Let's complain about guns again

Explosions, excluding autocannons, retcher and cricket, are way too powerless, they just don’t pack enough of a punch.

Walt and the spin the barrels to shoot thing does not work, so much so that the relic waltz (Helicon) has completely abandoned it. The spinning trajectory I can deal with but it just takes way too long to shoot these things, especially when being bumped around by other players and terrain, like it was purposely put in there so people would waste money into trying to fuse them to shoot faster.

Fafnirs perk needs a complete rework, accuracy is not so important for a single shot shotgun, especially when the range and accuracy already sucks. You can be using fused for range fafnirs with the accuracy codriver with the accuracy cabin with the perk in full effect, and you are still going to be pretty much hugging the enemy because single shot shotguns (excluding Parser because what did our amazingly intelligent developers call it, a legendary nailgun?) are not accuracy weapons. So much so that the next step up and anything beyond it do not have anything to do with accuracy, rather than reloading faster or heating parts. If nothing else it needs a range buff to go along with the accuracy buff, so you can actually shoot people not right next to you, at which point where do you need the accuracy?

And then the tens of guns the devs just abandoned all together

I sold my waltz once I had Helicons for a while knowing I’d most likely never want to go back to using them and I had enough 9k builds

As a SGunner Accuracy sucks, was my first thought when i first try triggers, nothing wrong with them but they are kind of slow and is like putting all eggs in one basket.
Aurora, in the other hand, i like them, but they do little damage it would be cool if both of them had each other properties.

I actually like accuracy (spread reduced) on my shotties. I do agree on the junkbow line getting a rework. Personally I think they should have reload speed like the nidhogg. It doesn’t make sense for each one in the line to have a different perk. I’d probably boost the bonus a little for nidhogg and then just down step it for fafnirs, I’d even look at doing the same for junkbow. (that rule they have about first in a line not getting an perk kind of sucks for some weapons.)

Parser shoots pellets it’s more akin to an variable range upgrade of the Arthron. I never really got the nailgun remark other than they have 2 variable range nailguns in the game… So they were probably trying to describe that.

I still kind of like the waltz but I don’t get to use them very often. I often just reach for my crickets when I need a rocket.

Cricket HP is just so low in the age of hitscan… I love mine and want to use them more but damn the 360 rotation on Fortunes just has me hooked

I lose mine a lot in matches, I’ve mostly been using them on my heli recently but I have a grinder build with them on too. I’ve tried playing with them well hidden but I just never liked dealing with the clipping issues that ends up creating.

I was kind of surprised when they gave the fortunes 360.

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Yeah I use my Aegis for mine but I admit I really want an Odin simply to run a cheetah/cloak 3 cricket like we’ve always dreamed of

I have one but I hardly ever use it. Almost always a few energy short as you mention the Odin.

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All of this is much better than missile turrets, drones and tow

I would like to make them work, sometimes I do, but then after growing frustrated over the firing mechanics I switch from my 12k-ps Waltz build to my 12k-ps Locust build and do about the same but without feeling like I’m being made to suck artificially when the guns actually fire when you want them to rather than fighting against how the guns work on top of the enemies

Same, which is why I really hate the Odin, because relics are unobtainium to me even after playing for 5 years, casually but still, and I have had so many instances of “Wow this build could be fun if I just had that +1 extra energy to make it so much more fun, Oh look they put it behind a paywall whoopedoo”

Hadron with a flywheel and 4 Arguments, 4 gungnirs and a seal to see if they finally could do any good, off of the top of my head

The ones upgraded for reload time I think work the best. Outside of that there are still the clipping issues with them. That bugs me as they can get it right with the mg’s and arb but can’t with a rocket barrel. lol… I think the biggest thing to get use to is the rotation they will fire off when driving on uneven ground.

Part of the reason I like them is because they are a little bit of a challenge though. I don’t try to hide them very well, kind of figuring if they get blown off so what, there’s always another match. Drive fast take easy pot shots at the other players that are distracted. Try to avoid getting into the meat of the match.

auroras supposed to be a support weapon if anything. its supposed to heat parts while your dealing damage to increase the damage output. the only downside is the heating rate is kind of slow.

now if we can only mount them upside down. hey you can do it with porcs so why not with the fortune?

i dont like the waltz. the spin on the missiles makes it very easy to miss your target alot of the time.

It’s what i meant.
Triggers/destructor could lose some of their damage and be more quick
Aurora could lose some of it’s fast pace and do a little more damage.
You still would have two different weapons but much more user friendly

well they did add the “damage +5%” perk to it in the fusion list LOL :rofl:

I wonder what’s stopping them from going full Impulse on the Cyclone. 2 guns, both were buffed considerable and instantly became very powerful and popular, but then suddenly only 1 of them got reverted back because no.

Honestly I don’t want them to go full impulse on the cyclone, rather than just doing some minimal nerfing. Heck the Impulse itself did not deserve as heavy of a nerf hammer as it did. Then again the whole Nest situation also exists so who knows what they have been smoking once again

Bullet damage as a whole feels like it could do with a slight universal nerf, nothing much but having your guns tickled off by rapid fire guns and spam fire spray and pray weaponry while supposed single shot humongous explosion big damage-type of weapons can’t really do much anything just does not seem that great.

And for crying out loud balance the meta already having 5 guns out of 40 (not exact numbers this game genuinely does not deserve to even google the correct numbers for this post, hey it’s as much of an effort as the devs are putting into it outside milking money) just overpower everything gets old fast, how about having something like 20 viable weapons out of the 40 for some new refreshing life into this super duper stale pond of poop water, it’s all just “insert 6 specific builds everyone is using because it steamrolls everything else as a hard counter to absolutely everything and only countered by the same build”

Anyone else feel like Kaiju has also become a forgotten weapon? The self-slowing down, 12 energy instead of 11, already sluggish to aim and follow targets with, it’s a remnant of the pre-supercharged crossout.

Especially now that Thyrsus is 11 energy and much more agile in every way, it might not dish out the same damage per shot as the Kaiju very rarely can, but just by being much more nimble and agile completely throws the Kaiju out for a loop

There are people who like the Kaiju more and do better with it, but to me it feels like it deserves to be 11 energy rather than 12

In before they make Thyrsus 12 energy as well and completely kill off the two guns all together, honestly that sounds like the kind of genius idea they’d pull out of their rancid, poorly wiped behind

I still see them here and there. I play mine in the 15k range sometimes. It would be nice if they put it back down to 11 en though. The 1 extra en would make me want an odin a bit more.

To be fair, i remember Hit scan Kaiju…it was a pain.
we didn’t know from where we were hit, in a moment we were full health in the next we only had half a build.

Kaiju still seems a good weapon for ambushes or to get the distracted ones, mid range seems pretty ok



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