Is time to change the name of game! (caused by breaker)

Crossbreaker is a good idea, or Breakerout❤

Obvious, now the breaker is TOOOOOOO strong in high PS battle, Especially some heavy build.

If you try it, you will find how easy to use it, just drive to you target and shoot, and you will eazily to destroy his weapens.

There are many reasons for this problem, including high vehicle durability, breaker’s first shot, 87km/h top speed, and the bonus of the fin whale to shotguns (by the way, the fin whale seems only designed for shotguns, and only shotguns can enjoy its bonus).

How to prove that this kind of build is overpowered? You can find a build designed specifically to beat breaker in the exhibition, called: anti-breakerMonk, made by userLoL. At the same time, pvp has become a competition of the number of breakers on both sides. You usually need one or two teammates to help you beat the breaker. But at the same time, your weapon will be destroyed before the heavy breaker. Unfortunately, you can’t find any build that can effectively beat it.

All in all, there are many reasons why this build is too powerful, and it is difficult to discuss a suitable way to nerf it.

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What fin whale are you using?? There’s a shit ton of weapons my fin whale will buff (once I get my hands on it…)

Remove relics, problem solved.

“b-but relic users!”

Remove them too, most won’t be missed :joy:


I don’t think “Breakerout” truly encompasses the entire point of the game. I propose “Walletout - Buy, ride, destroy” as an alternative.

Big breaker builds are a non-issue to me :person_shrugging:

Finwhale and Omamori are the problem.

i think the omamori is the bigger issue here not really the finwhale. it needs to be better balanced on the type of weapon its attached to.

if you think thats bad you shouldve seen breakers when they had their ridiculous invincibility perk. yeah if a shot that wouldve shot the gun off hits it (like from a scorpion) it gains a second of invincibility and doesnt fall off and has a 30 second cooldown. imagine dealing with that without the radiator and cooler nerf that happened for shotguns. LOL i dont want to :face_with_peeking_eye:

Breaker is broken since the silly 14% buff to its damage in 2022.

Before that it could use a slight damage buff, probably around 3-5%, but that 14% got it completely off the rails with any cabin that boosted damage, and made it deadly even at the hands of the most mediocre players.

That buff brought us the booster breaker meta, and the gun itself has been highly competitive or outright broken with almost every new meta change since then.

Then they also switched the perk giving it some mid range damage, which was exactly what it needed to seal the deal.

The only thing that healed the breaker meta was the gerrida.

No, it didnt just heal the meta, it healed the game itself, it was such a wonderful balacing option.

At the moment randoms are a complete hellfest and clan wars a joke.

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