Japan Set to Nuke XO?

if there’s anyone who’s ever wondered where I get my crazy info about things: I cruise the web on sleepless nights, going down the rabbit hole so far as to find myself popping out on the other side of the world. Back in the day, when doing this kind of research, we called it “Digging to China” but they say that’s racist these days, until it turns out that you actually do dig yourself into the part of the world. Well, it isn’t China in this post but, rather, Japan.

One of the tools in my bag is being willing to take the time in using Google’s translator, but I will leave a small portion translated here, then, you’ll need to head to the site and translate the rest of the posts. Needless to say, strange things are afoot at the Circle X.

NEWS一覧 - CROSSOUT(クロスアウト)- DMM GAMES <–link to original site and articles.

Due to the termination of our contract with Gaijin Entertainment, our service in Japan will end, but even after 12:00 on December 6, 2023, which is the service end date, you will still be able to use your Gaijin account to access the global version of Gaijin Entertainment’s service. , you can continue playing by carrying over the play data you have previously played with the DMM version/PS version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Specific schedule

・August 23, 2023 12:00 noon

  • Purchase of products containing new “coins” in the store will be suspended. *An error message will appear on the PC version payment screen, but this is correct.

  • At this point, users of the DMM version/PS version will not be able to purchase coins, but they can continue to play.

・September 6, 2023 12:00 noon

  • Start accepting refund applications.

  • Sales of products that do not include “coins” on the store will be discontinued.

  • At this point, users of the DMM version/PS version can continue to play as is.

Notice of termination of “CROSSOUT” Japanese version service

Thank you for always using CROSSOUT.

“CROSSOUT” has been available since October 2017, but we have decided to end this service in Japan as of 12:00 on December 6, 2023.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our users for their continued support, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the termination of the Japanese version of the service.

[Schedule until the end of the Japanese version service]
◆August 23, 2023 12:00
Stop purchasing “coins”

◆December 6, 2023 12:00
Service ended

[Regarding refunds for unused “coins”]
Due to the end of the Japanese version of the service, the use of “Coins”, the dedicated currency for “CROSSOUT”, will be discontinued at 12:00 on September 6, 2023.
After the service ends, we will refund the unused balance of “coins” held in the PC and PS versions based on the provisions of Article 20, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Fund Settlement.



This is a long time issue with the DMM service in Japan.

The War Thunder community has been talking about the issues with DMM accounts for a long time.

So, does this mean I’ll be seeing more Japanese players on PC?

I’m not real sure what DMM actually is. From here, it looks like a media launcher for PC, sort of like Steam, but Japanese and with much broader content (includes movies, software applications, and other crap?).

This doesn’t seem like a win for Gaijin…or Targem, more specifically.

I see their players are being invited to transfer their accounts to a different platform, but I’m not sure what that means either.

Is this “global version of Gaijin Entertainment’s service” they are referring to, the same service I currently use to launch the game (I don’t go through steam. I use the Gaijin launcher.)?


I wish i had answers. At this point I only see the waves on the surface, and not what’s causing the waves, or what will happen from the waves crashing.


one thing I’m starting to think from all this is that one reason our version has such “low player base” and an issue with bots is that, this whole time, there have been different versions of XO released across the world, deliberately keeping the playerbase separated.

Call it virtual xenophobia.

Anyhow, with the playerbase now consolidating, one things for sure, we’re gonna be seeing a lot more racists from every part of the world.

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Why do you keep bringing this up? It has nothing to do with the game, and honestly sounds racist.

just the facts

I would believe so.


my in-game name used to be just my email and I had zero hate come my way. Then, I changed it to Smels_like_Brown, and I had named myself that for several reasons. 1.) I was a plumber for a long time and it’s a self-deprecating phrase I picked up to help lighten my mood on shitty days. 2.) I happen to like many things that a the color brown, coffee, chocolate, etc…etc…

However, after changing it to Smels_like_Brown, I can’t tell you how many whispers I started getting calling me all sorts of nasty shit (pun intended) relating to my supposed skin color and ethnic background. I squashed all that shit in one move the day I started posting XO content to youtube showing my face.

So, from my personal experience, I feel the need to bring it up as it is an actual thing people have to deal with.

Because people will be racist towards literally anything. If everyone is kept separate then they’ll still be racist, but the addition of multiple languages will practically create a very easy target for those looking to simply be racist in general.

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Depending on device and browser you should try and grab a translator extension, that’s what I use and it makes things a breeze

On Firefox mine is this simple

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thank you! thank you very much!

Chrome auto translates everything.

90% of the websites I use are not in English.

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I prefer Firefox Developer edition due to being aimed at web development tools, Chrome eats too much ram for me. I want to be able to multiple browsers on my other monitors if I’m playing high performance games on my PC.

I guess I kinda went off Chrome because of this

Yeah, never had a problem with that.

I duel boot windows and IOS on a Mac Pro - I can run instances of both operating systems at the same time, working in IOS and flipping back and forth between windows to play a game and still have amazing FPS.

That system has 128gig of ram, so resources are not an issue.

I prefer to keep my OS’s separate, too much hassle

Mac takes one mouse click when turning it on to single boot into one or the other OS. Then from whichever OS you can Dual boot with a single click of an icon to open an instance of the other OS . The screen flips back and forth instantly with a single hotkey.

But I get you man, most of the time I only log into one or the other.

Thanks. Just trying to keep the facts sorted. :+1:

I would look forward to seeing more Japanese players (builds) online, and I hope this is what that may mean.

Maybe next year will be a better year.


The wording of the first portion has me thinking it might have effects on our que times and server loads as they appear to have been using a localized server. I was reading earlier DMM was region locked to Japan but the description they give makes it seem like it was potentially more separate. I’m assuming it will be a wait and see.

Outside of matches I don’t expect to much change as the chat languages are separated. I suppose we could keep an eye out for names in matches? I kind of wish you could switch between the chat languages in-game though.

I keep that around too but found I like Opera GX a little more for some things. I have most of them installed but tend to use them for different things. I can kind of batch manage a lot of tabs when just keeping different sets active on different browsers. They all render pages a little different too.

Other than FCP and Motion I’ve never seen a reason to bother with Macs. 128gb is a nice bit of ram though. :smiley: I wish I had that amount, I would OOM as much.

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