My Lil' Green Rant

This was brought up elsewhere… but have you guys noticed there’s no nice green paint in the game? These are all the ones I can find in the market. I left out the chalkboard & silly patterns.

z Iguana

z Nephrite
z Pattern Larch
z Pine
z Wolfs Howl
z Amulet
z Dark Green
z Emerald
z Forest Camo

It’s best to also present their names. I can’t recognize half of them.

Depends on what you define as “silly”, too. Is will-o-wisp silly? Is forest mimicry silly?

Either way here’s the list of some good ones, including patterns:

  1. Nephrite
  2. Wolf’s howl (those two you have in your post)
  3. Forest mimicry
  4. Material quartz (albeit it’s too dark)
  5. Pattern pine
  6. Emerald (I believe that one is also in the post of yours)
  7. Iguana (that one is on the first picture?)
  8. Amulet
    Larch and dark green look meh IMO. And if they’d split bright greenery in two it would be better.

So we do have greens here. Not “greens”, of course, those are going to Gaijin and development gets scraps…

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I don’t know why, but there’s a lack of primary colours.
First i thought that was intended , to keep the player pursuing what he wanted.

  • colour blindness
  • graphic limitations

But other colours they are spot one like yellow e.g.
there’s a lot of greys and whites that are the same colour, same tone but with different names.
You left crazy patterns out but there’s a tacky pattern called huntress or hunt something that have a true green on a black background.
I don’t get it.

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Well, there really is no nice green,Do you mean this colour?

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i like iguana, emerald and nephrite.

Either adjust your colors or get a new display device. They look different on my monitor. Or do you mean they are so close it doesn’t matter?

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I don’t know, you tell me.

this was after a quick search, it could be more, with names like one could find in a catalogue.

This is like wearing a white t-shirt, we think it’s white, we see it’s white, until we get with other people wearing white t-shirts.


I like #2, 6, 8 myself personally
Though I think in general having more standard/primary color paints would be good, that way they continue adding the same paints with slight tweets like they do with the paints already

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the difference is more pronounced in the greys but I can see them. The whites… not so much. I can see the difference in game easier.

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The names of the images are the names of the color with “z” added at the front.

I believe all of those are represented in the OP… I named the images the names of the colors.

That would be an improvement.

Primary blues, reds, and yellows are pretty common. I have pretty awesome metallic red and blue.

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I find the selection of fringe blues great.

However, blue centric blues… are non existent.

I mean I need 68 Shelby Blue. Or blue stripes I can use for pin stripes.


My go to greens are Nephrite and Larch. They are both very pretty colors.


I like that green chrome paint. Can’t remember if that’s what it’s called, but you guys probably know what I mean.




This is the name of your image. Soooo… it’s zb168eacae15a0fe5cd9cdf4454b5e96ec922815c paint?

I have to take your word for it.

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I’ve asked for a rusty, dilapidated, green before. We don’t have one,as far as I know.

An oxidized Copper would be nice too.


dark aquamarine kind of green


no green chrome

Needs a hot rod candy apple glitter metalic. Like the ones from the 70s

Nephrite is my normal go to if i want a nice green look