The game has become so much more melee oriented lately.
With the bumper nerfs, and yeti rune-1 cloak builds.

9 out of 10 times i die because a melee guy materializes 5 feet away at my side or back and chews me up.


Its because wheels have become so OP you cannot shoot them off and they have insane perks compared to other movement parts. The CQC builds should always chew ppl up, but their movement parts durability rewards reckless gameplay where you no matter what will never disarm, immobilize, nor cab them before they get on your bumper.
The devs boxed wheels into being a dog exclusive movement part too by giving them no reverse speed or diagonal driving. They could fix half the dog problem just be nerfing epic wheel dura atleast 25%, nerfing their grip (a little, no more than 15%) and giving all wheels full reverse speed and diagonal driving with a perk nerf. Wheels would be worse for dogs and better for everyone else. Coincidentally new players forced to play wheels would have far more usable and skilled movement parts for reversing and maneuvering away from dogs if my idea went through.

IK exactly what you are talking with dogs and melee. I run 5k for tasks, 9k for competitive play, and previously played Silver CW.

Wheel HP isn’t the issue. The issue is heavy builds being ungodly fast, their weight no longer affects their acceleration and top speeds are so high with Fin Whale.


Thats another problem but epic wheels have always been too durable for their mass, perks, and speed. Its not an argument but a fact. Nothing remotely balanced can shoot epic wheels off reliably that isn’t a relic. Even if it does its wasted damage because wheels are gigantic HP bricks absorbing whatever damage would otherwise cripple every single build except Tracks or ML200.

I’ll be honest I don’t have much of an issue with them but I do use multiple Fortunes which are like the perfect weapon for destroying wheels.

Depends a lot what PS range you’re in.
I tried running pure melee in higher PS the last couple days, and while fast heavy builds are great at pushing people around, the hovers and spiders in that range are often very well built to withstand a melee attack.
Bumpers and plows are still slowing down harvesters a lot, you still bounce off legs (if they have arranged them well), tracks take forever to chew through.
Low PS melee has always been strong, and I doubt they’re putting yeti and Finwhale in those builds.
Mid-PS seems to be where heavy fast melee does well, and even at that range there are builds that can just shut down my rampage.

Shotgun bricks seem like a much more efficient fast heavy build to me, but unless you are using hammerfalls or breakers, you really miss that extra energy point of medium and light cabins.

Anyway, a lot of us wheeled players have been complaining for years that wheels aren’t competitive in higher PS. Well, now they are. Maybe it’s not what everyone was wishing for, but anyone could have predicted this.
Close range builds are the only ones where wheels have an advantage. Should not be surprising that those are the wheeled builds that are thriving now.

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They have always been competitive but only for dogs/melee/high burst dmg because game design forces them to only be viable as fast hit & run movement parts. The devs gave them the highest durability, the highest speed (only in 1 direction ofc), the best perks, and the lowest mass and ppl wonder why dogs/melee builds destroyed gameplay and why wheels are useless unless you play those builds.

I think it’s more just a matter of the reality of aiming and how strafing ability will always be the stronger choice.
All wheels have over strafing parts is top speed and durability.
And as far as them having too much durability, if I’m playing melee, wheels and hovers are the easiest parts to destroy by far. Dewheeling is still very much a thing.

There’s no version of Crossout where wheels are going to be the stronger choice for cannons over strafing parts. The advantage of wheels is and should be speed. And speed is great for getting close to enemies, hence lots of close range builds.

I’m not saying you can’t play any weapon on wheels. I do that all the time. But I know I can do a lot better with a lot of weapons using strafing parts. It’s just more fun for me to use wheels, and I like the challenge.
When I do play close range weapons on wheels, it’s a lot easier! Just like when I put cannons on a spider I can finally land those long range shots.

Thats melee. Play ranged and you will realize how utterly impossible it is to dewheel these builds opposed to degunning or cabbing them. They are too fast for ranged players to have a chance at dewheeling them.

