Just my opinion on something

All machine guns should cool down faster/heat up slower at higher speeds. Especially the rotary-barrel machine guns.

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No, what they need is depletable ammo.
Unlimited ammo on hitscan weapons is just silly and unrealistic.


Air movement over the barrels would cool them down (how miniguns and similar weapons don’t overheat for longer).

every gun needs ammo,lets start there… :kissing_heart:


Seal kind of works that way.

It’s kind of weird that shiver is the opposite, but I always interpreted it as needing to suck some power to make it’s refrigerant work more efficiently.

Depleteable ammo truthers. Cringy. Next youll want tubes that connect from the ammo pack to the weapon… :roll_eyes:


All machine guns should just become projectiles and act like Millers/Reapers. Add a little required skill to them. The only hitscan should be lasers.


I don’t hate that idea.

I can back a change for MG’s to require ammo. Maybe starting at purps.

No, all of them. They just have an absurd amount of starting ammo, the higher the rarity, the lower the starting amount. Also, Autocannons. The magazine size on some of these does not make you think it has infinite ammo (Starfall, Cyclone and Rapier come to mind)

Reapers used to overheat way back in the day until people started complaining just like the millers thats why they now need ammo boxes

Imagine if such a raid, Lead raids scrap in the future? Cringe warning This would give a new meaning for "Get the lead out " :crazy_face: :joy: New raid/event titled “Get the lead out” Don’t speak too loudly of this ! :slightly_smiling_face:Joking of course…

ya u start raid without weapons nd get weapons at the end of the raid after being destroyed many time lol that would be funny as an april fools joke

I would hesitate to add ammo to whites and blues for sure. Most players using these weapons would be newer players. These rarities are not particularly powerful and should be forgiving for newer players… Plus you are requiring newer players to create ammo boxes before they can even compete.

I could see ammo for specials, mainly because of rapid fire.

I’m thinking they start out with 1,000 ammunition, decreasing by 100 every tier you go up.

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ah that would work.

I,000 might be good for chords/800 blues… but I think once you hit specials (mainly because of RF mg’s) the limit needs to drop at a much higher amount.

Again, I like this idea.

  • I wouldn’t mind if all energy weapons slow your speed down because of the energy usage.

  • Flame throwers actually start heating up your car too when your right against the people your destroying.

  • I would not mind that bullet damage does not destroy car tiers only giving you flats and flame just melts the rubber.

  • I wouldn’t mind if the Helicopters actually fly like helicopters when when applying throttle it goes up instead of forward.

  • I wouldn’t mind actually having ammo for every weapon of a projectile type, and being able to pick up ammo from any destroyed player that has projectile based weapons.

  • Also wouldn’t it be funny if ya shot a track with a cannon and you can de-track them.

  • Better helicopter hud for tilt and angle on screen knowing so when im scoped in can still tell what my helicopter is doing.

  • Also why not on the more sandy maps is there not way more dirt getting kicked up into the air? Lets
    see that too.

  • Bent axels on cars when getting rammed in it.

Being honest more realistic stuff in the game would be kind of funny and fun. I think.
I just wish helicopters had actual helicopter physics and a hud inside that you can see the tilt of the helicopter left or right or forward and back. Like you see on battle field so I can be scoped in and still see know what my helicopter is doing if i have the roll turned on.

  • Give all machine guns 450 with out ammo box.

  • Give all shotguns 180 shells.

  • Heavy classed shotguns 100 shells (Heavy shotguns "Junkbow and the more higher grade forms of it, Arothron & Parser)

  • Auto cannons 250 rounds.

  • Heavy Auto cannon (Stillwind) 200 rounds.

  • Light cannon (Median) 30 shells

  • Cannons 15 shells

  • Mortar / Howitzer (Avalanche) 12 rounds.

  • Single Fire Rockets (Pyre, Flute, & Clarinet TOW) 16 rockets pcs.

  • Volley fire Rockets 8 rocket volleys

  • Grenade Launchers (Thresher & Impulse) 115 ammo pcs. (Note: Other grenade launchers stay same)

  • New “Energy Cell” adds 80% more ammo high output energy weapons and unlimited firing for standard energy weapons with out any negative effects.

Also Energy Cell is explosive with same 4 bars of explosiveness (Same as bootstrap gen)
216 Powerscore > Durability - 124 pts. > Mass -192 kg.
Or add these effect / ammo adding to the Power Unit we already have.

  • Energy weapons have unlimited ammo but require a (Energy Cell) no energy cell over heats vehicle and slows you down when firing . 2% per second of heat when firing.
  • High Output Energy Weapons (Quasar, Pulsar,& Yokai) All have same ammo (Energy Cell add 80% more Ammo)
    (Note: High output energy weapons can fire after ammo is gone, but will slow your vehicle down for 8 seconds after firing & does 20% of heating per shot fired & does 5% damage to your cab & generator each shot fired with no ammo.)
    *Acari needs ammo box to add to its bolts (ammo) like the bows. Does not require “Energy Cell”

I will add the rest of the weapon types later of my thoughts / updates.

I want a Water World inspired Crossout too apocalypse. I think some boat combat with crossout type building system of your boats could be fun. If they made a game like that though I would want it being a bit more like teratech where you can salvage parts from the foe’s you destroy and things. And it be a little different style game maybe open world or something. Testdrive Unlimited did the open world type thing.


crossout servers absolutely can not handle that

If it can handle 16 players with 3 millers each I see no reason it couldn’t handle it with other MGs

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