JBrider's take

You’re understanding me.
You’re not understanding why that will NOT happen.

I do NOT want cooperative play.

I do NOT want my success in any way tied to the performance of others.

I do NOT want to feel like I need to play to “carry my load” in the clan/band.

I have zero interest in that. None. I have whatever the opposite of interest is.

That does not sound fun.

That sounds like work.



Not happening.

I play alone, or I don’t play.

I have to cooperate with others at work to get things done.
I have to communicate what I’m doing, listen to what others are doing, work around each other etc etc…

I play games to avoid that crap. I don’t play games so I can continue to work.

So, yes, it is that bad.


i found a game that sounds like this…

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Sounds more entertaining than thrashing around in a dumpster fire. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Hi guys, long time
Please stay appropriate to each others, thanks



Alls good Charlie, only a few flaggers trying twists facts and hide the truth , would be nice if you can do something about professional flaggers on this forum.
Thanks :love_you_gesture:



It seems they have chosen the opposite theory: Keep any progression behind paywalls.

You do know it’s real bad when even JBrider doesn’t automatically toot the changes around as the best thing ever without a single negative thought


Well, their greed might get the best of them. If enough players quit, the whales will also quit when queue times get too long.

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Maybe turn off flagging? Or is this forum so backwards that you don’t have the admin options to do that?

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Flagging shouldn’t be turned off we get way too much legitimate spam account postings. There are other ways to deal with flag abuse though on this forum system.

No you’re wrong, any issues can be sent to the admin to deal with as it’s not a big forum at all.

Leaving flagging this open to the users is stupid and saying there are “other ways” to deal with it just laughable tbh


There’s settings for a lot of it that can be adjusted via trust level. I gave him a few suggestions on some of settings to change today already. Mostly just waiting to hear back. I’ve admin’ed on plenty of forum before. If you go onto the moderation support site for this forum software they’ll tell you the same thing I just said.

'why is this topic not locked yet?

'oh wait…it’s missing something…here i got it…



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Well we’ll see if they do so, is lowering trust level seriously the only way to stop this through the Discourse backend? I feel like only allowing flagging to specific users like mods would be such a better solution… it’s not a big forum

I’m also assuming it’s Discourse

Most of the forum options for uses are based off trust levels. The moderator guides and support forum generally suggest warning flag spammers via pm’s and locking their trust levels lower when it gets out of hand or if temp suspensions don’t work. There’s some other stuff I think should be added i.e. there’s a way to display flagging approval ratings on a users profile to publicly shame them but I don’t want to suggest more complicated stuff till I see they’re willing to look at changing some of the basic settings.

Gotta love it when you know someone is back or on the forum because you come onto it and find your posts flagged or removed, but they weren’t touched for over a day because my flag stalker probably used up all his flags and decided to bide his time till the Krakflagin is released again

That or actually add a function to block people interacting with you/your posts like not allowing them to flag/like or comment on it!

And no there aren’t effective ways to deal with flagtsa on here, Mute and ignore do nothing which the famous zoo animal proves day and day again

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