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Does anyone else have this menu option in the forum?


It’s the wrench icon.

Where do the wiki’s go when you make one?

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looks like it comes with the “regular” badge , i do not have it but i wouldnt be surprised if it got sent into the abyss

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I posted about it a while ago they don’t want to enable it. It’s shown by default though.

See topic:

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I thought it would be really good for updateable guides if you don’t want to read the other post though… I pointed at @41358411 's works while mentioning it. I thought it might be something constructive that we could all work on together.


It would be great if we could get this going.
So much knowledge could be shared, improving the new player experience.


That’s why I pushed for it early.

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Yeah, it will let me click it and it looks like it turns the post into a wiki, but I’m not sure how to get to the wiki page.

I think your right and the feature has been disabled.

Well I asked about it a few weeks into the new forum… lol

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Its probably best that they dont activate that wrench. This community would add cries and complaints to the wikki like hover complaints or just outright calling the game imbalanced trash while recommending no one try the game. There are so many bitter people in this community.


Agreed, it would be used for evil.

They don’t have the staff to monitor it.