Leviathans need more love

tbh im tired of sending my leviathan out into battle for 24 hours just to get absolutely NOTHING in return. this system needs to be better. noone ever really does leviathan battles because they are pointless. the most painful thing is… sending out your leviathan is supposed to reward you with copper but only if your leviathan participates and wins.
the issue is… how are you supposed to earn anything if your leviathan never takes part in things?

i want to propose a better system for leviathans. instead of sending them just into leviathan battles and wait 24 hours for no reward, why not give them their own special mode? … apart from leviathan battles… and clan battles…

basically it would be like missions. you can send your leviathan out into the wasteland to do odd jobs. the more jobs they complete the more rewards you get. it would be in the same system format to leviathan battles. except you can choose the time your leviathan spends outside your… well… garage…

so it would be you can send your leviathan out for a minimum of 2 hours and a max of 24 hours. in that time your leviathan will do odd jobs for clients and if the mission was successful you get rewards.

on the topic of that they can also add missions for leviathans in that you can select yourself. a max of 5 missions can be queued at any given time and have powerscore requirements. the higher your powerscore is to the mission the better chance you have to complete it 100%.
lets say your leviathan has 20,000 powerscore and the mission requires 10,000 powerscore. well since your powerscore is double that then you have a very good chance to complete it 100%.
these missions would refresh every day or every 8 - 12 hours.
missions themselves would take anywhere from 1 - 8 hours depending on what the mission wants your leviathan to do.
rewards would be given out to how well your leviathan completed the mission. and as a little bonus you can choose what resource you receive the most of. each mission would have various rewards like one mission could offer you 200 scrap, 100 wires and 500 copper for completing it. but if you chose wires as your bonus resource for a job well done it would give you an additional 100 as a reward.

in this case perfectly completed missions, like escort missions, would be completed perfectly if the car is at 80% or above durability and would be considered successful for a bonus. under 80% wouldnt grant you that bonus. at 15% or lower if your leviathan completes the mission you only gain HALF the resources as payment. if your leviathan failed the mission then you get no rewards.

really leviathans need more love in this game and i think having a system like this would make people want to send out their leviathans and want to get rewards from the work their leviathans do. leviathans are a big part of the game, we build them but can only really use them for 2 things. its not really fair to us players that these giant beastly machines we build are used for so little. give these leviathans some love!



I’d like to have a PVE mode where we drive our leviathans against raiders.
Maybe make it an arcade-style endless waves of increasingly powerful raiders until you die?
Or even better, allow one leviathan per team in PVP.

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id love to have this in a pve mode. maybe 4 players on a team and 2 can be leviathans while the other two can be normal players. the normal players have a certain number of spawns but can sacrifice scrap they gain in the mode to gain extra lives / repairs and the leviathans can have infinite lives so long as the other leviathan remains alive, if both die within the time frame then they both cannot respawn.

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Probably not practical with the matchmaking system in use. We did a clan wars Levi battle, everyone wanted me to use my Levi after I revamped it. They thought it was awesome, even. I entered the battle at 27K PS, the other team’s levi was 39K PS. I didn’t last 15 seconds.

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My biggest issue with them is often when I deploy it, it doesn’t even get a battle. To me this means there is probably something wrong with the levi mode:

The cost to enter the mode is too higher.
The rewards to players could be too low.
The mode itself could be boring and or doesn’t have much drawl power.

I would probably change the format making it a team event. I.e. This would cut out the random teams issues and slightly fix the random matchmaker issues power scaling issues. It probably could fit neatly into the revised idea of Band and Clans.

I would probably revise the building requirements. Allowing players to build for different specialty rankings (i.e officer… captain…) up to the boss levi’s. By doing this you can get a lot more player builds running in a single match as well as vary the rewards based on the role chosen.

I would probably use to awakening map and suggest different types of attack and defend scenarios that can play out based on the teams choices. So that it’s not just drop into a map and then instantly get repetitive waved swarms. This instead would have have some alternative objectives similar to how steel cradle has smaller objectives to complete before getting to the levi.

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Invasion Levi expert here. The reason your levis ain’t getting no matches is because the ps is not high enough. You need a levi with a ps of at least 50k but preferably above 53k to get a reasonable amount of matches. During peak hours my levi gets a match every half hour. To maximize copper earnings once you got your high ps levi is to redeploy it after every match because the earnings you get is an average of the overall matches and not for each individual match.
I attached 2 screenshots to demonstrate what I am talking about

You can see that I earned more copper in the last screenshot where I Only got 1 match plus 1 victory while in the first screenshot I had a whopping 4 victories plus 32 enemies destroyed but only got 121 copper for my levis hard work. If I were there to redeploy that levi after each of those matches I would of earned at least 1000 copper instead of the 121 like I got in the pic. Remember to redeploy your levi manually after each match to prevent the gimping of your rewards so that way you can avoid what happen to me where I only got 121 copper for 4 victories and 32 enemies destroyed.

