Nerf catalina + fused seal already

Shits been op for long enough, you’ve cashed in. I’m tired of builds running these with hovers mopping up my entire team in a minute flat.


Just be patient. Wait to see how the next patch changes things up. Baby steps. And hell…devs may never nerf catalina. You want seals to be nerfed? Thats illogical.

Your way too salty.

we were in several matches together on the same team, im no super skilled player but I was running the cata+seal build named Onyx, and it was faceroll city. I don’t think it’s the builds, it’s the players that use them. I’m not saying you’re one of the bad players, not at all, I am one of the bad players. still, i think it really does come down to the player, not the build.


I sold my catalina. I didnt view it as OP at all.

Fused seals have been this way forever. Suck it up, Buttercup


If you didn’t think it was OP you are a dull knife in the drawer.

Never asked for a seal nerf, their fusion needs a nerf because a direct buff of 42% to overheat with a fusion is a landslide battle. KA2 doesn’t get a 42% efficiency fuse, let alone an efficiency one at all. Ammo packs get a huge 56% buff, and its so arguable that they contribute to cannon builds slamming 1v1’s.

You are reducing mechanical advantage down to player ability. The DPS of this cabin is unmatched. The DPS advantage of having a fused seal vs. not boils down to landslide differences in performance.
Skill issue or not from anybody, 3000+ damage before overheating with an uncharged Catalina is broken. At 9k triple arbiters with a single fused seal and catalina have about 3800 damage potential with 0 charge, and they will stack 4 cab charges with that damage which is stupid easy to farm off the hp brick bots.

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Dude cats are really easy to deal with, if you know a player is using them rush them. like seriously a cat with no stacks is an easy target. don’t let them get the stacks.

And even if they do get the stacks the cat has a really low weight, so it favors DPS builds, which are countered by range.

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New awesome cab is coming, you can create another crying thread :rofl:

That cab is the favorite but on steroids, wonder if they will demote the favorite.

Have you seen it? Its insane :rofl:

Agreed and yet its perk is near useless for some automatic weapons, see gravstars as the favorite is still best for them.

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Ok, no respect for the OP of this post. With one post AfluffyBadger went from slightly out of touch to needing a mute.

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yes yes, he is a self described polish nationalist, or was it hungarian? so this checks out.

keep your panties on, what a weird reaction.


Let’s stay appropriate toward each others guys

See how are you supposed to know someone is on a catalina when they are buried behind layers of spaced armor and or weapons like mg’s blocking the front of the cab obscuring the view. Large cabs like the cohort is hard to hide but it is very easy to hide smaller cabs like the catalina so it is hard to tell what you are fighting. Also different paints like a black paint can further complicate identifying what cab the op is using along with the time of day. It is hard to see stuff at night so trying to tell if the opponent is on catalina during nighttime is a waste of time especially if that player is using dark color paints.

Complaining about Parts other people use and you don’t genuinely baffles me. I mean, it really confuses me.

Is there something preventing you from getting the same parts? No. So instead of doing that, you complain about it? You insist those parts are nerfed or removed? Silly. Super duper Pinky Winky Willy Dilly silly.

Here’s a little football analogy for you. This is how these arguments sound to me.

A says, " it’s not fair! That other team’s players are all faster than all of ours!"

B says, " yeah, well, they are all wearing cleats. All of your players are wearing high heels."

A replies, " no way! I hate cleats! They should Nerf cleats! Cut the knobs off the bottom of them! Ban them from the game!"

B says," I don’t know. You could just go get yourself some cleats and compete fairly with them."


My dudes, I’m not wearing high heels, bustier’s or push-up bras.

Garter belts, however… they hold my dress socks up when I wear a tuxedo.


I did not attack anyone, and if you can’t find the humor in that post, God help you! LOL

But if you want me to address the issue at hand, I gladly will.

There is no problem with the catalina. There is no problem with the seal. There’s no problem with hovers, Bigfoot tires, the new machine guns, spaced armor, or anything that cannot be addressed by simply having a better attitude about it.

At no point in this game have I encountered a weapon or cab or module that slaughtered me and thought “wow that weapon should be nerfed or banned!” No, I simply think “dude I got to get me some of those!” Then I set about getting it.

And yeah, they’ll get nerfed at some point… Whatever. I’ll move on.

I can’t help but think the mentality I take is healthier and leads to a lot more fun. Rather than getting all worked up and angry and posting little rants about my virtual toys on the internet, I just play with the toys I get. And I have fun. To each their own.

There. Was that better?


I find his rant more funny than what you posted with the exception of the S word fluffy used.

Here’s a ridiculous little football analogy here. This is what it sounds like to me when ppl bring up analogies for straightforward topics.

[TEAM] Yeetimus Maximus: Why don’t we take our pants off and use them as slings to throw the ball and trip up our opposition?
[TEAM] Cleetus D-fetus: Tie these resistance bands to the ends of your pants for that extra snappy wedgie sling trick!
[ALL] DeleteRulez: omfg he just made that man do a triple frontflip without leaving the ground xd
[ENEMY] Pooshup Brah: These motha****az crazy bro, we out here trynna play football and they playin speedo sling ball!

When the majority of skilled players are running the same build, fusing the same module in a game all about freedom and choice there’s a balance problem. When an epic cab is holding at 3000 coins its overpowered. Catalina is just the blight cab for ranged players, especially hovers. There are dozens of cabs in this game to choose from but its just catalina spam. There are many builds to play with, but its only a few excelling. You don’t get much freedom of choice in this game if you want to win despite the dozens of unmade and unseen build options at any given ps. CW should have the most build variety in the game given powerscore is not a limitation and everything is available, yet its the most limited in terms of what gets to top 10.