Kapkans need a real perk ,its a weapon

suggestions: Slow down the reload or heat up the build of the enemies.

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Why not a small detonation at the end but its only if the kapkan survives?

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Why not,its a idea.

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I don’t think it needs anything, it’s already annoying. If they make another one I hope it is a relic and not a legendary given out in a BP.


I know. Especially since the hack from interceptor really tunes down every drone. Does an interceptor intercept another interceptor from enemy lines and could it cancel out one another for superior drone dominance or traps dominance if someone used multiple interceptors at the enemy. Full whipe out type deal? I haven’t ventured that path yet but who knows maybe a clan member or new subject can obtain this knowledge? Like a krasukha russian military truck might do haha.

Out of the topics,smashskull

Jubboku are really bad.

I still think barriers need a zap inside the bubble like sm hornet damage type zaps

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Intercepting an interceptor? In turn Interception inception?

I don’t see that weapon as being exactly similar because the stopping power is down by a lot.

Something dangerous

Interceptor need a nerf .too effective in clan.

What faction is kapkans and what can we perk it with the corresponding weapons with it im drawing a blank.

Kapkans are in a pack.If they want to sell more pack ,they need to buff the kapkan.

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Most of us are aware of that too.

Lets just say the vultures made it so why not let it attack when the person is majorly hurt like to almost 80% the cars ripped apart that it sends out a small explosion to pick off the rest at the end if the kapkan rope tip a small explosive dart.

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Are u just going to spam kapkan topics every day?

Also a hard no to your idea.

no,i’m just sharing my passion.

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I had one once they were too slow of a weapon for me to deal with.

Glad you like the game like you should. Its his passion guys he loves what he does and there’s nothing wrong with it unless u are being super toxic about it haha. But we all learn from mistakes anyways so it would be nice to have minor attacks on the weapons that dont have any. And make the darn turrets slide around and no more stop sign turrets that kills everyones mojo. Barrier clan problems slowing down some of the biggest guys to a full stop. At least make a weapon that is a telephone pole that gets placed in the ground or something maybe thick road obsticles you can place in the ground to kind of slow down incoming rushes so weapons like stop sign traps in a sense. Because it hurts what we would love to do to some people if we get turret trapped. Yes sparks are key but theres no long range support to all traps that stop you in ur tracks or tires or hovers like a spark. Maybe run a long wire along the ground weapon that disables deployment in an area so it can be slightly D bugged? Idk how or why they have turrets stopping a unstoppable force type vehicle but we do and it should be on the to do list.

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