Kill spaced armor

simple fix, all cannons, if there is only 1 pin with empty space behind it, goes though and blows up on next, nerf equipment damage to balance. if 2 pins or more blows up on outermost pin as normal

some people need to be faced with their own reflection of ugliness before they can see what’s going on.

if your goal is to be a tank, then build a tank.

I try to do a little of both… It may not look like an actual truck, car, tank, or whatever, but generally my builds do look like a vehicle of some sort. Putting melee protection all assertion is always a wise move when a single tiny bit worry a borer can wreck a 15000ps build otherwise.

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I completely get what your saying and agree.

But, if you think about it. Basically all builds in Crossout use spaced armor. Just some are more spaced then others.

It’s impossible to build in this game without leaving some kind of space between some of the parts.

That sounds like a challenge!

But you are right: I might not have floating panels, and I don’t generally use pass through parts as armour, but some of the principles of spaced armour still make their way into my builds. Nevertheless, I don’t usually have much empty space inside my builds, as my fast cars are usually so small that it’s a struggle just to fit in the modules I want to use. The new generator is going to be great for me!

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Monkey hasn’t seen the tiny ass rides some of us play here (^:

Torero for more accurate tempura blasts, very important. GL finding spaced armor there


Why don’t they rework cannons? Maybe give their shells more penetration and/or explosion. They should also add some resistance to bullets so they’re harder to destroy.

To keep hovers from using them, cannons should have much greater recoil and an accuracy penalty for movement.

Its not just cannons affected by spaced armor. Using pass through parts as spaced armor stood off movement parts works against MG’s etc. Its the 6 block overpen limit on every projectile, along with the lack of AP on cannons which works more like HEAT than an APHE shell. Its a problem for MG’s too, but MG’s don’t have to reload for however long only to waste all that damage on spaced armor.
People will argue spaced armor works against cannons because irl reasons, but the spaced armor in XO is aluminum foil wrapped around fiberglass rods, its more like the slat cage armor used on tanks.

How does it work against MGs?
And by work, I mean how does it provide better protection?

MGs can shoot through the gaps that stop projectiles, and when it comes to wearing down an enemy’s HP, my bullets don’t care if they hit steppenwolf tank armour or firestarter fenders.

They have no penetration by default, so spaces don’t accomplish anything.

Nothing can pierce more than 7 blocks of air after hitting a gunmount/elbow/frame including hitscan weapons. If you leave a 7 block gap between the front face of a gunmount/elbow and the front of whatever part you need protected, no projectile weapon can touch it. This guy at 4.2k is basically untouchable from the front. And the massive amount of crap hanging off his build is no concern because he can just fly over every obstacle and bounce off walls back up to 95km in an instant whereas this crap is an absolute no go if you aren’t a hover/bigram/leg build because it snags on literally everything.

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I’ll have to test that, but seven blocks is still a lot of space. I know when playing MGs or miniguns I don’t experience anything like the disappointment of an executioner volley only doing double digit damage after hitting some buggy frames.
Anyway, maybe it’s time for blockchains to shine? I’m thinking of crafting a few now. Anyone know if reload boosters actually do anything with them? I’ve been discovering that they don’t work on some single shot weapons, which has been freeing up an energy point for me on some builds.

Its a lot of space but footprint is of no problem at all to hovers because they have instant accel and fly over most things like vehicles and wrecks. Spaced armor like that is an absolute no go outside of CW w/o a hover/spider/crab cause it just gets u stuck on everything including terrain dips. I can build spaced armor on my omni build but it works rather terribly because I’m not using a hover, and most of my foes use dps hitscan.

I’ve hated playing hover builds with big footprints. I just kept getting snagged on scenery and getting spun around.
I agree that pass through mechanics need to be reworked, but I’m also not experiencing anything close to as bad as what you describe. Nevertheless, I think you’ve convinced me to give blockchains another try, as they seem like they only thing that could reliably tear through pass through parts on a kami hover.

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As a hover you can spin into whatever you snag on or just bounce off or over it. If I’m driving omnis, I lose ALL my momentum and I’m a sitting duck for at least a few seconds. I took a glance at the exhibition for meta omni builds and they don’t come close to being the spongecakes that hovers are.
As for blockchains they will do their thing to passthrough parts, but they cannot hit a grille and fly through more than 6 blocks of air to do damage to a part.
This spacing right here is the maximum distance a blockchain can damage the cab from after hitting the first gunmount.

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Still big cries about spaced armor? :person_facepalming:
You should get used to it, it becomes new war meta :crazy_face:




Those cope cages would do nothing against a cannon/ ballistic penetrator or a tandem warhead. They are there to stop single stage shaped charge rockets that are in plentiful supply such as those fired by the RPG. You really know nothing man.

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Huh rly? :thinking:

I thought they made it to stop mandrake shots :crazy_face::rofl:

U should be a politician man, ur such an infantile bs artist.

Yes Im sarcastic and I dont take video games too serious but still can outperform most players, maybe its bc I dont stuck in my own mind and instead of changing myself Im trying change everything else around me?

U have no idea that spaced armor it was a real thing back in time when all missiles were weaker

If you do a small research you can find more of those