisted Metal battlepass got me my third fused +range -reload Destructor which makes the set of 3 some of my best guns. It was also a way for new players to get the +power Beholder cabin that is necessary if you are interested in winning at Crossout.

Lighters are the best. I just wish I had a way to get a full set of fused Nothangs and 6 fused Slednir tracks that didn’t involve paying $100.


And… we get the CHOICE of which legendary. That’s not nothing.


I think if what cab you’re using was more obvious, folks would be complaining about the limited-access Beholder than any other item in the game - by far. You’re essentially getting an extra power point in an easy to build with cab. I think I have every legendary cabin fused, and I’m slowly working on the epics. The Beholder is the go-to…

Almost certainly the case… if not a paid event, there’ll be something. I’m guessing the copters return at the very least. I’m also guessing whatever form the copters take is already locked, loaded & ready to be released. When playership starts to drop, they’ll release the copters to keep the players engaged.


Do you not play PVE modes?
In PVP, I usually (not always) play sub-10k… sometimes as low as 4500 for the very reasons you do.

In PVE, I’m upwards of 16k sometimes. I’m very curious as to what kind of monstrosities I can build with those new tracks. :clown_face: :grinning: :clown_face: :grinning:

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The other fun thing to do with legendary items if you don’t like high PS is to make no-generator builds. You get to be light and very mobile, and you get to use some fancy weapons or cabins without feeling like you’re seal clubbing too much.


I’m very averse to seal clubbing. I just see it as a way to destroy a game you love and ruin the gameplay for someone else.

The closest I get is using high PS builds to knock out easy raids. I sometimes do that 6 times a week to knock out the weekly challenge for the badges.

Other than that… no. It’s why I have a build I can put sledgehammers, Sinuses, rapiers etc on & swap em out without any mods to the build. I’m not going into a 7K PVP with arbiters. That’s just being a jerk, imo.

That’s not really what I’m talking about though. With no generator, you’re not going to have to drop a gun most of the time, or really sacrifice cooling/reload/radar/cloak/engine.

I’m talking about dumb things like running a couple therms on a Griffon, not doing smart things that make it easy to win. Just an excuse to drive a truly fast car without running any futuristic gizmos or overpowered weapons.

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Almost never. I do raids occasionally, but I play PVP almost exclusively…which is probably why my most common gripe is with the matchmaker.

It wields a lot of influence over how difficult my game experience is there. More so than any other mode, I reckon. It’s still very screwed up IMO, and is why I’m not playing. Every time I play (every time) it ranks me at the bottom of the power-scores, under everybody else. Every time. Between that consistent disadvantage, the long queues (1:53 on average, but sometimes much longer) and my art build mentality, this game (in PVP) has been too difficult for me to enjoy. The matchmaker didn’t used to treat me so schitty, but it sure does these days. I used to have a work-around, but that trick doesn’t work anymore, since I mentioned it on the forum.

I keep hoping that will change, but I re-installed the game and played 3 matches the other day and it did it to me every time. So, I just uninstalled the game to avoid the frustration of trying. If it isn’t fun, I don’t want to play. If it isn’t fair, it isn’t fun. I don’t feel like I’m getting a chance to be competitive if the matchmaker is going to lean on the scales that hard every time.

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Just a secondary thought here and this thread seems like the best place to drop it. The daily challenges for the battle pass season seem awfully light as well. Is it just me or are the dailies providing very little progression?

I mean, considering this is going to be the longest season I’ve ever seen in crossout, it would make sense.