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Again, that’s the point of playing wheels: speed, and all the specific advantages that gives.
The more common complaint for many years was that wheels don’t feel fast enough, given their obvious drawbacks. Not being able to get a heavy truck up to highway speed was understandably frustrating.

If they have all those advantages why should they be so difficult to shoot off then?

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That would be just my luck: to have had to contend with a melee plague for two years and then, when it finally reaches beyond the Thunderdome, be punished for it by having my wheels nerfed…and then still getting pwnd by melee constantly, because I can’t escape, because wheels.

When Hovers were an issue, it was clear nearly all weapons performed better on them. I don’t think that’s the case with melee and wheels. Melee over performs on wheels, but Auto Cannons don’t. Cannons don’t. Machine guns don’t over perform and dominate matches or dictate wins, when you put them on wheels, and neither do drones.

I don’t think it’s very clear that wheels are why dogs are owning the landscape. I do think it’s clear that tracks, other than small tracks, and ML-200s suck and could use a buff. I think that would help keep the melee users from being able to eliminate entire teams in less than a minute almost single-handedly, like they are. It’d be a less radical place to start from than nerfing wheels, I think. Some buffs to tracks and ML-200s are obviously needed anyway, IMO.

Nerfing wheels will screw up the game. Nerfing melee surely won’t.

IMO, with the kind of damage melee is putting out, they should be the size of cannons, just as clumsy, should probably require advanced cooling measures, if they are going to chop through steel like butter constantly, and also be similarly power hungry as other weapons that achieve similar damage rates require.

Passive melee knocks off wheels pretty well, just sayin. Maybe not Big Feets, but most of them come off pretty fine when I smack’em.

Turret cannon’s on wheels can be interesting to play. I won’t say it doesn’t have a learning curve but it’s do able.

“All those advantages”?

You mean their one advantage, speed?

That one advantage is the only reason they are the best choice for close range.

As far as why you can’t shoot them off, like you said: they move too fast for you to hit them. Get better, or aim for their explosives. I find cannons and missiles work better when you use them to pop modules anyways, as you can actually use that explosive radius.

I’m not so sure about that. Again, melee is much stronger in low PS, and always has been. Vehicles are more delicate, and they are more likely to be on wheels as well. Maybe nerf borers if they are still an issue, but the higher tier melee won’t be useful at high PS if they get nerfed much, and then we’ll be back to the strafing DPS meta again.

I think everyone should have a bit of patience, and wait to see how the new reloader impacts the meta. If it’s good enough, it could be the thing that makes cannons great again.

i agree (to an extent) its possible to shoot of wheels, but that is the case exclusively for lighter weight dogs, such as firebugs etc. when talking about bricks of any sort, they are simply invincible in the case of a 1v1. and when it comes to teaming up on bricks, unless you have very skilled players or meta weapons, at least one teammate is going down no matter how many people shoot the brick. shooting the wheels of a brick is not an option, maybe unless its far away

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First of all, they are not “simply invincible”. They’re just strong against the builds you choose to play. There are lots of builds that can successfully 1v1 a melee brick.
Second of all, there is no 1v1 mode in the game, so it doesn’t make sense to base balance decisions on that imaginary scenario. This is a team game, and you will need to play with your team to truly succeed. Even when I’m playing a dog build, I know that I will fail if I ignore my team and don’t work with them.

there is no 1v1 mode in the game? why should the brick require a 4v1 to even lose then? obviously there are certain builds which can kill a brick in a 1v1, but believe it or not, as you argue yourself, its not a 1v1, therefore no chance of winning against a brick.
and for other types of builds, winning against a brick is physically impossible due to the speed, armor and dps

Then why isn’t everyone playing bricks?

Just because you can’t kill bricks doesn’t mean other people can’t.

everyone is literally playing bricks what do you even mean


There’s so many bricks, both fire and shotgun

Bricks just kill things so fast it’s crazy and you’re not gonna do anything to them unless you just happen to be going fast enough when they show up.

I had this game earlier where the enemy could barely get any score because we just had 1 bricks go infinite cloak and drive into their long range players and kill them in like 2 seconds, the rest followed shortly after… kinda wild