Mace players-did we get ghost nerfed in this update?

i know they did rads.
but i use to hit around 1100 on the sphere thingy or more,now its dropped to 914 damage and 960 with 4x.
all my maces are fused w/damage.and u see y this is total bs…
sik of buying crap just to be nerfed …
what fkn wep do u want us to use? cauc? everyone is using that now…

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i’m 100% sure your hurricanes are still just as “good” as they were before, why stop playing them?

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Mudd is addicted to complaining and flagging posts…

yup now i am,they made all my fukin builds useless,so i dont care anymore,i cant get mvp or unyielding like i use to every 6 or 7 games or what the fk ever, i dont care…its the game not you tensh…
at least see whats happening and help us,if not its up to you but im not gonna sit back and take thousands of coin lost for this bulshit,sorry,but they ruined a great game by ghost nerfing it…

Imagine complaining that Maces got nerfed.
This must be a parody thread.


Thunderbolts got trashed too. I’m running a build with 3 x Thunderbolts and 3 x RN-Seals in the 9000-PS range. Used to be a decent car. I used to be able to fire TWELVE times before cooldown; now I can only fire NINE times. That’s a 25% LOSS IN FIREPOWER. The car is now WORTHLESS in that PS range. They did something to the shotgun/radiator combo, now I gotta try dropping the car to very low PS ranges just to keep it playable for the shotgun challenges, or maybe just dump shotguns all together.

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Your being a spaz

As one Troll to another, stop wasting our time here, you can do better.

Guy, read the balance changes. Come on!

R-2 Chill

  • The module’s effectiveness when combined with shotguns has been reduced.
  • Comment from developers: This radiator is practically the only option for a powerful 4000 - 5000 PS build equipped with shotguns.*

RN Seal

  • PS increased from 275 to 400.
  • The module’s effectiveness when it’s combined with shotguns has been reduced.
  • Comment from developers: at the moment, the radiator is too effective. This is especially noticeable at 5000 - 6000 PS and when using shotguns. That’s why we are implementing minor changes to its PS and reducing the module’s effectiveness when it’s used with shotguns.*

Also Thunderbolt and Spitfire got their damage reduced by 10%

Quite unfortunate to see you guys struggle, but, I guess, in-game build diversity requires such changes.
Well, here is a tip. If you want to sell a certain part but you see that it heavily dropped in price, you can first use that part to craft something and then sell the thing you crafted. Recommend using CrossoutDB website to not waste too much time calculating the costs.

Peace to y’all.


Yup. Shotguns were over performing. Though they should have probably let spitfires alone.

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i been using them in 7k with 2 rads and now im in 8k.
so i stripped my build down to 7k again and loss damage?
they didn’t say reduce damage again,they had that nerf awhile ago.soo where my damage go,fires the same amount of shots it did before.but now its weak af.

I think the spitfires where the ones over performing, but idk

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Thunderbolt damage reduced by 10% AND I get fewer shots for the amout of radiators. So I didn’t just lose 25% firepower, I lost 35% firepower per shotgun. What’s the point of even using them, then?

Any change that is not welcomed specifically by shotgunners, may they piss on their own shoes every morning, is a good change. It was all shotguns and borers before and it was annoying AF for all the W warriors.

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wow all i here is W warriors,
Do You Play Standing Still?
do u ever press W?
is this why ur team loses?
i think Lancers have a W issue and firebugs,but i could be wrong pfft…

without ppl playing what they want to this game would be…well a one Gun Rodeo…
who ever came up of the idea that pressing W is a no Skill effort and using any other wep is godlike skillz.
sitting still and scoping shots is not skill,nor is running backwords and peekaboo hovers is…
but its ok if u non pressing W ppl cry…

Not Pressing W…

Pressing W…

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Really? That’s terrible…supposing it’s true.
I get better damage than that with three non-fused Sledgehammers (plus rads and coolers).

I always felt like Maces were garbage, and were under-performing compared to my Sledgehammers, but I never bothered to do the math before. I tried them once and sold them, because they appeared to be obviously worse than Sledgehammers…which didn’t make much sense, but whatever. This game does that often. Go figure.
My copilot is maxed out (except that last worthless level), but my Sledge hammers are not fused, and neither are my coolers or radiator. I got the ice-cream thingy and two of those cheap red whatevers (I can never remember their names). Nothing special. That rig runs under 5K.

that video,um when u stop shooting the first rounds is when i would get 1100 Not 462…i dont shoot again like this in ur vid. i only do one round before cooldown.
i dont do the -how long i can shoot the sphere before it resets thingy.

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Ooooh…I see. I shot until the bell rang. I thought that was the standard routine. My bad? I presumed the Developers set their nerfs and buffs according to this protocol too (how much damage they do in that interval). Is that wrong?
And so, the Mace has a perk too, right? Are you including that as well?
Not that it matters. I still think the Mace is awful, but then I haven’t used them in a while.

Spitfires are obviously the big man on campus right now, with the small tracks and Favorite set up. I’m pretty tired of it. That and Boring-Truckers. I said I’d rather not play than use the META, but I threw together a Boring Truck and got MVP almost immediately. I raged through every match about 5 or 6 times then ditched it. It’s stupid, IMO, but whatever. It wasn’t difficult or creative, that’s for sure. I saw a full boring-crew of 3 players with some Cut and Paste Boring _trucks, that looked pretty cool, though. At least they put a little style on it, and some paint.
They should add that garbage to the Faction builds for Aces to survive with when they hit level 9 with the Scavengers. I’m sure they’d enjoy the free kills they provide, and could use the scrap. I’ve never seen anything more like a straight up kill-button (just press W) than those…and then for some reason they nerfed my Harvester.

I’m going to go build another Boring-Truck now, and clown that schit until they fix it.

Maces were definitely over performing at a certain PS range, and shotguns in general have been over performing for a long time.
Hopefully these changes will lead to more build diversity. I feel like I’m seeing it already, thankfully


Maces are still really strong, not sure what’s going on with people saying they’re crap.