Lancers are fun, lightning fast, disposable…but i have to confess that many connections don’t go as expected I’m not insta kill people who i’m connecting with ( around 6 k PS )

Ok, i’m running an art build, but the one i’m planning will not be that far from the current one.
I have 7 Lances + 2 Boom sticks + 5 rare boosters, the sticks are placed in layers and in some sort of V, and it’s just shy of 4.5 tons they

Any additional advices?

Avoid running into bumpers and plows. Try to attack from the rear or side.
You could try using falcon to highlight explosives (or neutrino).
Buggy wheels will charge the lance perk at lower speeds.

You might want to add some melee parts (like blades, flails, et. al.) to the front so you can still use your build to ram crippled enemies with, after your lances are all gone. I’ve dueled with some of the best lance/boomstick players in bedlam, and that often allowed me to finish 'em off.

I’m already using Buggy wheels ( i’ve got no engine, so having them allows me to have the full perk at normal speed)
I don’t have stealth, nor radar, i usually go in at full thrust and blind in the hopes i can intercept something with virtually no steer, only after the first pass i can try to make a more accurate attack. ( after i have an general idea where the others are ).

One of the major difference from this build i’m using to the one i’m conceptualizing is dropping the wings but keep the slim profile, shorten the lance length, mounting them closer to the build .
I can mount flails ( i was thinking in birds of prey)
I have the gasgen where it is, at the front, “hidden” in plain sight waiting for it’s time to be a bomb.
I would like to keep the flight capabilities that the current build has

Why no cloak?
It would help a lot, because you could take the time to aim your car before hitting your boosters.

Cloak is a must on lancer builds, ask DimaDerBeste.

Mainly because lack of space and energy points.
It’s an art build, a replica of a WWII Kamikaze
download (2)

yeah it’s simple, everyone could do it, it’s a bit rough around the edges but it was an achievement for me and i like it, it’s something i can identify with ( History).
It’s not a Bismarck or an Alabama but it’s a piece of History that i’m running with combat capabilities. ( Not those useless packs ).
But i want to make it clear that the absent of radar, engine, cloak, it’s not about History accuracy, it’s just because lack of space.

I manage to mount 3 boosters, a gasgen , a rune , and that’s it.

Lately i have 5 boosters, it can go airborne.
my next lancer will have a chameleon

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I stay away from lancers due to the flames giving your location away. Even with cloak it just seems that its way too visible to the enemy. I just run 13-14 booms on a griffon and yeti right now.

What has your experience with lancelot and invis been when running them together?

I don’t know yet.

I tried playing with them, it’s big damage on 1 or 2 players, but then your car is useless ^.^

If you put a rune or two and/ or a cockpit you still have fuel for your boosters after the lances are gone and be a ram build afterwards .
That was the advice given to me.

Its the non stealth aspect that makes me not use them but im sure i will build something down the road and give em a shot.

Ive been using some melee blade wings and the rest of the build to help do damage after the main blast and of course i damage self destruct way more in these builds.

I usually carry a drone in the trunk to stay useful to the team after spending my Booms… I also use plenty of fangs or sturdy bumper on the front end for tearing off wheels, and finishing off lit enemies.

Furthermore, taking out that active melee player early in the match is extremely helpful to the team, even after you’re spent, IMO, as it only takes one of those guys to destroy your teams chances of winning…these days, however, there are often more than one or two of those guys on the red team, but still.

Getting MVP with them nowadays is admittedly more difficult due to various nerfs, and I used to be able to do it much more often, but that one wasn’t that long ago, and I think it indicates an enduring and useful place on my team.

Also, I find Booms to be much better than Lances. The last nerf to Lances has made them out-classed for their rarity or any power-score I try to use them in, and they aren’t worth the coin or power-score to use, IMO.

While on the other hand, Booms have been improved (greatly reduced elasticity, stiffer) and still work very well, relative to their rarity category. Point for point they are more efficient for their power-score, and present more bang for your buck, I think.

Anyway, that’s my two cents…not bragging, just trying to be encouraging. It is a much more difficult play-style than one might think.

Joust on, Knights of the Wasteland.

PS: The new Kensei cab’s NOS perk, when activated, does not de-activate your cloaking device (unlike Boosters). Just sayin. :wink:

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I haven’t played lances much, but I’m thinking I might give them another try soon.
I think I want to use a cabin that has some built-in weaponry, which I think means either tusk, cerebus, or werewolf. Am I missing one?

Which of those three would you guys vote for? Tusk is the only one I don’t have, but I have been meaning to try it for a long time.

(Yes I know that Griffon might be more useful, and that Aggressor would give a good damage boost)

The Tusk and a minimum of four Lancelots, was what Psyberserker suggested to me, to get started, back in the day. She’s wasn’t wrong, IMO.

I like the Aggressor personally, as it’s perk supports the play-style pretty well (drive in a straight line), it’s fast enough to activate the Lancelot’s hit-bonus speed requirement easily (gets’em nice’n hot fast), and…it’s way cheap. If you’re not committed to the play-style, the Aggressor and a minimum of six Booms (rather than Lancelots) is the way, I’d go…That’s the way I did go.

  • The Aggressor and six Booms; it’s good friendly violent fun, for a tight or uncommitted budget.

  • The Tempura are also an affordable alternative, similar play-style, but are arguably more challenging.

I rambled on a bit, as if you knew none of this , and I’m sure you already knew at least some of this to be true (I think me getting Tempura was actually your idea, thnx), but for the sake of the topic, I’m leaving it all in…blah, blah, blah…

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I love that layout for the tempuras!
I find them very hard to use, but very rewarding once you get in the zone. Haven’t played them for a while, but was going to try a side-swipe layout this week, and potentially get some of the new epic version.

But getting back to lances: I wanted to try a cabin that could still fight after the lances are gone, so this might be the excuse I need to finally try tusk. Cerebus is much better now, but really should be used with active melee, and while the new werewolf drone is lots of fun, it’s not nearly as deadly as a tusk.

Edit: did you know that blight buffs tempuras? If you have one, give it a try with them.

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I did not…I’ll have to give that a whirl, I think. Thanks for the know. I guess I didn’t do my reading assignment, did I?

Now I have a project to entertain for this Sunday evening. I don’t have one, but I’ve got the coin, and I do like the hillbilly looks of that cab.

Currently the in-game description for the Blight does not include a mention of buffing Tempuras, while the description of it on the on-line Crossout Wikia page does include such a notice in their description.

This is the current (PC) in-game description for that cab:
It doesn’t mention the Tempura, but it must have once upon a time, because the XO Wikia does mention it.

I’m wondering if they eliminated that cab’s Tempura buff recently? IDK…it’s an expensive cab too, so I wonder if there is anybody here who can verify that it does still buff Tempuras, before I buy one?

This lack of mention could be an oversight. IDK.

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I don’t remember it ever mentioning it. I just thought I’d try it, because they do shoot out flame.
But I have not tried lately.
I will try to remember to try tomorrow and report back.

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Any cab is good, i gave up Tusk when i couldn’t ram my own build from the side ( perhaps BFs. I was expecting big numbers and only got little bumps)

Other thing, as is, i usually always keep moving, often in circles to speed up the drones release, and i’m under the impression that tusk needs more time or distance to charge the perk ( but i didn’t notice if the build i was trying had BFs and Cheetah).

Mount your lances low to the ground, that way they are harder to hit, often i loss all my lances or half of the lances when i’m going in

Aggressor seems a good choice but you can correct your trajectory