Just a little hand over here, pls

I want to be sure before i do it.
I want to fuse one of my hawks for range
which one i have to choose?
Projectile range?

yup :crazy_face:
projectile range…
is this a trick question?

either way i’m shooting them off you :rofl:

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Thank you.
I’m not over asking yet.

I have 6 hawks, none of them i earned.
I built them all, i haven’t fused them
So why i can’t fuse them?
4 of them have an icon that appear to be a cogwheel with something on it

i don’t know,but always think they are going to get shot down fast ,so whats the best upgrade you can do?
i think res to all damage.
reload time.
proj range or active speed.
i have these i just dont play them.yet
hopefully someone in this crazy forum can help you…
good luck ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it wasn’t the answer to my question…

But the way i see it.
range is better than durability or res to all damage cause the bonus is very small, after all 30 durability as a base line.

Don’t be afraid, they are fun to play, i can say i much more agressive with my drone build than with my SG builds.

I even did good games with a naked version of my drone build (radiance build) in PVP.
When i say naked i mean no armour whatsoever.

I recommend


ya i just checked,i got falcon and owl no upgrades,i dont play them,but see how it plays out and upgrade to what you like, i still think the faster you can deploy them after getting shot down the better off you are…the more the merrier :wink:

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Here’s what my hawk is fused for. Very handy combination of perks. Yes, they get shot down quickly but I avoid that by trying to save it for when I’m chasing someone who’s focused on another player, or they’re degunned and on the run.

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cogwheel means they are on an active build, that will stop you from being able to upgrade them.


I fused 1, came out with a perfect fusion

thank you.

Is there any way i can used them?

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If the cog is showing you just have to remove them from the build they are on. It’s normally just current garage build or levi. Just temporally remove the part off the build or load a different build.

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This is the trick with any drone or turret, in my opinion.

It’s finding out when & where to deploy them to get the most out of them. Making sure your enemies are distracted is a priority. Hawks, Owls & Yauguais shoot down on enemies where they’re not well armored. A distracted enemy can get chewed up pretty quick. I actually really like playing them because they are such a challenge to do well with. Just don’t go trying to use them against bots… bots kill drones like magic.

When I can’t figure it out, it’s always my leviathan. Always. I’m a little amused with myself considering how often I’ve cursed the game for being broken only to realize I’m an idiot & have that part on my Levi. :joy:


It was the freaking levi
I took off the drones on my build, i saved it without drones and in the end… was the freaking levi


what people havent mentioned and idk if you know this but the drone launcher and the drones both have separate hp pools. the drones are quite frail, take time to recharge which leaves you vulnerable and they just arent that good in general. if anything id wait till a buff happens on them.

if i were you i would WAIT for an event to come by. in the events you only use 2 items to fuse instead of 3. this will give you more chances to save your drones and get fusions for a cheaper cost. i have 5 hawks myself but i only used them for the ravager event then i didnt touch them since.

nice fuse

Just general FYI if you don’t have to save it just remove it. I’ve gone through similar so many times but normally it’s some part buried deep in my levi or something like that, that I can’t find. lol… Glad to hear you found it though.

I like hawks and sidekicks, has been a good change of pace from SGs, turned out to be a go to build for so many occasions.
PVP, PVE, Propeller thing, radiance.

i’ll do that, or take it slow.

In the past i went bankrupt to try to fuse a Photon cab with what i wanted, i’ll not do the same mistake twice.


I also prefer this fuse over damage and range.

They are both good for different reasons though.


perhaps is the reason why they have different specs you can have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah :slight_smile:

But as you mentioned they can be shoot down easy.

So I want my drone to start attacking as fast as they can and reload as fast as they can.

They are going to get shot down and the little durability and damage you gain on a drone seems pointless to me.

I feel like you get more DPS by being able to put them out more often.

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