Module/cab/wheel/weapon synergy chart?

I was thinking this would be nice, but does it already exist? Is there a list or chart out there?

I’d love a quick chart to reference - for example - to see which parts you could use to get the most out of a cannon build…

Of course, there would be multiple options like reload speed, ammo, turret rotation etc.

There’s even a synergy for chameleons with the Beholder. There are probably quite a few I don’t even know about.

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Electric Item Synergy:
Should be mostly complete - looking for corrections

Movement parts:
Claw wheels: all electrical weapons! 4X to get the full perk. (Cheetah) (Hertz)
Omni: all weapons with spread (Plasma emitters) (Golden Eagle)
Buggy wheels: Sealed Radiator (Gravistar/Aurora)

Plasma emitters:
Synthesis/Prometheus V/Helios (Power unit)

Aurora (Counts for MG dailies) (rads and coolers) (Photon) (Huginn)
Gravastar (Doen’t Count for SG Dailies) (rads and coolers) (Photon) (Huginn)
Trigger/Destructor (Flywheel) (Reload cabs) (Photon)

Plasma cutter:
Block Chain (Flywheel) (Reload cabs)

Plasma cannon: (Counts for Cannon Dailies)
Quasar/Pulsar/Assembler (Flywheel works with this) (ammo) (Reload cabs) (turret rotation)

Plasma rocket: (Counts for Cannon Dailies)
Yokai (flywheel works with this) (blast) (ammo) (Reload cabs) (Photon for heat and electric) (turret rotation)

Tesla emmiter:
Spark III/Flash I (rads and coolers) (Huginn)

Drones: (Micro factory) (Cheetah & Bigfoot interplay) (drone cabs)
Annihilator (electric general) (Trombone & Photon)
Barrier IX: (shield) (Hertz)

Mine layers:
Jubokko (Ammo box) (Reload cabs)

Electric cabs: Quantum, Photon (both increase dmg under different conditions) Works for all electric weapons.
Reload cabs: Deadman, Omnibox, Hadron, Echo (see weapons that work with flywheel)
Ammo/Blast: Harpy (Weapons with blast and ammo)
Accuracy: Torero (slight effect with emitters not really worth it)
Drone: Muninn (range & damage)
Damage general: Catalina, Cockpit, Jannabi (While drifting), Aggressor (while driving forwards)
Damage CQC: Howl
Overheating: Huginn, Favorite (see weapons with rads and coolers tag)

Hertz (lasers, Shields, Cloaks, Drones, Distance) (Cheetah & Bigfoot interplay) (Cloak when paired with cheetah)
Jay (Projectile speed, Ammo weight) (Plasma cannons and emitters to a point)
Falcon (weapon spread in movement) (Plasma emitters)

Aegis-Prime: (shield gen) (Cheetah & Bigfoot) (Hertz)
Power unit: (Plasma Emitters)
Oppressor engine: (turret rotation) (Buggy wheels)

Special notes:
Call cab works with drones but defensively, Sabbath wheels work with this.
Kami - will dissipate heat from overcharging Assembler & Gravastar.
Photon cab - Trombone is effective for the heating effect to trigger perk at range.



Tell ya what… I’ll start adding this stuff to the original post & trying to organize it so it’ll make sense.

Maybe I’ll build a spreadsheet, chart or image at some point.

This could get long just for that one type.

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Yes, it will…

I hope my short notations make sense ask if there is need to clarify…

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This would be good for that guide that they are making in game. @41358411

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@82888150 Can you check over that list I just did?

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Thank you!

I hate that I didn’t know until I read on the forum that launching drones are buffed by reload.
The game should have lists in the descriptions of items.

Edit: kami also cools Gravastars


I almost forgot about that and the drone interplay as much as I listed that with co drivers… lol

I didn’t see buggy wheels in there, or am I blind?

Buffs seal, oppressor, lances, some reload shotguns. Does anything else get buffed by speed?

What is the full list of things buffed by cheetah? I swear it seems to buff Aggressor’s perk, but I haven’t done real testing. Buffs cloaks, right?

Does this work with shotgun daily?

This might work with gravastars most of the electrics don’t deal with speed though… I’ll have rads and coolers in but not as exacting as to say rare vs epics.

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Side note this is why I wanted to be able to do the wiki posts btw… Wiki test

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I will… I’ll have more down time in a few hours. I’ll probably work on this rather than playing. :rofl:

Amen! I didn’t know that, either.
Also, many of them are very hard to test. Like, are Grenadiers’s damage buffed by Aggressor? It’s not like you can test that while zipping along at 100kmh.

I don’t believe Gravastars work with any dailies. It should work with energy weapons or shotguns, but when I was running them on a rig in my regular rotation, I had to swap them out to get the daily.

You read a lot huh roo?
That’s not a bad thing as reading and playing word puzzles actually keeps your brain healthier when you get old enough you cough and fart and not all farts are just air/gas

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For anyone interested, this project is much more complicated than I first imagined. I am toying with it & making progress. Will share as I go along…

Usually 3 books going at a time, rarely fiction anymore, though. I’m afraid I’m getting dull. LOL

I kind of figured it would be. I’m not sure if a simple chart will really suffice as some of them are multipart combos to work.

I’m thinking two charts/diagrams are going to be the end result.

One will be part-based, meaning it’ll show what each part has synergies with.

The other will be type-based, meaning - for example - it’ll show what you’ll need if you’re going to do an energy weapon.

Good approach. Definitions of weapon types are vague, although the parts tree kind of helps.
I would suggest a list of each item, with the items they directly interact with.
I know there are combo situations that involve multiple parts, but those should still be apparent if you view the interaction list of the other parts you’re using.

ammo box: (complete list of weapons that use ammo, complete list of items/co-drivers that buff ammo)
Cheetah: (complete list of modules buffed by perk, complete list of items/codrivers that buff it)

Some of the odd multi’s are triples like Cheetah Hertz Cloak, but without Hertz; Cheetah and Cloak don’t work together unless something else like bigfoot is in there…