It’s not about the badges

All the controversy about the badges shows people are upset, but it’s not about the badges, it’s the total disregard for the solo players.
As I stated in another thread, it was bad enough that solo players couldn’t earn uranium, but not we are going to quadruple the work to earn premium resources, unless you join a clan.
Might as well be calling the solo player scum.


What is this moral dilemma bout joining a group? Use this forum or others to find others like yourself and join up. Yall can hve rule no communication is allowed. The end result is more badges.


Probably just want to herd people into there new confrontation mode. Sort of overdid it.
You might play solo there, but vs coordinated meta teams solo guys rather at disadvantage, sometimes it’s entirely unfair to play solo. Anyway, they probably didn’t had much idea what they are doing, also there possibly will be changes in a day, let’s see.


Besides being forced to, clan politics, clan obligations, ie if they are playing I have to play with them.
So my question why would the game want to alienate the the majority of gamers.
Because most gamers are solo gamers by 2 to 1 at least in most games.
But in crossout they are nothing but clan fodder.
I guess clans spend the most, but focusing on them is a poison pill, because it drives away the solo player and kills new player generation


my issue is they just force us to change our gameplay, to play like they want to, first it was forced slaughter, then this! then what?


no more DYA crate, miner crate, removal of casing, removal of couppons. reducing badges earned with challenge. release stuff craftable with pack item only. then this badge rework mess joke. wtf is wrong with yall, devs? sniffin glue again?


I’ve explained my POV elsewhere, but I’m happy to repeat it.

I play games to relax and unwind. It’s for fun.

I have to constantly coordinate efforts at work, and I do consider that work.

The new clan challenge set up means I have to join a group. I then have to depend on that group to do their part. I also have to be sure to do my part or I risk being kicked out of that group.

Under the old system, if life got hectic and I needed to take some time off, I could with no problem. Now, I’ll get kicked from the clan and have to restart my efforts of finding & joining a clan before I get any badges.

This… This isn’t why I play games.
This is what I ESCAPE when I play games!

I don’t log on to crossout so I can go report for duty!

It’s no longer a casual game.
It’s no longer relaxing.

I don’t want to talk with anyone in the game.
I don’t want to coordinate efforts.
I don’t want to see what clan challenge isn’t being completed and then go attempt it.

Heck, even if all I wanted to do is log on and tinker with a silly build instead of fighting one week - which is common - I risk being kicked from my clan.

If I say the wrong thing in chat…
If the clan leader needs an opening for a buddy…
If the clan leader doesn’t like that one of my builds is America themed…
If the clan leader sees all I did was play Patrol (and it was actually my 9 year old)…
If the clan leader ate gas station sushi, gets a tummy ache and is pissy…
I could get kicked.

There are a million reasons why I’ve rarely ever played games where I have to team up.

You’re confused why people have a problem with it.

I’m confused why it should be required if it’s not simply to feed more people into buying packs, passes and premium.

I’m confused as to why anyone would be confused why this feels like a slap in the face to solo players. I mean… One of the first things you learn in debating is to understand the other side’s position. I think I know why Crossout did this.

I do not know why any player would defend it.


My experience has been pretty laid back with most non top 30 clans. To my knowledge, there is no reward for placement in confrontation rating. It should be quite easy to join a group that understands you are a lone wolf. As long as they havent maxed membership, whatever you contribute helps.

Many clans only get on mike for CW. Others are more socialble. Find one where you can stay a lone wolf and share in an increased bounty.

If I were a complainer, I would complain that we now have access to too many badges; i expect their value to drop.

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Often times in a clan, they want members to NOT PLAY CW. If you are a raid guy, u have value for most clans. If you are an active player, u have value.

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You do understand this isn’t an issue of “making the new system work,” right?

I am fully aware, as is everyone else complaining about this, that we could find Clans and we could be productive for those clans, and we could get the badges.

Frustratingly, I think you are missing our point.

If any of that sounded remotely like anything other than effing obnoxious unenjoyable tedious trash, we would have done it a long time ago.

I actually created a clan just so people would no longer invite me to clans! Just so I could have that clan tag at the front of my name so people would leave me the hell alone.

