Kill spaced armor

Its cancer, its bullshit. Its bad enough fighting meta builds with long range reload weapons, its even worse when I can’t do any damage to them for the first 3-4 hits because they got a CW build with epics instead of relics.

Just aim for their hovers. Dip them and then your explosive dammage is hitting more from an upwards top angle on their build and it breaks them appart better. Their back hovers are almost always exposed. Make something sneaky get behind them and boom goes their rear hoverd.

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Adapt, stop crying and get good always same bs from you since I remember.
Spaced armor this , spaced armor that ,dudeeee rly?


Spaced armor is even part of real life armor.

I think it adds to the world of Crossout and would never want it removed.

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Spaced armour is one of the few things I wish they would nerf.
Breaks any sense of realism for me, and I think is one of the biggest balance issues.


Except what everyone understands as spaced armor in xo is really slat armor. It works for shaped charges, but is never ever going to matter for apbc or solid penetrators.

That doesnt work if they see my name on the enemy lineup and dont expose their rear to long angles of fire. Killing a hover frontally with ranged reload weapons takes a dozen or so shots. If they are evasive you are not going to keep a slow turning weapon pointed at them.

Killing any enemy with cannons by shooting at their front is pretty hard these days, not just hovers.
To me, that doesn’t seem right. Not that I want to go back to the days of cannons being OP, but buggy frames should not be a viable defence against high velocity cannon shells.

Having said that, pretty much any weapon in Crossout works better if you’re not shooting at the front of an enemy. Flanking is always key.

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Flanking and aiming for the juicy bits… Actually hitting wheels/hovers, ammo boxes, weapons… or on hovers, even just knocking off a heavy piece if they’re dumb enough to use it as spaced armor further out.

I think devs should add a mechanic that the more space armor you got adds more air drag to your vehicle which in turn slows your vehicle down. The way it is in the game is very unrealistic with absolutely no penalty for having half a mile wide spaced armor. I also think having weak structural parts supporting the weight of strong structural parts when they are attached horizontally should lower the durability has well. They should add a strength mechanic that is separate from the durability mechanic limiting what parts can support the weight of other parts.

What about this?
seems pretty efficient against spaced armour


I would love more realism, but I doubt they could really pull off something that ambitious at the moment.
I would be happy with some kind of change to how cannon shells interact with pass-through parts, and see how that goes. Give all shells the ability to penetrate through pass-through parts, in addition to their existing penetrating abilities.

Do you want to one shoot hoovers? Cw hoovers can have max 800-1800 HP. They have to flight against 5-6k hp heavy builds. Other requested nerf against hoovers so far: raise PS, lower tonnage, take 1 energy, reduce speed, Explode when destroyed… Anithing else? Goliath tracks on spiders are ok?

I think that would also give players a incentive to make smaller builds has well so you will get far less traffic jams on the smaller maps and having far less team mates screening you. I mean right now you can have a 20kg lunatic part support the full horizontal weight of a 2 ton freight train plow if you wanted so that is very unrealistic. They should just put some kind of threshold to what can support what just to try and keep it simple they don’t have to get into much detail with it. If something is like 3 times less durability and weight than the part it is holding up and supporting then they should make that kind of conjunction void. The whole point of supercharged 2.0 was to try and add realism so if they ever do a 3.0 well they should go the extra mile with things like drag and weight because right now the extreme things you can do with spaced armor is far far from realism.

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Man, that sounds nice.

It’s one of the many reasons I enjoy lower PS matches.


You can’t move at high ps on pc especially on maps like sector x where everyone is trying to jam in thru the hallway with gigantic spaced armored builds and the higher prevalence of bots at high ps also compunds that problem. If they can’t make the maps bigger than the other solution is try and make the builds smaller or at least penalize players somewhat somehow for using half a mile wide builds. If the devs can’t do that than the least they can do is rework the smaller maps like sector x because in my opinion maps like that need to be bigger anyways, I say sector x would be considered small even for a call of duty game let alone a game like crossout.


Cab hp is almost irrelevant on hovers against reload weapons due to how spaced armor will only take 50 damage stopping a 250+ damage shot. The key with spaced armor is how many layers there are before they get their “eggshell” peeled and cracked off. Since hovers fly, they can cake up on spaced armor more heavily because they won’t be crashing and snagging on every little bump. They can bump and fly over their ground based teammates or enemies.

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why are you crying every time somebody wants spaced armor nerfed? People like you have been playing the same spaced armor hovers for half a decade now. First it was decor armor, radar armor, now firestarter part spam, and nobody with cannons, scorps, or astras can deal with u. You adapt and quit playing the most overpowered meta that everybody else has been adapting to for 5 years.

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I think DPS weapons would be a lot less dominant if spaced armour weren’t so effective.
I know that’s why I turn to DPS setups sometimes.

My 2 cents.

meta gamers