Let's See Those Paints!

Just added these gems to my treasure hoard, today.

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I do love paint. :slight_smile:

I posted this in another post, but my pride and joy is Dune.

Does anyone else here have that paint?
I don’t know anyone else on xbox. I’m sure there is, I just have never meet or seen anyone with it.


that one is about 3k coins on pc. i do not have it.
i got this one though…


Missing 6 + event paints
1 row is duplicated oops


My most favourites are :

Sandstorm with Bromine (two paints)


aircraft covering

Nowadays i practically use only aircraft covering in all


Which 6 are those?

I like that one, but Burnished Steel is still my most used paint by far.

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I like any of the paints that glow in the dark and ones that are tradable so I’m not stuck with 5 untradable, unsalvageable of the same paints

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So far…114-ish…I may have miscounted.

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my fave of those is Lava

Nope, don’t have it.

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Lava was only released one time on Xbox, and only as a payed cross coin item. It was like $5 pretty much just to get that paint.

I’m not going to lie, I have it and use it on most of my builds on the inside.

But because it was a pack item you are made to feel bad about having it. I guess only bad people spend money on games.

It’s funny how $5 automatically makes you a disgrace for supporting a game.

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i used to be poor and used to look at people who bought things like they were Lex Luther from Superman. I really think it’s kids that are trying to make the adults feel bad for what ever reason.

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check out Quicksilver if you haven’t already.

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I never feel bad about stuff I buy, I work(ed) hard for what I have.

I bought a $31,000 boat last year because I wanted it. I don’t feel bad because other people don’t have one :wink:


5 now

Bad cop
Pink Panther
Pattern: Dune
Material: Rust
Pattern: Checkers

So I’m pretty much down to where I thought I’d get to, I have a few friends with Rust or Dune but not the rest and I’m not here to ask people or friends to sell as that ruins the collection fun… I was surprised to get Grid for 1300 off someone too, I had to double take when I saw that on the market for such a price

I might get Pink Panther but I’m pretty happy with how the collecting has gone, I was putting in super low bids for everything so I never overspent on anything, even Gold only cost me 4k and the next highest being 2k…

On xbox so good cop bad cop were also on my impossible list yet I got sold good cop by the arbiter somehow


Hell yeah man, a very impressive collection for sure. :+1:

As soon as I got “Dune” I was like “I’m done collecting.”

If I can find a few more of the ultra rares then I will pick those up, but besides that I started selling off a ton of the paint I collected and I only keep the colors I actively use. Then I just use my collection tab to show what I had collected.

I used to want Gold paint for a long time (even though I think it is ugly) but now it is so common/cheep in comparison to what it used to be - it kind of makes it undesirable to me.

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Yeah I had gold in my collection when we found out how broken the paint trade ups were… all of my friends got gold or chrome and even a cucuracha from those recycling sections, back when gold was at 16k still so we sold it for profit knowing it would dip and price, so after all this time I decided I’d pick it up cheap to add to the collection; it is indeed very ugly… lol

I’m barely going to use any of the paints and to make it worse I use White Sun as my main, which is right at the bottom of this huge list I’ve now created… I wish I could have a favorite tab with items I’ve hand chosen

I do now wish that I didn’t trade in some of my rare paints from old events though but I did make a good chunk of cash of gold and chrome paint doing so… so it is what it is. I think there’s 40+ paints that are unobtainable for me

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At the moment it’s more about sending a message with our wallets after all of this scummy behavior, talking about having or not having money is useless because if you’re able to be playing a video game on any platform then it’s fair game to assume you could probably spend 5-50 bucks if you really wanted to, but it’s the principle brought about by recent events

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I’ve got no issues with players that send a message to the people that can do something about any given problem. I start taking issues with players that push their own agendas onto the rest of the players, like it’s everyone else’s fault because they bought something.