Just a thought for a new relic cannon

How bout a dual cannon like on the RATTE P1000 tank, who thinks that would be sweet to see

Have so much higher end stuff wish they would make more lower end stuff.

true but my levi ive kinda built the ratte p1000 but would love the cannon tho

Whatever the next relic is it’ll have Cryo damage somehow.

It would be cancer but a relic destructor that did Cryo damage would be pretty cool…

Old Mammoth used to be a dual Judge in a single turret before it was a flak 88, and the current fugly whatever it is.

old mammoth way back in the day was just bigger dont remember it having 2 barrels on it cuz ive been playing since June 18 2017 practically since game came out on xbox unless it came out on pc way earlier I dont know anything bout that lol

Nice idea, but it would probably get chewed up in a few seconds by machine/shotgun users circling you and spamming their laughing horn.

i mostly play patrol with my build show builds

Ok you wont have to worry about it then when you play pve modes.

no lol but when u have 6 mastys blasting at ya its just like pvp tho but im talking max bot ps at 21800 ps nothing but goliath track masty bots, my project build if i still had 3 puns id be at about 28000 to 29000 ps

29000 PS it looks like you want to play world of tanks, i know it matters more in pve that you have a high hp build, but in pvp 29000 ps gets the same rewards as 2900 ps after a game lol.

true but its a projective been working on for years hoping to inspire more ppl to play the game and what ppl can build if they put their mind to it nd time into the game

Well to each his own i guess, i have no problem with pve players, but im a pvp player myself, and from what i have found over the years what inspires people is having the most deadly OP troll builds at the lowest powerscores :wink:

true, when i do pvp now a days since aa nd ct got added i just use boom sticks lol no ring around the rosey with me ppl

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not sure if it qualifies as “way” but PC was playable ~6 months or so before Xbox.

We have so many cannons a relic Mortar would be cool like avalanche its different enough. Cryo Mortar.