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Please forgive me, but what are the confrontation rating locks?

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They made it so you have to unlock each batch of clan challenges by increasing your clan or bands confrontation rating. It’s like 100,000 rating points to unlock them all. For a solo player that can take long time.

At League (unknown) the base just started level you only have 4 challenges that you can get badges from. Even though it will show progress on locked challenges. It then takes 5000 rating points to get to the next league (recognized) that gives another small set of challenges. Then 20k rating points for the next one… up to the final one that is 100k to unlock.

You can get points in any of the missions except patrol as well as confrontation mode as well as clan wars. The rating contributed by the player only counts via their top 5 matches for the season though which makes it even slower to gain as a solo player.


Yeah, that does sound rediculous.

Having it based on your best 5 matches also makes it like your competing against yourself. Which in itself isn’t bad but it’s overly convoluted and really kind of limits the possible gains. It also completely ignores any form of PVE which kind of sucks for a large group of players that aren’t really into PVP.

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I also imagine the MM could also make this a lot harder.

Well if you have bad luck with the MM it’s always going to make it more painful. The MM in the Confrontation mode wasn’t too bad itself but you have to deal with a lot of meta builds and actual teams. If your not set up for it (I’m not) it can be extra annoying as well.

Hopefully, the league and MM has time to work properly, or else more players will quit playing due to the frustration.

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When solo queuing on Xbox I seem to get mostly solo teams or duo’s + some randoms.

It is a toss-up, just like PvP, if I’m going to get a good team or not, BUT people do seem more serious about this mode so they are tring to have good builds.

The matches are really fast - 1min -2min mostly - with only about 30seconds between games.

I don’t have a lot of time to play so being able to power out scrap and confrontation rewards quickly is a huge advantage for a player like me.

They need to work on the solo stuff - but the clan stuff is pretty solid. Our clan only has 4 more challenges left to complete everything. 3 of those are raid challenges… lol :joy: go figure.

I half to ask though… Are you only saying this because you and your clan seem to have everything?

Never has a more relevant word been used, in a close second place is ridiculous :laughing:
Whatever happens seems like I’m gonna spend more time reading comments than playing the game, its much more fun atm.


I have a few relics and all the legendaries I really want. I use epics in this mode by choice. That choice is based off of my projected success. I have been very successful.

We had 199 active clans last week. By console XO standards, that seems pretty healthy.

Not having a go, but I think that you comment proves what most people that don’t like the changes are saying. The players that already have lots of high tier stuff and play CW aren’t bothered about the changes in fact they may be happy with them.
That being said I’m sure the majority of players would be in the bracket of not having relics and all the legendry’s they want. I think its more important to TRY and keep everybody happy not just a small minority, so why not leave weekly challenges and have the CW ones as well? I’m not stupid I know its impossible to please everybody but you know what mean.


The comment was in relation to confrontation mode. I think epics are best…which means many can play it competitively

Probably its bc of the new update and badges drama, but do you also know that a few years ago we had over 300 clans?

Ah ok understood, but previously…

although you did follow up with…

So I’m assuming you weren’t referencing the weekly challenge delete. I’m interested to know your point of view on that issue in particular?


My grind comment was in no way related to this update, rather it was in regards to expanding the player base. I have held this position for 5 yrs now, while many, probably to the inclusion of Kuba, have been for it being exclusive. The OGs worked hard for their toys and wanted others to do the same, even while it prevented growth.

I like the change to weeklies but I will yield it MAY not be good for the game. I personlly get way more now than before and see how most can do the same. The negative is for those that lack good 9k builds for confrontation.

Add some badges for solo players and low PS players and that should alleviate that gripe.

Removing clan tags from names is dumb and likely only to make it harder to detect when groups of 4 join pvp.

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The game is 7 or 8 years old and is not new player friendly. I could get tons of people to play if there was a legit way to play competitively within 6 months time. THAT is the anchor that drags down XO, not vets getting burned out on a mostly simple game.


I understand your point of view and agree with the points you have made. All I want is the opportunity to work hard for my toys (within reason), just give us solo’s some badges to play for and like you said that would alleviate the issue massively.

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So basically, there are two people shilling for this update, and it’s two dudes with 5 billions coins worth of inventory in some god-forsaken XBOX clans (population: roughly 500 players).

Guess why nobody cares about your opinion on this shit, guys…

BTW it’d be nice if mods did something about false flagging. it’s getting old.