Wiki test

I noticed a little while ago that there was an option to turn posts into wikipages I haven’t tried it yet and just wanted to see what is involved.

So testies 1…2…3…

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I don’t see what the difference is no additional menus popped up.

Under the little wrench I have add or now remove wiki…

I guess it’s back to reading about it…

Looking at this: What is a Wiki Post? - faq - Discourse Meta

@35291418 Any idea the option pops up but I don’t see the other menus they say should be available. I thought this might be really good for some of the player generated guides.

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Better to see with @1119504, it’s not up to me :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Well hopefully he takes a look via the tagging and can give an answer.

I msged him and have heard crickets!

I wouldn’t expect them to answer.

Honestly just wanted to bring it back to top because there are other issues to fix too was pointing them out:

Agreed, but it seems like they got this thing working half way and then ran away.

It’s sad, but I don’t think they care.

Before on the old forum if I made a statement like this you would have a Dev pop up and make a post.

Now they don’t because 1) it’s the truth 2) they don’t read this forum, or any English forum/social

Just sad little skunks… Should fire them all…

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У них должны быть крошечные яички

There is a singular “developer” on the english which does have direct contact to the developers, BUT he only looks at plebbit, we did get “bugs” from “bug reports” that were submitted on the plebbit site actuallly legit get fowarded to devellopers…

We even got contest similar to “rebuild in crossout” and such, but only on reddit (and sometimes on the oficial russian crossout discord (which has an english section, but almost no one is there), they even had actual ingame prizes as well…

We even got an actual oficial “parts suggestion” contest too!

And now on plebbit they are searching actual “vehicle builders”, probrally to make cars for promotional artworks and such…

It’s really sad they promised us better communication and then down graded everything.

They are not in control of world events.

youre being delusional.

every semi intelligent creature instantly realized this forum is old garbage and not an upgrade. and then they even started it off by literally making a first topic that said, this is the new cheaper forum, we wont read it, byebye.

yet two days later people start making suggestions again, drawing stuff, lmao.

and you ladies keep pinging moderators/devs, unaware youre doing it mostly just to be heard, mostly.

as if that was the reason they abandoned this forum for. reddit is easier, its free and the only reason people here dont want to go there is because they need their own little paradise.

its also about the same standard here and there. someone told tenshin he mispelled a word and tenshin told em to stfu. much downvote, funny stuff, just like here.

I think maybe you had too much of that 420… Muppet… Some of the suggestions they’ve actually done like adding the game suggestion link to the top bar. They still haven’t fixed the miss directed game link at the footer though… They listened when I suggested to add them into the existing bug tracker too… I’m not even asking them about the wiki capabilities for myself either. I know there are a few people that seem to like to make guides and it would be good for the community.

They have their own agenda as do the player and sometimes heads will mash and things will conflict. Point out little flaws and stuff is all part of the happenstances. The small things are fixable though. I posted this back in April:

Rules link at top of forum is broken

Spotted this on another post and it has me curious now:
image I don’t see the same option on this post though (not that it matters if it was but the option is interesting. )

@41358411 Did they put the wiki mod in? As in can we actually try to make good community guides?

I don’t know about this option and I’m trying to know a bit more about it. To me it seems available on each post.
I know about this wiki but it doesn’t seems up-to-date Crossout Wikia | Fandom

If you learn anything can you please let us know.

I think that many people here would be glad to build wiki pages if that was an option.