Nerf Dusk

…and make it buff all the crap it’s “perk” nerfs. This cab is crap and does the opposite of what I need it to. I don’t need a cab that makes missile damage more powerful. Even if it nerfed the damage of missiles a little, it would be more fun if I could actually hit something with it while moving. The nerf it applies to accuracy and target acquisition make that cab complete garbage, as is evidenced by it’s ridiculously low market price, and is the exact opposite of how I would have hoped that cab worked. IMO its stats are bass-ackwards, and almost any other cab works better with missiles than the Dusk.


1800 Power score



Max. speed

95 km/h


4200 kg

Mass limit

8600 kg


12 pts.


280 pts.


850 kg

Homing rockets deal 20% more damage and fly 20% faster. However, the lifetime of the projectiles is reduced by 67% and their maneuverability and target acquisition range are also reduced.

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Yep. Agree 100%

I was super excited when I learned they were coming out with a missile cab, but this is horrid.

It essentially makes a missile build a “brawler” like shotguns. You’re as likely to do damage to yourself if you manage to put the perk to use because you have to be insanely close to the enemy for it to work.

I rarely use my pyres anymore because target acquisition is so terrible. You used to be able to build a tower to see over obstacles, but now even if you can see the enemy, the rockets don’t want to lock on - tower or not.

Even with a fused doppler, they suck.

Leave the damage the same.
Increase the speed.
Increase the range.
Increase the target acquisition.

Then, I’d use this steaming pile of dog squeeze.

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Oddly, I tend to keep using crap that doesn’t work, and discarding my builds that do. I’ve got a Shot gun Wedge that works fine (don’t like it), and a meat-head Borer-brick with a Skinner that works good (like it even less), I had a Gremlin/Auger/Huggin that just felt OP and would MVP all day, but I sold that crap. It was stupid-easy and I just wasn’t amused with it after a couple sessions. Even all fluffed up with art it was still a beast.

But this ridiculous Dusk? I’ll just keep at it until I can find a way to make it work…or until I start launching f-bombs at it through clenched teeth.

Maybe somebody will show up to this thread and tell me, “No stupid, this is how it works. It’s fine,” and then I’ll go back and tinker some more.

Dusk makes pyres into reloading lances, but isn’t good for much else.
Still, it’s pretty good at that.

I’m surprised Doc doesn’t like it. Are you trying to use it at longer ranges?


Only pyre is its exclusive weapon (I don’t think hurricane is powerful enough to use it) and only this is one of the more powerful ways to play it, it needs at least changes

Yes, sometimes this tracking is pointless, but the pyre just seems to be a high damage and not so easy to hit target weapon, unlike a real missile


This cabin is trash. I rather use Harpy for explosive radius.

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That’s actually true, and is about the only way I’ve seen it work for me, but only incidentally. Now that you put it that way, I will probably look at it more like that. Thanks for the perspective. I could see that it was working that way, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t getting it. I was trying to force it to work more like a conventional missile-boat, and man, it doesn’t work that way.

Maybe that’s what I needed to hear. I will rebuild it, and treat it more like a Lancer.

You should be (I feel stupid now…but I was hoping for that). I really didn’t see it like a joust-rod, despite that being a little obvious, probably. The Target, charge, fire, routine I’ve done over and over, somewhat effectively too, but I was also using a Nest to cover my retreat, and it won’t lock on to crap with that cab. I need to ditch the Nest, go full-on with the pyres, and let the cloak cover my retreat, ya?

Thanks again, Poony4u. This could help me finally find my niche again in a game that has sort of ostracized me by the death of it’s Mad Max vibe. I’ve been feeling led to commit to some play-style or the other, and looking at this cab as a way of jousting sounds good to me.

I was having better luck with that myself. I like the Harpy. It’s a good cab.

I’m gonna dive back in and see if I can’t mold this cab into something more like how Poony4u sees it; a long range Joust-Rod.

I like the cab, but it’s perk has always felt upside down to me. Maybe I was just looking at it bass-ackwards.

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Pyre is better for reloading times x50. That is why people use it.
Hurricanes mounted pointed right or left out the side of a car vertical work. I would still rather have the lower reload.

It’s good for a single style build. Very good at it. There is a higher skill cap to the build.

It’s the only build with explosion radius I do not use harpy with. But it took me quite awhile of getting the hang of it.

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*Its — I guess this is what you meant

Either way there’s Spider cab for the missile improvement. I agreed they should’ve made Dusk something else than missiles but they don’t have that kind of imagination.

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I’ve tried several side-firing builds, but you lose a ton of rounds into the ground on hilly terrain.
So, I thought I’d try seeing if anyone had one in the exhibition.

Challenge accepted!

Here’s what I ended up with… several attempts later…
3/4 views…
z gif3


The business view…

Now, look… you guys are probably thinking that it’s just too ugly to be any fun to play, but remember, when chasing victories, sometimes you have to drive ugly builds.

The bad thing about it is that not only is it ugly, but it’s horrible, too.


