Less Excuses and More Solutions

Seriously… the servers are up and down again ? AGAIN !? I’m tired of their excuses and justifications! I hope they don’t expect us to buy their battle pass with such mediocre connectivity ?


(This game is like Tango : One step forward, Two steps backward!)


It’s probably due to tremors around the world which affected servers on top of all the casualties… dunno, that’s the only excuse I could think of.

DDOS attacks on Russia are not going to stop any time soon.

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and then there give us shit for the downtimes

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bro, check the news from time to time. massive earthquakes.


Earthquakes don’t JUST happen. You only hear about the ones that kill people. That doesn’t mean the ground isn’t shaking when you’re not hearing about it.

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It’s going to continue around half the globe for another 5 days.


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So servers for a Russian/Chinese company are located in Turkey and Syria?
I would think the bottle neck/ddos isn’t going to be so far from their home territory if you get me.

did you see how wide spread the quakes are? it’s not just Turkey, the lands all connected and things are super bad right now. Let’s let the EU servers be used for emergency response as needed.

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https://steamdb.info/app/386180/charts/ stil this might be the real problem why servers might be junk at the moment population increased from roughly 6000± to 12000± we all know the servers have never been great and run on hamsters in treadmills (which got me chatbanned for a joke a few hours sensitive GM…)… Anyways i do think they might wane invest more in there Servers specialy now there’s a bigger population into the game then before. So saying its DDOS attack i dont think so its probaly population to much for servers to handle.

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It could have something to do with it.

But why would they say they are being DDOS attacked unless that was the truth.

I think they would rather say “Hey guys we have to many players and are working to fix the servers to handle it.” If that was true.

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It just surprises me that they don’t seem to have any type of DDOS protection set up? It’s not like this is the first time this has happened to them.

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i dont know its logicial geusse im making there + sometimes company’s lie a little bit why they cant provide proper service. Also its way easyer to say its just a DDOS attack then to say full truth stil…

It kinda is a DDOS attack due of higher population entering the game or be put on a waiting list to play.

So yeah + they changed the servers a bit when population was less or placed them differently. Around the globe

Ather thing they could do is asking for a loan to rapidly improve the server network. and repay that eventully.

Anyways i hope they just get things resolved and we have more room for new players and us dinosaur veterans.

I wouldnt mind making a investment of a x sum money if it helps them to improve things rapidly.

As long i get a descent return on it.

But that would be contract and documents they might not want.

  • with the new playerbase comming in theres more cashflow for them to improve the network.

  • Stil yes we need solutions more then excuses.

  • So the game can become more healthyer financialy / service wise and population.

I stil highly enjoy this game and the love of building things.
Even afther 11.000 hours playing.

I think it’s been like this for years. Any time they made a major update, and now with the controls update and to accommodate the outcry against it, they’ve made two separate control systems, that I do believe I remember them saying would complicate future updates…and there are earthquakes too.IDK. I’m often surprised at how flimsy the internet is and how much people have chosen to rely on it for everything, but whatever. It seems like cold weather and wind is enough to bog my connection down sometimes, but that’s probably a situation saturated with its own flavor of BS. Who knows what is real anymore? It’s all unbelievable.


So many offering excuses and yet the connectivity issues were severe before the earthquakes. Also DDOS atacks are not the issue either. Simply too many players and not enough bandwidth. You have experienced 5 oclock rush hour on a freeway somewhere in your life. Same principle here. You can actually buy more bandwidth if you are a web based business. These guys are just too dam cheap to open the purse strings.

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I think it’s just a combination of the normal instability after updates, some earthquake stuff, and probably ongoing ddos attacks.

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It’s as if people think the Developers are in control of denial of service attacks. LOL

  • insert canned snarky remark about crybabies *

Imagine spending months working on an update to introduce a new faction and having the entire thing shut down due to a denial of service attack cutting off much anticipated income then being told you are to blame by your supposed fans.

If I were them, I just might track down all the whiners and make sure they don’t get the uranium nor 3 days premium! LOL😂


They need to be transparent about things. Everything is so muddled with speculation, rumors and negative energy in about every chat group on PS4 and in parties. We get so little information yet the core players stay dedicated to this game.

If it’s a ddos attack, fine I can be understanding a time or two - but expect a solution.

If it’s due to increased server traffic; again, I can be understanding - but expect them to be enhanced due to the increased revenue.

If it’s due to natural disaster(s), that’s out of anyone’s control.

The overarching theme is simple: 1)Communicate more with your player base
2)Have more transparency with your player base.

It takes two minutes to type something up and post on this forum, even if the honest answer is “I don’t know.” or not good news or something we as a community do not want to hear.

Typically companies being insular with information and/or withholding it makes them even more suspicious.

Also, what is the logic behind giving us three day premium given that the last time the server was having issues it lasted more than three days. A three day premium would be nice to utilize to get back the resources lost from server issues, but it will most likely expire the attack is over, rendering it ineffective during the server problems. Why also compound the problem by making it actually expire if you don’t use it in a very limited time frame? So you also lose out on the ability to completely utilize the premium by not being able to sit on it and actually wait until the servers stabilize enough to make the grind with three days of premium worth it.

Neat :roll_eyes: