My personal issue with crossout challenges

I can’t be the only one tired of Forced PVP mission challenges with multiple standards for completion.
1.) 40 points fuel earned, 2.) must be PVP and 3.) your tank must exist and 4.) live till the end of the match to even get a part of it finished and with 5.) Melee. That’s 5 standards for one challenge! I did not play this game forever and spend all that money to have super challenges with more restrictions than buying a gun irl! Why are there 5 mandatories for one challenge? It’s so grindy it’s almost like they want Crossout to be your second job!

Another player is about to have an epiphany :+1:

As for the challenge.

1 and 2: I won “batteries” three times in a row and that’s pretty much done it. Not so hard, even if you lose every other match.

3: Ye, kinda this. Although devs didn’t promise you that you’ll be able to complete every challenge, did they? Still a bad zugzwang mechanic: you either pay to have a fuel tank or grind to have a fuel tank, and all this to grind challenge.

4: Not so hard either.

5: Can be done with any bumper. They count as melee. Devs conveniently “forgot” to specify that.

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5: Can be done with any bumper. They count as melee. Devs conveniently “forgot” to specify that.

It used to be that way for Doomsday Cars, but even the first Syndicate season already specifically listed active melees as viable. Are you saying that bumpers count, regardless of what the challenge description says?

As for OP, I kinda agree, this challenge was a tad bit mind numbing, I had a buzzsaw in storage and I put together a 2500 PS build with the two tanks, saw, 2 blue shotguns. It went surprisingly easily, but still, having to keep around weapons I’d otherwise want nothing to do with, like active melees, rockets, and energy weapons, just for the sake of seasonal challenges, is annoying in and of itself. It would be much preferable if these challenges worked similarly to daily ones, and allowed completion with more than one types of weapons.

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Got to get people to buy those battle pass levels somehow instead of getting them for free

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Not that seasons nowadays give practically anything of note for free, anyway. Some useless stickers, a token amount of materials from crates, 8 building parts of which 4 are kinda crap, and the blueprints are only temporary.

Yeah, the challenges being extremely tricky are just a way to milk out more money from already paying customers once they become frustrated but want the new toys

Yeah, this one a pain as I haven’t played pvp in ages, mostly just patrol to do my daily’s, plus gonna be a pain to get fuel as don’t you lose it if you die or your tanks get blow up? I tend to get on teams who die with the first 2 minutes and then the whole team on me
I also got one where I need to spend 50 coins

Which is a total pot of poo on the dev’s part if that’s actually the case!

Won’t work on me, I usually buy the 15 level battle pass but sense they don’t want to fix their laggy/crashing servers/game I almost didn’t buy the 10$ pass, but I did, and I’ve never bought the levels on/in any of the battle passes as I prefer to earn/work my way up the levels

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They just want more people to get frustrated and decide to rather buy levels. Still, put barrels and one mellee weapon to get 3 victories and survive. Not so hard actually. Besides, that’s additional task that supposed to be harder.

Mine did.


Bumpers definetely count - I just raalized I am at 25/40 fuel at it and I only have bumpers.
But to be honest - who cares? We have a lot of time to get final reward, so at most you will be short of 20 coins or so for excess levels.

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I think they’re just trying to get people to try things that aren’t in their usual comfort zone.
I just did a raid with flamethrowers, and it was actually more fun than raids usually are. Never would have tried it otherwise, because raid bots are so explosive that you get hurt with every kill, but I’m glad the challenge encouraged me to.


Indeed… though it is kind of annoying if your not somewhat set up for it.

Given how much people complain about borers, there’s a very cheap and easy way of completing those challenges even if you don’t normally have any melee builds.

I haven’t run a fuel barrel forever, so I’m going to have to come up with a new build for that one, or possibly modify an old one. That just seems like an excuse to tinker around in build mode, which I already enjoy. Win/win situation for me.


I run a cerb/mace build normally so it wasn’t much of an huge issue to me but I remember when it use to be. For me I just made large adjustments around fitting in the fuel tank, dropped generators, and some other stuff small changes to make it more competitive. I’m not use to having to survive the full match for the payout lol…

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@130898924 stuck in an averter linking up to the cloak, cab, and fuel tank as well as the inner side armors. Dropped all my radiators and coolers and the gen. Kept it really simple.


At 5800 PS its a seal-clubbing monstrosity that is guaranteeing you an especially hot and sulphury spot in any possible afterlife. Did you consider doing anything comparatiely good? Like stealing toys from todlers?

I’m not sure you know what seal clubbing is.


Local XO forum idiom meaning meta build at low-mid PS.
If separation by 30 lvl engineers is true as rumor goes, there is no actual seal clubbing as those OP builds will never encounter a player with less than 3 month of grind.
Still - this build is despicable. It works, but for all the wrong reasons.

There was no Meta build in the screenshots provided.

It uses a cabin that is underpowered, it didn’t have a wedge on it, it only uses 4 wheels.

If anything it looks like he tried to make a shotgun build that was not Meta on perpose.


At this PS Maces are just “hold LMB” type of wepons. Shotguns dont start to become counterable until 7k+ PS with light builds. Yes you can survive damn facehugger with heavy builds - but light builds experience them like melees with even less skill as they dont have to pin you precisely.
So anyone using shotguns in PvP at this powerscore is person without honour whose parents, mentors and friends feel guilty for wishing them harm but cant help it.