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I also would like to add that with the release of the new pegasus motor the win rate of my levi sky rocketed. That motor shaved nearly 1000% power drain from my levi. I really pity the players in invasion these day’s, I think the new pegasus is the sole reason why my levi get’s less matches now but way more wins. All the invasion levis are now like speedy gonzales, mine included and a lot of players quit invasion because of that new motor buffing all the levis to insane levels.

umm what the hell are you putting on your leviathan to get THAT much powerscore? i can barely break 30k powerscore even with all the weapons i have on my levi. im guessing you have nothing but relics on yours to get that insanely high. seriously if i wanted to get 50k powerscore id have to literally DOUBLE every weapon i have on my levi.
i have 2 typhoons, 2 porcs and a mastodon for my relics but maybe i should rebuild my levi. idk whats a good cabin to have on it either. i just use the machinist cabin for that extra damage boost. yeah its large but… i dont mind.
also got 2 incinerators on it to. dunno why lol just for fun i guess. i used to run it back in clan wars but maybe i should just scrap it.

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I think mines sitting around 34-36k. I normally win when I get a match and land either in wave 2 or 3 however there are weeks where I can run it everyday and will only get like 3 matches for the entire week. I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever gotten an extra match once or twice since I started deploying them years ago.

This suggestion though of it not being high enough in PS goes very well though with what I was saying have more rolls via bot spot rankings for players to fill though too. It would give them a really good chance to provide some player guidance to where you have to be PS wise or even other limitations to fill a given role for the mode.

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my win rate is prob lower than yours because I got a lot of junk on mine to inflate the ps. I am talkng goliaths, hovers, hermits, omnis, armored tracks, claws, ml 200s, bigrams, buggy wheels, sleipnirs the full works. It is in the exhibition if you wanna look at it. There is no relics on it however only legendaries and epics for weapons. The inverse is also true. Once you inflate your ps past 57k, 58k you start to get less matches as well.
edit: forgot to mention I got 4 meatgrinders on it as well

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Mines pretty simple right now harpy, 4x goliath (25% overlap), golden eagle, 2x thresher, 2x miller, 4x tackler, 2x remedy, avalanche (front gun), 2x trombone some support mods and lots of armor. It’s actually kind of cool looking. Each side has 2x tacklers are mounted on the rear goliath with 1x remedy acting as armor and wedge deterrent. I’ve always tried to keep them kind of inline with what I would think I’d need to deal with facing 4x players.

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I say my win rate is probably 15% since the I got the pegasus when it use to be like 5-7%. What would you say your win rate is? most definitely higher than mine I say lol.

It’s close to 75% at different rates which vary if I’m in 2 or 3 wave.

If it is a high win rate I say stay where you are too. If your playing the game all time and can redeploy your levi after each match you will earn more copper with a 50k plus levi. Also when you get on as wave 3 the enemy team is also weaken from the previous 2 levis which can improve win rates as well. Something to factor in if you can manage to build a high ps levi that don’t actually suck.

I generally log in once to twice a day depending how my insomnia is going. I see more days where it’s not played then I see loses though. If we counted those as loses then the win rate would fall significantly if you understand how I’m scoring that. On the days it plays I’ve only lost a few but coming home with nothing is kind of a similar boat as losing.

Just a balancing act between how much you expect to play the game and win rates. You don’t get anything extra for multiple win anyways so if your not around all the time to redeploy your levi then just as well to stick with a low to medium ps levi.

The best luck I tend to have is deploying it super early in the morning EST time and I tend to get 1 match in the last few hours before the 24hrs is up. So the players that are probably getting it are probably far east China, Russia, SE Asia, Aus.

Last time I made a leviathan, I boosted the PS as much as I could, but didn’t get it in any matches.

I wonder if it’s different depending on platform? I’m on PS4, and my old leviathans that were lower PS used to get lots of matches. But maybe not enough people play Invasion on PS4 these days.

Regardless, I want to drive my beast, not just send it out and hope it wins.

Anyways dirty_hamster if you wanna give high ps leviathans a try I got one in the exhibition on pc called “NoblersInvasion” if you wanna try it out. It is a high ps 56.2k levi that don’t have any relics at all. I uploaded a new version over a week ago with the pegasus so it ain’t too slow no more. 15% win rate and it gets over 20 matches a day.

I’ll take a look probably not tonight I have a feeling it will be a slightly earlier night have been up since 4pm yesterday it’s 7pm now. lol

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