It Has Begun!

The Ravaging is being taken down as it is now Blocked. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort. But, if I want to keep working on it, I gotta figure out how to deliver it in an enjoyable way without copyright issues.
Ravaging Blocked

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youtube is getting worse and worse by the day.

What we need is a brand new platform to fill the void of the youtube of older days.
and people putting vids for fun, nothing more.



If you don’t mind me asking, what were the copyright issues for? Music, Images…?

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Id like to see it.

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Some garage band doing a cover (not even original music) decided they’re more important than the big dogs.

Ravaging Blocked 4

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i’m working on seeing where else I can upload it.

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Have you tried contesting this? I had one flagged like that by some crap band once as well. It turned out they had sampled a public domain movie and were then claiming copyright over that sample. I had used the same sample. My video got pulled down for a while, but then YouTube reversed decision.

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i’m not sure I have the oomf to contest Youtube anymore.

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I completely understand that! Dailymotion looks like it might be the best place for you to share that, though. I did a little research a while back and it looks like the best competitor at the moment. It’s not great, but it’s okay. I think they have a time limit on videos, though. That may be a bad restrictive for what you are uploading.

how are they about using music?

Odysee might be more easy going on that , artist would have to find it themself and request it be taken down


Not sure… Haven’t uploaded any music, yet.

Honestly, I think they all suck this stuff.

The way YouTube works is the first person to upload something gets automatic copyright protection and it’s up to everyone else to legally prove that wrong.

So, you have channels that exist solely to upload and “claim” music produced prior to the actual owners uploading it. The really nefarious thing about it is that while YouTube then denies revenue to actual owners, YouTube itself is making money of those uploads no matter who uploads it, so they don’t really give a rat’s behind about what’s right.

It’s a bad place to get invested… I made that mistake. I’m 14k subscribers deep and don’t really know how to free myself from the monster without losing a lot of investment and income.

I’m slowly… Very slowly building a presence on Daily Motion, but they have a fraction of the users YouTube does.

It’s not implausible that YouTube falls, though… Facebook is in the process of imploding slowly, so we’ll see.

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This is workable you need to re-edit to replace the music.

If a member has some to donate to him, contact him and work it out. Other sites that might work:

Off hand you could Try:

You have to still accredit them still or otherwise follow their lic policies too though… I think we can help work you past this though…

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ok that’s a long list… What’s the portions of the songs did you actually use ( your list is via timecode in your video). If we are to find something to replace it with what portions are we looking for?

I edited this so many times trying to get the bottom issue. Sorry…

First song to replace:


Tom Player - AXIS (Position Music - Epic Intense Dark Orchestral) - YouTube)


(Disturbed - down with the sickness - YouTube)


Hotel cali song: Hotel California - YouTube


[ In the Arms of Mara by GRAI ]
(In the Arms of Mara - YouTube)

[details=“need more info”]
as per above[/details]

[details=“song not sure need more info:”]
blackburn 2wei: (2WEI – Echoes – Blackburn - YouTube)

Yes all these do need to be replaced. Depending on who helps out it could be easier then hard finding replacements. That’s up to them though. Which one would you like to start looking for?


I write and edit to the music, so, it’s gotta really fit right.

As for what portion of the song, the entire track.

Honestly that isn’t even right you can be sue’d for a few seconds of sound. If you really want to make it right you replace it with stuff you have permission to use or use the game music. I like what your trying to do so maybe there’s some way to crowd source a link to something similar.

Sad, when this happens! I feel you. When I got problems it is always the music (of course what else ;-)). I decided to use most of the time YT Audio Library. There are no problems to await. Additionally, there are a few sites outside where you can get royalty-free sound, but also Soundcloud allows you to find such tracks. Sometimes I wrote the composer before if it’s fine. Until now I didn’t get negative feedback. Good luck for the future!


try Rumble…
it’s where alot of youtubers are switching to…

just acknowledge the existence of basic intellectual property law and then go from there. brothers uploading entire tracks of well known artists and wonders why thats not allowed.