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First of all this game is not 7 or 8yrs old, plss try to be more precise or I’ll think you finish same school as :monkey: bc he also have problems with counting , he also like your post so something must be up :crazy_face:

Other thing is that I’ve been saying multiple times “make this game players friendly” suggesting many small things which would make ppl happy and not feeling robbed every time, the developers never wanted to listen, the only thing they follow was change fusing system but not like exactly I’ve suggested ,they tweak it in their less friendly way.
Player base is going down since 1st hover nerf in this game which was in October 2017 and every time devs are nerfing something they piss ppl of and ppl stop playing, this way they will never build up huge playerbase.


Thats cute cleb. Still trying to play the pc master race card when pc tries to disown you. But for accuracy, I am PS. Smaller than PC but 200 active clans

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The year 7 rewards are a myth


I thought i was recalling you saying it was 7+ yrs old. Provide the precise age and I will use it. I didnt start playing at the beginning and I have been playing for close to 5 i think.

I dint think they set the game up to be massively popular and I have disagreed with many of their moves. I also think the game is better now than when they first nerfed hovers.

It is 7+ with alpha.

just because you got such a decoration doesn’t mean that you’ve been playing this game for 7 years, you know very well that it’s about the start of the game and not an open beta for all players, c’mon :monkey: stop twisting facts

The open beta for all platforms started in June 2017 :love_you_gesture:

When you’re right, you’re right.

I’ve got those beautiful hubs too.

They have maintained a very strict win-some-loose-some population for a very long time. I’m guessing they are fine with this? IDK. I think they could do much better, and I don’t think “fun” should be as elusive as they make it.

I agree, and never said I played 7 years.

I’m saying that the game is over 7 years old, which is true when adding the alpha phase.

I personally have played for over 6 years (but that doesn’t have anything to do with the life of the game)

Side note: Everyone! Show us your donut!!

I don’t know why y’all are getting hung up on how old the game is.
No matter the age, this quote summarizes a solid 1/2 of why this update is horrid, and it’s not even the 1/2 that made me uninstall it.

This change will all but eliminate new player retention. It was BAD before this update, but now it’s insane. If you started the game now, you’d have to be a masochist to stay. How many YEARS would it take you to grind out a decent build… ONE decent build? Could you even do it in a human’s lifespan?

That aside, they’ve let the newbie-friendly stuff rot. Before this update dropped, I’ve attempted to get plenty of people to play, and have only succeeded in getting my kids to play. BUT, they will only play on MY account which has tons of parts. The grindy accounts w/o tons of parts… nah… not interested. One of them has even had about tons packs & BPs purchased for it. That one had a couple of relics at one point, so it’s not even a “starter” account. Yeah, they won’t play.

I just checked the Steam page to see how my much my other friends played. One did it for 62 minutes & the other for 4.9 hours.

All of that was BEFORE this newbie-killing update dropped.

The second 1/2, I’ve harked on about enough… I don’t want to play video games with other people. If that’s how I have to progress, I’m done. And yes, I understand I can still earn badges w/o ever having to actually play matches with my clanmates. But, my success is still based on my clan’s performance. My clan’s success is still partially based on mine. No thanks. Obligations aren’t what I call fun.

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There’s a 3rd aspect to this that’s sunk in over the last few days.

This game structure will destroy the game.

The “strongest” players will be invited to and retained in the strongest clans.

The strongest clans will only get stronger because they’ll be winning the most… Sorry… fused relic players will always dominate unfused one… fused legendary players will always dominate unfused ones. Skill only takes you so far. A 10% advantage in durability & firing range isn’t something skill trumps. This is why a King Tiger tank could take out 25 Shermans in WWII.

So, what this will do - long term - is funnel and concentrate game resources into the hands of a few.

No one will catch up because the devs will continually release new parts that trump old ones… This week was an example of that. Those clans with tons of concentrated resources will have the new OP parts fused on day 1, and everyone else will lose.

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But you’re acting like the game is playable for everyone 7 or even 8 yrs, this is what you’re doing ,I know you like to exaggerate everything but try to stick to the facts.

Side note: you like to see my donut? I’d like to see your stats , show us your profile, I’ve never seen it and bc Im not a xbox player I have no chance to check it :love_you_gesture:

Lol, read up.

I never said any of that. Was it the other guys?

Not really reading most of it, scan for something interesting to quote and reply to then post.

Thanks for the time burner :slight_smile:

I dont have to look up, I’m reffering to that what you’ve said in the past , then I also corrected you ,you explained that you don’t have a head for dates.
Not gonna go through your posts history bc its too much also not going to waste any more time on you. :love_you_gesture:

Waiting for your stats :sunglasses:



Even then, they’re using up to 16 energy relic weapons :wink:

Yeah, I don’t play CW anymore.


Yeah, but Confrontation is CW-light… With a 9k cap, OP epics will be the new OP relics.
They’ve devised a way to spread the CW scam around.

If you want to win in confrontation, you’d better have some fully fused epic builds!

Oh, and by the way… check out this new pack with OP epic parts! Yours for only $$$!

Don’t get played, my man… you’re not a tool.

No, a win with 100,000 or more clan points is just a win, and you don’t get any extra rewards.

Stay calm, everyone - Discussion - Crossout

This means that an average of 5000 points per person would be enough, which can be done with unupgraded equipment, and when I came to the new mode with the mindset of playing casually, I’ve reached 6900 points without using upgraded equipment

What developers need to do is downgrade the requirements for this task


Your assumption is that everyone is in a full clan with fully active players.
I’m not.
Most aren’t.
Clearly a HUUUGE number of us don’t want to be.

Re-watch those 3 videos I posted. Two are from partners. There are more vids out there like them. I can count on three fingers the number of people I’ve read/watched/heard say anything remotely positive about this dumpster fire.


'funny how you flagged the videos but kept JBrider topic here…

why didn’t you ask to ‘lock it’ or ‘delete it’
did you not know ‘JBrider’ is (sponsored) by ‘Crossout’ ? :crazy_face:

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Not positive, just not that bad, then find a new clan or re-recruit active players