"Morpheus" Spy cabin + "Infiltrator" Module

Morpheus(Cabin): It is the name given to this cabin due to its creator, also known as a great illusionist capable of doing impossible things.
Perk: It launches two drones that move around the map projecting a hologram of the vehicle itself that from a distance appears to be a target, creating a distraction on the battlefield.

Infiltrator(Module): Curious hacking module for enemy radars created by the illusionist himself, one more of his crazy inventions.
Perk: Temporarily change the team of the vehicle “visually” pretending to be an ally, the effect lasts 10 seconds and is lost after 3 seconds when it is damaged and/or by damaging a target.


nice work! we have a thread for these ideas. Here’s the link, and give it a post there.

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These are some troll ideas! I want both of them.

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I like this one.

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