Lighters of the new event mode

So does any one know how many lighters we can acctuly get in this event?

Because so far 2 days in and ive not been able to get any.

  • lvl 36 locked lighters… so what is this event?

My simple calculations say to me it takes 9 days to get on 36 lvl before a lighter drops…

Is this a healthy thing to do?

Make a event for everyone but then exclude people?

I got many qeustions here.

As consumers we should be informed eventuly what we are paying for and i dont get that feeling here with the current event if i can only get 1 legendary out of this its gone feel massively underwhelming.

While the game mode itself is funny to play and i enjoy it.

Just feel very mixed about this. (apperently paid access for lighters)… F2P spirit i see sarcasme

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You cannot get lighters until the end of leveling.
Generally in events like this you can make 1 maybe 2 of the top item class. If you do not miss a single day of leveling.
Or a variety of smaller choices.
keep in mind, you have 20 days to level AND get all the lighters at the end.

the thing me and few or many have been asking themselfs are the lighters locked behind a paywall?

because that is the main qeustion we are dealing with here.

The lighters are behind the $10 paywall. The challenges stack so it is easy to catch up. The game will give you enough for 1 fused legendary.

It should be noted that the + power Beholder cab is must have and is necessary if you are a clan wars player.

This cab has the most power in the game and you can make a variety of builds with it because it can run hovers on only a Hot Red with no cloak. That means extra energy for radars, Aegis, Trombone, Kapkan or whatever floats your boat. The only time this cab was offered was Season 3 battle pass. Season 3 gave this cab and 4 Hermits. It was worth the entire price of admission.

I’m playing the pass for a third fused Destructor.

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Welcome to the greedy world of scummy F2P games. No, it’s not healthy.
They want the F2P players to feel left out so they’re tempted to open their wallets and throw money at the game.
I’ve only spent ~$2 on this game for the woody pack and that’s all they’re getting from me.
It’s so bad, you pay for something with IRL money then, 2 weeks down the road, they change and nerf the item until it becomes a totally different item than what you paid for. Look at the steppe spider and all the nerfs they did to all the fusable items from the event just 2 weeks ago. Like I said, it’s so bad…


problem i have with this pass is that the free items are all junk theres not even a drop of a lighter for some of rarity items (so free 2 play) can have something of this event to.

  • the mandotary grind to get lvl 36 = 9day± in stupid calculations.

So that leaves lets say 10 a 11 days of time to get some lighters from that pass…
Which i clearly dont see how many i can get for just the starting price.

I dont mind spending a bit of money on this game i do play it as a hobby.

But i find it moraly off the books to say that this is in any sense a reasonbale thing to do.

Yes i get its a mini battle pass event but stil the free items are very inferior to what is on the table.

I would expect free 2 play players to atleast have some acces of the items on fuze event right now.

This event just feels like a massive hit and miss.

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With players like you, its lucky this game exists at all…lol… Talking trash about people that subsidizes a game that he plays.


Yeah man. I’ll never understand this type of guy.


Uh, okay? I never talked trash about people putting money into the game but, if the devs didn’t want people playing their game for $2… Then maybe they shouldn’t have made it free to play lol


Where are you guys seeing what you can get with the lighters? I don’t see anything you can craft with them. Where is it? Thx.

Nevermind… found it as soon as I posted this.

BP locked and level 36 locked? That’s weird. But totally the spirit of the cashgrab. AFAIK this BP contains nothing game-breaking, only paint, stickers and a few cosmetic items. So it’s still not p2w. Only cashgrab.

It can die in a gutter for all I care.

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This, I like playing the game but if it ends up dying I’ll just have a party about it rather than feeling any amounts of sad. Too much bulls*** for too long


You can get 21 x (1500 + 1700) = 67200 - 34000 = 33200 / 1000 = 33 * 15 =
495 lighters.

Another mode for new players to give them a sense of accomplishment before they spend 2 years, 9 months of daily grinding to unlock all the faction parts. The developers do these brawls with pre-made vehicles to keep them logging in and increase the probability of them spending money. But, seeing as the skill level in 12K batles is record-low, it would seem that’s not enough. So they quit before they can get good. And Crossout is becoming more and more of a simplified arcade experience. Which ties in with the looming specter of crossplay. Players have been asking for crossplay to get everyone having fun together, not as a measure to salvage what’s left of the playerbase.

Lighters are locked behind the $10 premium BP, lighters allow you to craft parts that have better stats than their non-fused counterparts without having to spend 3 of that item (or 2 + a bunch of resources during a fuse event.)
So, sure, it’s not outright “pay to win”, but it is pay to get an advantage. So long as people keep buying these BPs, I predict the devs will ever-so-slowly push the goalposts further and further back until it does become pay to win.

Its impossible for me to fairly disagree with somebody who calls this game P2W because it certainly is now. It was already borderline with all the fused BP items that allow people to run builds that are entirely fused. With stabilizers and the lighter event my mind is made up.
Furthermore they started with adding all these BP legendary cabs which powercrept all the old epic CW cabs people ran because this has gotten every single CW player to open the wallet. Griffin, Hadron, Kami, Beholder, etc. The barrier to CW entry used to just be a triple 88 on tracks and a humpback. Now its Apollo, fused legendary cab, all the recently added structure that cannot be faction unlocked.
I thought the devs were going to turn things around with the supercharged update by calling sidehovers toxic but they ended up creating a hover meta as bad as 2017 while making the game more P2W.

This game isn’t even worth playing unless you run a hover or a build that can kill other builds in a sneeze that uses all the new and indestructible wheels. It seriously deserves to die and I’m not playing this inebriated event and battlepass as protest. The cars in the event are barely even driveable, they drive like a plane taxiing on a runway.

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if you run some simple calculations at the moment they ask you to pay for a battle pass with barely anything in it of value (limited 480 lighters) / then they wane let you farm lighters at lvl 36 only 15 a level.

Now we got the update 19 xo crowns a level (for basicly 15 lighters) = basicly most expensive resource in the game now.

480 :15 = 32 levels if you want a extra legendary from this pass = 32 levels are 19 XO each = 608 XO crowns.

So i dont wane be RUDE or ANNOYING but the part of paying for a advantage here is pretty clear to me because they allow you to buy endless amounts of levels to get things from this pass.

So if you dont want to grind you can pay for it apperently + my lastest calculation only battlepass gives 480 lighters.

I kinda find this event a cashgrab if i need be brutaly honest and not a healthy funny one.

Stil feeling very mixed about this kind of bissness… Artificialy creating value in a game…and making a event resource compleetly cash connected = basicly i dont feel much reward in this…

Older events it acctuly felt like a achievement if i did get a fuze or a resource from a event to craft something… this current event just feels pay and play…

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I was okay with it until today’s announcement of buying levels.

I thought there would be more posts about it, but what you have written covers it all so well.

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If they hadn’t paywalled it so harshly, I would have actually participated in the event. It’s kind of a shame as they obviously put in work making it. It makes me wonder what type of participation levels they are getting in the mode.

I generally don’t mind seeing a paid tier, so long as all tiers have some equality in rewards available. If they had offered the free tier half the amount of lighters at the end lvl per lvl, I wouldn’t be saying anything about it right now. At half the amount it still would have allowed the free users to pick up a single epic and a can of paint or two and reduce the premium cash grab feel of the workbench.