Legendary movement parts

If the devs were going to introduce legendary movement parts, what should they be?
I know some fear that legendary movement parts would immediately be must-haves for Clan Wars, but I feel like that could be partially avoided if the new parts had very specific perks and roles.

For example, I was playing today and noticed that the mining truck wheels I’ve always wanted already exist in the game as scenery:

I see them as having very high durability and very high tonnage (four should max out heavy cabin tonnage), but also have huge power drain. For a perk, hitting hand brake activates a skid steering mode for rapid pivoting.

I think legendary legs should obviously be bigger and faster, but should also have a jump function (also activated by hitting hand brake). Why not give them crushing damage to really make them legendary?

Legendary hovers could be high tonnage and durability (also with higher power drain), but a temporary boost mode that is activated by hand brake.

I see legendary augers as being small and fast (like small tracks), but with the off road suspension of Bigfoots, and capable of doing decent melee damage.

The only idea I have for a legendary track is a variable length track. You could stretch it in certain increments, increasing the stats the longer you make it. I’m thinking similar looking to armoured tracks, but twice as wide for increased stability.

I’m sure other people here have better ideas, so post them here!

The power creep is real

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Exactly my reason for not wanting legendary movement parts.

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I guess because I don’t really play CW, I’m not so worried about that. However, that’s why my suggestions aren’t really straight upgrades from existing CW worthy movement parts.
For example, mining wheels aren’t going to be great substitutes for most Bigfoot or Hermit builds, except for possibly bricks. They’ll be too slow for most wheeled players. Similarly, I see the power drain of legendary hovers as being a deterrent for players already used to current hover acceleration. The boost would still allow you to make a quick escape, but you would need to wait for it to recharge before you could use it again. Same for the legendary leg concept.
I made auger and tracks more conventional, since neither are currently competitive at that level.


we do actualy have legendary movement parts within the game files already, and it is just question of not wether, they will implement them, but just when;
(+ a legendary cabin that was from the time we only had epic cabins, but was never made craftable, or tradeable)

one of them is used on adventure mode 3 different times in different from what i remember

it is in the most literal sense possible as large as a humpback cabin, you can literally fit an humpback inside

for a legendary track, i think about a track longer than both goliaths, and tank tracks, a very large track (but not in height) just 4-5 blocks at the tallest, that does not rise the frame at all,

has a perk similar to opressor and ML200, but rises the rotation speed of weapons depending on the share of tracks among movement parts, up to 30% percent, it would have massive power drain, and be only cabaple of going 35 kilometers an hour, while having insanelly high PS as well, 5 times as much as other tracks have, and being insanelly heavy,

it would have enought toonage to be able to fill the toonage of an mass limit upgraded cohort with colossus just by four of them ,

it won’t be “powercreeping” any other track, due to the drawbacks and perk, making it an entire different movement part than the other tracks, giving it it’s own role, oh, and did i mention the only damage resistance it would have is fire and melee damage? no blast resistance nor penetration at all;



That’s probably a better version of my track idea. Adjustable length is probably too hard to code anyway.
Although if they could make it work, it would be a nice feature of what you just suggested.

A completely new part would be something like the mine roller suggested in another thread. A big front roller, covered in spikes. Does melee damage, destroys mines, has insane health, really slow.


that is in fact one of the legendary movement parts that is in the game files too, but it is a roadroller, the model is severelly unfinished, but it was basically one of the frontal wheels, well, the first one, if that matters

i’m going to see if i can find an image of it;

edit: here it is :

it had basically the same “perk” meatgrinders have now


When I posted the idea before I was imagining them as a weapon :slight_smile: and not a wheel.

the one you showed actually supposed to roll over mines and detonate them, and recieve minimal damage, while still being cheap, replaceable, and inexpensive, the one in the game is a road roller;

this is the one you were talking about:

Something like this, but with spikes:

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like this?


Just not anything that flies… It could cause a whole new world of balancing issues.

A steamroller, yeah. Something like that with a lot of durability and really good damage, not that tickling meatgrinder thing…
Bipedal legs are a good idea too, but that would be harder to code for not tipping over, no matter how wide the soles are. And maybe a little too much for a mostly car fighting game.

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lol you roll over your enemy and it leaves them as flat as a pancake. then they have to drive around in “pancake” mode xD

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Hovers should have been legendary all along.

With all items, I think the tech tree should be complete. No mater if someone “likes” them or not.


I agree. Should have been from the start.

As for someone liking something or not, it’s not important. It’s impossible to please everyone’s taste.
But some things can lead to Hell when it comes to attempts to balance. They have been trying to patch up the tear they have made for years now (not because of hovers but because they are not capable of making the mechanic/physics fair)…
Anything similar anew that is hard to balance yet leaves a big imprint on gameplay like a new flying part wouldn’t be good.

no more legendary part classes, builds have become too expensive compared to when the game was most popular in 2017. I’ve seen the cost of a Uranium winning build double since 2017. nobody new is coming to XO because Targem keeps making it harder to get the cool stuff, and even if you get it you will still get clapped by people with fused parts, or you will be forced into such a high powerscore where the game isn’t even twisted metal, its just a bunch of magnets that got rolled in a scrapyard fighting eachother. CW builds are so huge the maps are barely playable in 8v8.


i think the major issue here is building the parts to get the items you want to make. scrap for me is very hard to get, i only do pve so doing dailys and whatnot i only get maybe… 1000 scrap per week?
it costs 600 - 700 scrap for just 1 rare item and that cost is just way to much imo.
scrap is most gotten in pvp, in pve you only get around 10 - 18. i see this as an issue because
1: they have a cap on scrap 6750 for premium.
2: who cares if its pvp or pve? pve shouldnt give less rewards then pvp.
3: we have a cap on the scrap as is, so it shouldnt matter where you get your scrap. there should be limitations on how much you get from which battle mode.

they need to increase the amount of scrap you get from patrol vs ai, even if its just to 25 or 30.
1 rare part costs 600 - 700 scrap to make, you need multiples of them to make a special part and you need multiple specials to get a epic and multiple epics for legendaries…
its alot of scrap when all things add up.

The price of uranium has increased far more than double. Uranium didn’t exist in 2017 dude… Uranium was much cheaper for a while. Relic prices became nothing; far cheaper to craft then to buy. Now relics have finally reached selling prices that more closely follow their crafting costs. Uranium is closer in price than it used to be, but I liked it cheaper for sure. Especially now that I’m not really bothering to play cw anymore.

No legendary movement ever please. No more topics about legendary movement please. This game has a bad rep for being pay to win as it is.

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It’s not pay to win game at all lol… Get gud bruh…

It’s seems you don’t know what pay to win is and must have never played a pay to win game. Play chimeraland PvP. That game is pay to win.

If you want to win in crossout you have to play well. Your wallet won’t save you here.

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