Meta of Copters Already Changing?

Before the mode was released, I predicted on here that guided rockets and chameleons would be the meta of the new helicopter mode. I was right… for a few days.

The first thing I did when the update released was slap together a 4 Pyre, Trombone, Beholder build with appropriate modules & was very successful. For a while, I was getting MVP repeatedly. Yeah, you may have hated me for a minute, there.

People have already learned to deal with the rockets, and no matter the map, I’m having a hard time getting any kills with them. It looks to me like mini-guns and drones are the new thing, although there are still plenty of rockets out there. 4 days… not even 4, and the Meta is changing.

For a little demonstration, here are two screenshots of matches that were LITERALLY back to back. The MVP copter has 4 hawk drones. The other less stellar performance is the pyre/trombone build.

Adapt or die… :slight_smile:

Apparently, hitting someones drones with you rockets doesn’t count as hitting them. That’s about all I managed in this match…

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Missile meta on Xbox was like half a day.
We still have people that play them but Mostly I see MGs and other aiming weapons.

Once you get the flying down then you realize aiming weapons just do more DPS.


It’s still fairly active on PC but it’s do able. I was like yes buy my missiles while your all at it… I’m really curious how much the price will drop after the even from over production. :wink:

But they are not quite there yet.
the following is without propeller and with 4 hawks

I’ve seen an AA build with millers or equalizers

I wouldn’t be surprised if they last, but more the way they are with regular matches… as support rigs, not outright assault rigs. The last match I did really well with the Hawks, I spent most of the time on the ground zipping about on my Augers.

I hope they do drop. I used to have 7 pyres, but I fuzed them down to 4 over time. I would love to have 7 pyres again, but fuzed this time. That’d be hilarious. They are sometimes one-hit-kills surprising folks who forget to watch out for them.

As for the original topic, my most successful build today has been dual Therm build under 5K. The matches usually go the distance, I usually don’t die at all, and the maneuverability of the lighter builds is crazy. I can’t really get a 10k build to zip around to make guns really fun to play, but these lighter builds… yeah… they’re great.

I tend to end up playing lighter builds in my daily challenges, too. The matches are just more fun. I’m not a seal-clubber, either. My fave rig has sledgehammers! Remember those? They’re great because they’re tiny, fire fast, cool fast, and do a decent amount of damage. I only break out the 15k+ builds for hard raids or the Leviathan.

I did see a dude attempting porcs in the copter challenge. LOL he wasn’t doing so hot.

The thing is, drones in PVP are way better off as a support vehicle, they have no change whatsoever in frontal assaults and holding on the line.
They are games in the brawl where things start to be very similar to PVP, the majority of the teams are composed by ground builds, one of the last ones i encounter a dude with niddhogs.
I use Bfs to maximize cheetah’s perk and they came very handy in that hilly map.
For now i can’t complain about Hawks.
But people are playing more with MGs it will be a mater of time until their fire becomes more accurate.
Let’s see if hawks can hold on for the duration.

I was selling hurricanes though. Easy pay off for the mode.

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I see threads making fun of people who have their builds looking like a copter or plane. Why rip on that? ITS FUN. ITS DIFFERENT. Im done building cars. Its a nice change to have something that looks like a flying machine or helicopter even though a square box still flies the same. Aside from that, THE HOMING MISSILES…I usually just back out of battles if Im getting locked on in the first 3 seconds of battle and NOTHING BUT LOCK ONS. ITS NO FUN DODGING MISSILES THE WHOLE GAME. One of the funnest battles was when there were NO missiles on any builds. Most of it was machine gun battles or ground wars evading copters. SO MUCH FUN. Got a few messages of players saying the same thing.


People pulling out the drones to serve as shields from the pyres is hilarious. Deserved xD

Having fun with unguided rockets at low PS here.

No one is ripping on those builds. We where talking about optimized builds.

If you enjoy building a real looking heli and flying it then great! Do that! Whatever makes you have fun man, that is always #1.

BUT if you want the most optimized builds in Crossout… well… they don’t really look like anything that is real.

We have a bunch of different types of players here, with a bunch of different opinions about a game they love. But at the end of the day, if your having fun then you can’t be wrong :slight_smile:

I put rocket balloons on my build to make it more realistic. LOL

If someone can make a build look interesting -realistic, cool or just silly - I’m all for it.

I usually start out with something 100% practical, but gradually change it to something more interesting to look at as time goes on. My 1st copters were boxes. My current one looks akin to a bird… with balloons, of course!

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I usually start with something practical but i tend to over do it, in the end i end up with something sturdy but ugly but so beautiful at the same time.

I’m wondering if a flying lancer build could be the shit.
Insta kill in every single encounter respawn, kill, respawn, kill and so forward.

I tried one with boosters from the exhibition just in the garage, I was having trouble hitting my desired ground targets with it but the boosters worked fairly well. I think hitting flying targets would probably be a lot easier. It’s probably just an issue of getting use to it.

the lances are meant for flying targets, for ground units you will need something else

Didn’t have much of a choice in the garage testing it from the exhibition. It looked like it would work though. It was just hard to gauge the angle of approach and speed needed via the boosters.

I tried the same thing. Hitting ground targets was easier with the lancelots facing downward. Hitting air targets was nearly impossible, but when I managed it, I did it with them facing downward as well.

The problem is, once they’re gone, you’re useless.

If it wasn’t a respawn event that might be 100%…

When you die, the other team gets points for your death, tho… So, you nullify any kills.

Or, is it not the same # of points… kill vs. suicide?