Ml legs

Mls are good movement but still slow and barely climb hills still… why not give them a spint ablility or maby a module to do that? 5 second run time and 35 second cooldown?Im not sure the speed increase though 50 to 70?


Sprint module sounds good. But even if it isn’t that, they really need a rework.


I dont need a sprint mode, just give me good grip and acceleration. That alone would make them worthy of use.

As far as acceleration up hill, make ALL movement parts better at that. It is ridiculous how slow most builds climb even slight inclines


Yes that would be quite nice!

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legs are fast enough, dont give devs ideas about more modules that would create a new cancer meta

Man, you don’t like bricks, you think Ml200’s are fast enough, what’s next SGs?

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50 is not fast. What, are the bricks you’re fighting going 60?

I am fine with max of 50…but make them have good/great acceleration and grip.


considering bigrams can go higher speed and the other ones can go 70+ i think the ml-200’s need a small speed buff at least. they are meant to be tanky and be able to survive hits but… thats all for nothing when a tumble weed can move faster then you :roll_eyes:

ml-200’s are famous for that lol.

yes, legs have plenty speed considering that theyre by far the tankiest vehicles in the game

Gerridas or ML200s?

Please specify.

gerridas arent tanky and are faster than MLs, and MLs are tanky and allow for the fattest builds and therefore are somewhat slower otherwise they would be the same thing as bricks are right now

What are the main types of builds that you play? I don’t think I’ve seen any pics from you in the Show Your Builds thread, but it is a very long thread.

ML-200s need a speed and power buff. Their current state is very sad.

Play ML200s once. You’ll change your mind.

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It made it instantly clear to me. I sold mine at a loss, they selfsame day I bought them.

Perhaps it is because I play nearly exclusively PVP that I think they are so sad. I bet they’d work fine in PVE. I hadn’t considered them for that, but I just don’t play PVE very often.

Too slow for PVE. So if you don’t like them for PVP, you’re not going to like them in raids.

ive tried them and HELL NO they arent worth it in raids. they are so slow. especially in perimeter breach and any one that requires you to follow things around the map or go places.

yet they move slower then goliaths, weigh less, have less hp and have the hit box of a barn door… makes total sense!

lets not forget here they made the hit boxes of ml-200’s BIGGER.

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to be fair to MLs, bigrams are superior. but MLs do have their benefits, like being better against dogs which is all you get anyway, and better mounting & hitboxes than bigram.
bigram goes only 5kmh faster than ML, and youre not going to use the wheel ability in pvp, so the only difference is how tanky the builds using each part are going to be. ML has much more tonnage and more HP, but it takes power and weight

mls probably could use some small buff since usage is way lower than other legs, but im afraid to ask for any blance changes because with enough people asking the devs will see this as an opportunity to create another dumb meta because “players asked for it”

you havent seen any pics of my builds in the Show Your Builds thread because i dont post images of builds in the Show Your Builds thread