I don’t know how else to explain it.


Oh yeah you can definitely make a clan of 20 random PvP players. You’ll be lucky to get the rekowned rating every week if everybody plays every week, for less than 1k badges/week. You’ll be lucky to not get kicked out if you’re inactive three weeks because holidays. You can always make your own clan, right? But the game will give leadership of your clan to someone else after two weeks.

Once again it’s just a matter of people being unable to even imagine that others might not want to play the game like them. This ain’t a discussion about balance or some shit like that. It’s a discssion about stripping the majority of the playerbase from badges to give them to you - the richest players on XO already.

I’m not even sure why you guys are simping for that shit. What are you going to do with those badges? Fuse a relic in 300 years? :roll_eyes:


Whiners. You could have more than before but refuse to “submit” to a new idea that in effect could change nothing else other than the idea tuat you are in group…even if that group is silent and never actually together.

I am for there being something for newer players. Maybe a certain set of objectives for players below eng 30 or 60. I see it being a possible obstacle if you dont have sufficient builds for 9k or raids. Beyond that, this is little more than typical whining about change. And half that are complaining have already claimed to quit playing anyway, and bragged about $0 dollars spent. No real loss there.


I’m trying to refrain from forming any big opinions, since I can’t actually really try the new system until the season restarts (hopefully).
But from what I can see, once my points are actually counting, my little anti-social band should do ok, without ever having to coordinate our schedules or communicate or alter our play routines.
We have one person who loves raids, so they can focus on that. Another person who seems to do a bit of everything (also great!), and I mostly like to do PVP and confrontation. Between the three of us, I’ll probably get more badges than I used to, for no real effort beyond starting a clan and advertising it on the forum.
Assuming my calculations are correct, I don’t see a lot to be mad about.
I mean I could be mad that I can’t currently participate in the clan I started, but I could also choose to laugh about it.


I’ve always been in a clan and wasn’t doing raids. This changes actually increased my badge income so here’s for your theory about me not wanting to adapt to a new system.

I think I can just leave that there. It speaks for itself.


from a clan leader side of things…

'only thing thats a problem now ‘is everyone wants to kick members with activity at zero,not realizing they just came from another clan or just joined’

yup,i have to explain that all the time.

'i tell them it goes by the days they are inactive…

‘and to be real’ i’m not sure how many days until i kick them(because of the new system)…
before members get mad that their not playing…
that itself is the biggest problem now…
(example—“someone asked’ can my friend join we have 2 people at 0 activity” (they r waiting for the season to reset)

i could but that’s not fair to them…bottom line is ‘this system sks’
'i should create a topic about this…but it might get Flagged ':crazy_face: :kissing_heart: :rofl:


Some of us claim that they hardly play at all, and simply log on to receive thousands of badges, while many of us grind our asses off, struggle with access to confrontation mode and get nothing. That feels crappy, and is sure to create a huge disparity in player’s ability to compete, whether they buy stuff or not.

Not to mention, who even wants to join a clan, or play the roll of cannon fodder in META mode?

IDK. I’m not sure how big a shit I give at this point, and only logged on today to grab a screenshot. I didn’t even log on yesterday, and have no ambition to play in the future. I haven’t lost complete interest yet, but we’re getting there.

Also, where’s the forum moderator? Where’s the update from Targem headquarters we were expecting? Did I miss their 21st anniversary celebration?

There is no date on this announcement so I didn’t know what to make of it when I went to their website to see WTF, but usually they have some kind of event. I don’t recall one.

Point is, are they abandoning us, DGAF about new players and f2p anymore, and just want to milk the whales until the end of the fiscal year, and then tell us all to just piss-off?


What is this moral dilemma bout playing solo?

I am currently getting nothing. But then, I haven’t logged on for days now… which also would have netted nothing in the previous system… hmm.

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Ya, right now the system feels like a net zero sum situation whether I play or not. It’s easier to just not play, but if I want to keep my BP (Doc) up to date I’ll have to log on at some point.

Dread isn’t really the attitude one should have when contemplating a source of “entertainment.”


Yes. You have convinced me of the error of my ways.
Well done.