Nerf bricks

im fucking sick of it stop milking the game and change the meta again

I’m curious which types of builds you do like? Or which ones you think need to be buffed instead of nerfed?

but they are so good to build with! :crazy_face:


i like any and every build in the game. but dog builds were too strong for months, so when the other OP parts (gerrida, hovers) get nerfed, plus dogs even get buffed on top of that, the result is that clan war is physically unplayable, unless you have a good team with builds specifically created to counter dog builds

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Melee bricks have been an issue in low PS for over a year now. Recent developments seem to have spread the problem further up the ladder. I’ve been complaining about them for a very long time . Then I just went ahead joined the melee riot, since it became clear nothing was going to be done about it, and this was just going to be a game of melee vs melee, and other builds were more or less irrelevant.

Now, I’ve dumped almost all of my dog toys back into the market. A lot of it has just stopped working so well, for some unknown reason. I don’t know why, but most of my melee builds just started to get pwnd ruthlessly…granted they were all half art, but I was getting a lot of MVPs with them before, and not at all anymore. I started to get destroyed by Spiders, and almost anything with ACs or energy weapons recently.

I still mop it up occasionally with Tempura. I like those, have a fused set (minus one), and aren’t likely to ditch those, because I like jousting, but the rest of the melee seems to be confined to a brick META or a relatively new mini-brick META (faster smaller), and I can no longer add much art to the genre without getting pwnd.

Point is; I think they are ninja-nerfing that stuff slowly, subtly, and methodically (through the matchmaker?). Otherwise, I can’t explain going from regularly getting MVPs with that stuff, to now not being able to get those builds to work at all…I could go full META with it, I guess, but I’ll never do that.

There still is a strong dog META, I’ll admit, but I think the tide is turning (slowly), and there are a few good counters for it (could be better), at least in low PS. I can’t really speak for middle (I suspect there are counters there too) and high PS, but high PS will always be some kind of hideous META or another, so IDGAF about that. IDK what difference it makes up there, but I do look forward to more improvement in the other two brackets. It needs it.

As for Clan Confrontation, that has been dominated by META heaps since day one. Such is the nature of that mode, or any Clan oriented PVP, and should be expected, I suppose. That’s always been META or die, and I really don’t see the difference between one META monstrosity and the next. They all look like cheese-boxes to me. I don’t understand the allure, but whatever. Smoke’m if you’ve got’em, I guess.

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hey, i like bricks.

give me a duster cab and i’ll do a brick with it


Wait, are you using “brick” to describe “dog”?
Maybe I’m confused about Crossout slang, but I always thought of those as very different types of builds.

To me, dogs are usually flamethrower builds, and almost always on blight or other light cabins.
Bricks usually refers to much heavier and slower builds.

Have I been using these terms wrong, or am I misreading your post?

Or are you saying you think that both dogs and bricks are too strong? What about gerrida or hover DPS builds? Are those OP?

The current META is a combination of both. Heavily armored rigs, unnaturally fast, unstoppable, and loaded with melee.


I think he was talking about CW though. But maybe people are making high PS melee bricks up there too, I wouldn’t know.
I thought he was talking about reaper bricks, or breaker bricks.

People can use the terms differently but for the most part, what used to be slow and heavy is now fast and heavy. Dogs used to be fast and light but now FIN allows others to be fast and heavy.

Regading what used to give MVPs now leading to losses, I believe it os adaptation rather than ninja nerfs. People slowly adjust with playstyle and builds.

One way this adaptation occurs: people react to the meta by copying. After playing the meta, they lose to other styles. They adapt that style to counter the original meta. Eventually, the meta changes.


Its the wheel durability. The fastest movement parts in the game with best best synergy perks are the hardest to shoot off. We had wheeled bricks before but this was when the humpback was the only cab and the best wheels were tractor wheels. Now we have wheels that are way better in every way, far beyond other epic movement parts in dura and perks.

They often have 10+ wheels. I dont see that being a good strategy.

Before, they were slow and didnt have 50% resistance on their guns. There were many counters. Now, the SG bricks go 80+ and their small guns are hard to take out.

It depends on the teams entire comp as to how hard or easy it is to deal with 4k health bricks with shotguns. If they dont have a punisher or destructor player? Easy. Fast MG build and map awareness slays them. If they got a guy lingering behind their push taking out guns while the bricks take the aggro, thats a little bit harder.

You cannot shoot the wheels off and by extension the frames/modules because they are buried in the wheels, nor the guns and now armor has insane resistances because of the really dumb updates to armor they made. They have made this game incredibly shit with all these hp increases

bricks are cars in the shape of a brick probably with some shotguns that are planted to deep in the build theyre barely peeking over the edge, or dracos under the cabin.

shotguns are defeatable, but there is literally nothing you can do to beat a fire brick. it has the turning radius of a smart car and so much pusing power even a 30 ton spider build cannot move out of the way or push it off. on top of that, it has more than enough speed to catch a hover and like 4000 hp, so you can see it coming from across the map and yet you and your team will not be able to kill it in time

in clan wars there are other specific strategies against which its hard to do anything, like 4 fast and long range hovers or 4 tanky spiders, the issue with bricks (or dogs) is that theyre pretty cheap, and take no skill to learn and play


So is the issue for you that dog builds are cheap and easy, or that you feel they are stronger than all the other options?

Seems to me that it’s probably good for CW to have some cheaper options, as it’s the price of CW builds that keeps a lot of people from playing that mode. And from what I hear, one of the biggest issues with CW is that there aren’t enough clans playing it.

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I believe the armor changes were made in response to player feedback.

Before omamori and now FIN, people complained about being degunned too quickly.

If you were in control, how would you adjust things to make the game better? Besides lowering wheel dura, of course.

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i can assure you that having 1 single skill-less and cheap meta will not bring more players / clans into clan wars.
at this point, there are exactly 2 entry points for clans into CW:

  1. full relic team
  2. dog builds (including bricks)

no, these (or any other) changes were not made in response to player feedback.
they were made in response to lowering revenue, creating just another braindead meta into which high tier players pour massive amounts of money to stay competitive.
once dog builds get eventually nerfed, another idiotic meta will be introduced for some random reason. new items will be introduced, “old” new items will be nerfed with the new battle pass, people will be happy about dog builds being nerfed and then slowly start complaining about the new thing, just in time for Targem, our superhero, to nerf the new meta in response to “player feedback”, and the cycle of stupidity continues until the day this god forsaken videogame gets milked one too many times and dies.

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Such an angry little man. Cant stop stalking his ex’s social media -_-