Let's Hear Your Crazy Weapon Ideas

I’ll start.

I’m certain I’m not the 1st to suggest an electromagnet but hang with me on this…

Yes, an electromagnet! Like the Ava, it takes most if not all the power points to use.

Holding down the activation button causes bullets to veer off course from nearby allies, user of the magnet ends up tanking the shots. The longer you hold it down, the stronger it gets and causes the rig to start heating up (taking increased damage from heat of course). At maximum charge, all/any enemy rigs within 30m are instantly pulled to the rig. Holding the activation button past 2 seconds beyond maximum charge causes self-destruction with no countdown.

Your opinions? Also, let’s hear your own Crazy Weapon Ideas!


All that just to say, you just want a crossout hug!


group hugs are the besht!

i forgot to mention it should sound like a particle accelerator spooling up.

You mean, the legendary Harpoon?


This weapon does sound fun… but only for the person playing it.

I already play a triple Flash + Daze build.
Their are builds that mess me up pretty fast, like shotguns and MG, because of their stripping power.

BUT you have some builds that just can’t deal with it at all. It don’t mater their skill, in many cases they are just going to die no mater what they do.

So even though I do enjoy shooting fish in a barrel :), I’m against any more weapons that reduce mobility.

Not being able to control your car is just not fun. (At least for the person your attacking)


Maybe a weapon that shoots/flings out bananas just like in Mario kart that causes vehicles to spin out of control!?


I’ve mentioned the electromagnet idea before, but I hadn’t thought about how it would attract bullets. Good idea!

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crazy weapon idea?
A black hole generator

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Legendary corvo. If all 6 rounds hit, reloads in 1 second. Base damage of 25.

EMP drone launcher
info: a 3 energy lock on missile/drone launcher that fires a small disk drone that will latch to an enemy build cutting their max speed down to 25 for 8 seconds and disabling any utility modules outside of ammo boxes. (so coolers, radiators, power units, cloak ETC)

Drone can be shot off by allies.

launcher contains 4 missiles/drones and uses drone ammo.

A flipping arm like you see the robots in robot wars use, it’ll be fantastic if you could flip teammates who ram into you or ram their way in front of you to kill steal. Be like the back of the line you little :poop:
But I know the second half of this won’t happen :rofl:


A Kaiju sidegrade:

This is a hard hitting high velocity weapon with moderately high impulse, but due to the projectiles not being able to withstand the forces involved and the heat generated from air friction, they violently detonate after a certain distance releasing high velocity fragments in a wide shotgun like spread (similar to the reloading shotguns). Due to the power drain stalling engines, vehicles’ speed briefly drops by 5-10kmh after firing. (-10 for light and medium cabs, -5 for heavies)

While the fragment damage is much higher than the solid projectile’s (if all hits), unlike the Arothron, it’s not necessary to maintain this range as the solid projectile has plenty of damage itself (withwin reason) while also being focused in one area.

If the solid projectile hits instead of the fragment burst, a shockwave will go through the enemy target, dealing a small amount of damage (no more than 5) to every part. This is mostly just to provide the weapon with some “flavor” as the additional damage from this would not be effective at all (The perk damage would be like getting hit by a incinerator…if it only done one tick of damage with no heat). The real perk is the fragment burst.

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Impulse air blast cannon, shoots a near-invisible quasar sized shot, that pretty much functions in game like a quasar shot, same travel speed and so on, that deals low damage but extreme impulse, making hovers spin around wildly and sending even the tankiest of builds flying. Something that makes the Toadfish looks like a toy

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I remember when they increased the impulse on the tow missile and low PS got punished hard.

Even though I do think it is fun to watch cars fly, it’s not fun for anyone else except the guy using it.

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A crappy catapult that tosses engine blocks to compete with the ripper for ranged passive melee. :smiley: It was like driving into an extra high curb…

a Support weapon: Imagine Enlightenment (or Barrier), but the attached enemy (or enemies inside the radius) are made vulnerable to Friendly Fire.


a 2-energy family of Fixed Machine-guns: Has similar aim as the Goblin/Gremlin/Draco, but a bit smaller & with less pass-through / no melee attributes. Dimensions are like 1x1.5x4 (special) and 2x1.5x5(epic).

The 1.5 dimension allows you to pack them a bit tighter when rotated, with fewer weldpoints. (Or it would allow you to squeeze a ‘Catch’ bumper sideways between rows.)

Their perk should award a damage buff when the weapons receive damage, to allow them to be viable when slapped on the outside of your build (instead of burying them deep inside a build where they will never get shot).

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I had asked about doing this on the old forum a long time ago but not for just MG’s. They could easily also do an energy version for 1 en more. They could even get away with doing heavy and light versions while varying the amount of pass through compared durability too.

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That was amazing! I didn’t manage to get a TOW in time to enjoy inflicting that on anyone, I actually enjoyed being the victim of it. Really gets the adrenaline pounding when your vehicle is suddenly airborne! And the damage wasn’t so high that it seemed unfair.
I honestly think TOW would be balanced for its rarity and energy cost if it had that bugged impulse back.