Need explanation of “simple missions”

I’m total noob to game and don’t “get” the missions nor do i see any “bright lights”. Is there a wiki which explains such details?

I’m not sure I understand the question…

But I don’t play PvE.

Does anyone know what they are talking about?

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The only pve missions are in awakening and they still don’t count as actual missions. If he’s that new though it could be something in the new players section that older players never got to play through too.

I don’t remember any bright lights references in the regular raids.


in adventure mode, there’s little shacks all over the place, they have lamp posts above them. the lamps will be lit if they are loaded with a mission to accept, and can be seen from a bit of a distance. They are blue in color.


I forgot about that line…! :slight_smile:

@103339824 - Thanks! That clears up alot. Will be looing for those lamp posts

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If you’re a total noob, let me share some tips with you for those missions.

There are basically 4 types of missions.

Find 5 crates. There are maybe 8 spawn locations for each of these, so pay attention to where they are when you find them. The next time you do this same mission, the crates will be in the same places.

Go to the 4 coordinates. These have different dialogues, but they’re basically all the same. Drive to these 4 places. Again, they’ll be the same places over & over.

Destroy the enemies. Some are harder than others. Don’t do these until you can win them easily.

Flags… Basically, pick this thing up & take it over there.

If you do 20 a week, you’ll get 100 engineering badges each week. That’s a pretty big deal early on.

BUILDING for Adventure mode should be different than building for actual battles. You’ll want something stable and fast since you’ll be driving long distances as quickly as possible. The exception might be if you’re wanting to fight all those bots, but to get the missions done as fast as possible, you’ll want to avoid those bots until you’re pretty far along.

So, build with the fastest parts you have and arm it as best as you can without weighing it down too much.

You’ll build differently for the story mode missions, group missions or the “destroy the enemies” side missions. For those, you’ll want a real fighting machine.

Hope all that helps.

See you in the wastelands!


Dude! Thanks a ton - big help. Def a tota noob - finding the graphics very addictive! Will take missions in a whole new light. How do the crate locations show up? I’ve lookd at the map often - and see nothing different. Also have not seen any flags yet… but then I might not know them if I see them…LOL!


I’ll play that mode here in a few hours. I usually do the 20 side mission weekly challenge, so I’ll record it and share it for you. Hopefully it’ll help.

Welcome to Crossout!

Video editing is a hobby I enjoy more than I do playing games, so if this helps & there’s something else you’d like info on, let me know. Maybe I’ll slap something together.

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@roopull - thanks for the vid - just what I’ve needed. You did run through things a bit fast but I’ll save the vid and review it. So far all I’ve done is chase bots - but I didn’t that that was the “REAL” game. Wondering what that big arrow that is always at the edge of the screen is for… not intuitively obvious! I’ll go back the game and see if I can get some of those side missions. I’ve sort of stumbled into level 4 but still can’t build much… If you have a you tube channel withr more CrossOut vids - would like a link. Thanks again!

Sorry, I have a pretty successful YouTube channel, but there’s almost no CrossOut content.

I know the video goes a bit fast. Sorry about that. It clocks in at around 14 minutes if memory serves, so if I didn’t speed things up, it’d have been unbearably long.

When time permits, I’ll try to slap one together explaining some building techniques & strategies.

I’m glad you found that vid helpful. :slight_smile:

So, now you’re going to follow me around on the forum spamming me? Awesome.

Pretty successful… I don’t know what you think a successful YouTube channel is, but it bought my last car, so there’s that. Granted, it’s used, but whatever. I’ll take it. Maybe my channel sucks. I dunno…


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I guess it’s kinda’ fixed… I searched for the channel specifically, and it showed up.
I can go to analytics, though, and see they’re no longer recommending any of my content. At least, not like they used to.
Here’s what that looked like before they shadowbanned me.

For a while, if you searched for “Roopull’s Videos,” you’d get RuPaul… I wouldn’t show up until the 3rd page of results. :rofl: but I’m sure that had nothing to do with their woke nonsense. :man_shrugging:t3:

I have never done any of this before :slight_smile: lol

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If you want a more arcade feeling game, this is it. Plus, 100 badges, so yeah. :slight_smile:

I get why people do it. But I personally hate any PvE in this game. It could be a 1000 badges and I wouldn’t do it :slight_smile:

But for those who enjoy it I’m glad it is in game. I just wish it was better.

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Agreed. The AI is painfully predictable.

If I had a fast connection everywhere I played, I’d probably not play it much at all.

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nobody enjoys it, its boring as hell. see, he only plays it because he cant pvp. some grind it for the ridiculous badge reward. you get 5 times as many badges for the 5 cw wins, but thats too hard.

why did my previous comment get removed? is it because roopaul is shadowbanned and i linked to his yt? tinfoilhat.png

Wow. Just… wow.

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