Market Banned due to another player buying me a pack and refunding it!

Market Banned due to someone buying me a pack and refunding it I even bought the pack that said person had refunded on me when they gifted me the pack and I am still banned I am very displeased and prolly going to never support another gaiijen game unless my issue is resolved.

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That’s one hellava sloppy transaction, sounds like. Not a great paragraph either, and is a bit difficult to pick facts from. I’m not surprised they called BS, frankly.

If you’re trying to double up on pack purchases, I think you can still do that buy purchasing a pack in game, using the gaijin launcher, through the store, and then buying that same pack while you’re on-line through a connected Steam account. They don’t seem to use the same pack availability elimination lists. It’s probably as simple as buying the pack though their official web-site (Gaijin) and then buying it again through the Steam web-site. IDK. I really don’t buy that much of their stuff, and I never use Steam, either.

Or perhaps, what you’re saying is that a friend gifted you a particular pack not knowing that you already had that one, and therefore asked to refund the purchase? Like a botched birthday gift, for example (“Thanks, but I already have this album.”). That would be a real bummer.

I’m not sure that’s even possible. I think I tried once, with an alt account, to “gift” (re-purchase) a pack to Doc, and the interface wouldn’t allow it, and made reference to the pack already being owned by the “recipient.”

Had I been successful, and then used my alt to go back and ask for a refund, I suppose they would be called to then take a closer look at the transaction, and at that point it would probably look nefarious to them…I bet this is how they are looking at it. Whether it’s true or not.

I have photo proof

Wasn’t asking for a refund was asking to have my market unbanned

I’ve only ever been hacked significantly by one account, one time, and it’s I.P. came from Kazakhstan, and it involved this game. Buyer beware.

I’ve also had people from this forum comb through my browser too.

Go to this topic and message Horn:

If he doesn’t get back to you ask one of the mods in the game to tell him to check his messages.

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When one player gifts a pack to another player and then refunds it, both accounts get suspended. I don’t know wny, but that’s how it works.

Appeal as suggested by Hamster.