Maybe I’ll try one on legs…

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Ya…nope. That cab sucks bad. It nerfs missiles to where I can barely hit crap even if I’m camping and my enemy is holding perfectly still too. Complete garbage…pretty garbage, but garbage. the Nest would work with it, except getting a lock on any target is extremely difficult. Pyres get totally lost, volley after volley. Will it buff Anacondas? Maybe I can use it as…garbage. It’s just comically bad. WTF were they thinking, and why haven’t they fixed this yet?

Maybe, I’ll try another build with it after dinner…nah. I’m stubborn, but I don’t think I’m this stubborn. I think I tried it once with Trombones and a Nest, and that worked…OK, but I can’t help but think that anything I tried with it would work better with the Harpy.

It has my vote for Crossout’s worst cab ever. They need to swap its “nerf-perks.” It is indeed bass-ackwards.

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When it was new, I saw a lot of people using it with pyres at close range, and it was pretty strong. But I think they nerfed it at some point and I rarely see it anymore.
But when it did work, people were cloaking up and blasting you at very short distances (probably under 20 meters). At that range, the missiles all hit, and go so fast you don’t even hear the beeping before the explosion. Often they’d end up slamming into me with their car right after, but not sure if that was intentional.

I think it’s a weird cabin, but kind of cool that it turned homing missiles into a close range weapon. Basically totally changes how you have to play them, but that’s only useful if the damage is devastating.

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Werewolf is still in the lead.


Well, I’ve had a relaxing day of playing XO off & on. I tried multiple builds with it, and it just sucks. It forces you to get in close, but up close, they still miss. Insult to injury, if you get pinned against someone - which is likely to happen when you have to get in close, firing the pyres does as much damage to YOU as it does to the enemy.

Just a dumb cab.

I even tried it with legs… One had bigrams up front & omnis in the back so that the pyres firied slightly upwards - hoping fewer would impact with the ground.

Just no… no no no…

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It doesn’t work that way for Pyres. Not now anyway. The problem I have with them is that I need to be some undetermined distance away from my targets to hit them because they don’t have any arch at all. The cab seems to nerf the arch, making Pyres want to fly more or less in a straight line. They constantly over shoot their targets, and adjust their trajectory very poorly. With the nest, and the trombone (last time I had some trombones anyway) they worked fine at close range, but good luck locking on a target the way it is now.

I think maybe the Nest and/or the Trombone (I think there is another similar missile) would work fine, if you can get a lock on targets, but any little bump or obstruction at all resets the count. It’s super difficult I think.
Maybe I’ll try it later…maybe not…ya, maybe…IDK…I certainly need to take a break from that project. That’s for sure.

A fresh look at it after dinner is maybe what I need.

I forgot about that one. Ya, it’s pretty bad too.

Your experience with it pretty well mirrors mine. It’s just a dumb cab. Sad. Very sad.

Because Pyres are sad excuse for a weapon as well. You need 7 of them to make some difference.

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At least the werewolf doesn’t make your weapons WORSE.

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Obviously werewolf’s perk is almost useless, but it’s a fun general purpose light cabin.
I like the look of it, it’s easy to build around, reasonably fast, and I actually managed to kill people with the suicide drone once and a while back when I used to use that cabin.

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ahhhhh the dusk cabin… what a steaming pile of goat bleep this is. and im taking a STEAMING pile. like that goat had 10 encheritos that was filled to the brim with carolina reaper peppers and the last dab hot sauce. im talking so steamy it catches fire if even a molecule of oxygen touches its forbidden stench.
tbh i do NOT like this cabin but buy it now before it gets a rework. hold onto it then slam it hard into that market when it gets good so hard the cash stacks explode out of the offer.

the thing i hate the most is this

but wait theres more!!

all this for heavily reduced flight time, maneuverability and target acquisition range? dude… rockets already get hard countered by a ton of weapons in the game, the biggest contenders being sparks and flashes (no im not counting that defensive module that shoots down rockets). pretty much any gun counters them to. they for the most part are easy to dodge unless they are fired straight up in the air raining down on you like a bird turd air strike. even then it isnt that hard to get out of the way most of the time. i think pyres and hurricanes really need a rework or an improvement on how they work. i LOVE rockets and i really want to use them more. but the weapons that use rockets are always so weak. (the clarinet is not useful at all in raids or anywhere else really. i want to use one but its just not that versatile to me.)
what really breaks this for me is the lifetime of the projectiles being reduced. 67% reduction is ALOT, especially for a rocket. and thats only for a 20% boost to damage and flight speed! but whats the point if they die before they get to their intended target anyways? the 20% speed increase is so ridiculous to me they did this to try to counteract the nerf to flight time. “lets reduce the flight time by almost 70% but lets give them a slight 20% increase to rocket speed so it can give an extra 2 inches before they blow up. thatll help!”
not to mention the rocket launchers themselves are incredibly weak. just over 50 hp… you sneeze near one and itll fall off from the gust of wind coming out of your pie hole! imo rockets are just to weak to run. they need a buff and a serious rework to be useful. its also funny how we dont have that many rocket launchers in the game like the hurricane, pyre and the flutes. flutes are guided with a laser sight but the others are target and homing. its a shame we dont have a relic homing rocket launcher with a unique perk.


It won’t get said better than that. Thread over.

Thanks for playing.