Large tracks problems

Large tracks have high durability, but opponents do not try to attack them.The solution is not to put weapons above tracks, but there are still very few people who like to do this, maybe not in reality, or still not strong enough, anyway to use tracks for armor This sounds ridiculous, we know that for real tanks, tracks are one of their weakest parts,And the weapon is placed on top.
So, my suggestion is to reduce their durability and greatly enhance them in other ways :

The first is speed, my idea is no longer fixed, but an average of track speed and speed without limits, now a cockpit with a cheetah engine using tank tracks it still only has a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, my idea is to give tank tracks a base speed of 40km/h and 120km/h to get an average speed of 80km/h, which will be its final maximum speed,Humpback has a maximum speed of 64.2km/h when using Colossus, and a track base speed of 40km/h, with an average speed of 52.1km/h

Then about durability, I think their durability is too high and should be lowered, but as compensation, maybe reduce some weight, but the main thing I want to say is that you can increase cabin durability Just like general armor, in some designs they occupy a lot of weight, resulting in the durability of the cabin is not high, so it should be a good way to directly increase the cabin durability

The most important point is that some privileges are required, mobility is essential for the protection of weapons, hovering verifies this, but tracks on the contrary, weapons will be very easily damaged if the tracks themselves are not taken to protect the weapon, in order for the weapon and other parts to be placed outside the track normally and maintain balance,it is necessary to increase resistance privileges for them(This may go against the principles of the game, but the only principles that should be followed may be balance and diversity.)

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You can drive them in a way that forces the tracks to tank more shots, I do this all the time with my goliath tracks. With a top mount weapon you can also play peekaboo like that only allowing the enemy the opportunity to either strike the weapon or the tracks.

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Tracks shouldn’t be blast resistant, they’re large enough to allow the vehicle to take as little blast damage as possible, and perhaps it should take more blast damage like the Steppenwolf cabin in the raid
I would also like to add that helicopters can also be balanced with resistance modifications, allowing them to take more damage in the air