Nerf gerrida

I can’t believe no one’s brought this up. Don’t you think it’s strong enough?It has replaced the other two mechanical legs


I think we’re mostly seeing lots of them because everyone just unlocked them and they’re new.

They’re strong, but I don’t see them as OP yet.


Even the heavy designs are using them, and it has completely outdone the old two mechanical legs

Out doing the ML200s isn’t hard to do, the Bigrams have been doing that since they came out and never stopped, I agree with Poony4u, it’s a new toy so everyone wants to play with it, plus more people on legs maybe less on hovers right?..
Lots of people would like that outcome, so yeah, not op and are actually good legs unlike the clunky Ml200s

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MLs still are viable on smaller, center cap maps.

Bigrams still have wheel mode and better dura, which gives them roles as well.

Gerrida have clear speed advantage vs its competitors, and people like speed. That said, they are lower dura and can be shot off much faster/easier.

Much more time/data is needed to determine balance


It looks like those two old mechanical legs have a durability advantage, that’s at the cost of weight, the design will be less armored and the lighter bigram designs will be crippled by shooting down a few of the legs, the gerrida is not only smaller and penetrating, but importantly, it’s not designed to be crippled by shooting down a few of the legs, most of the designs of the bigram are above the Nova in terms of weight including Nova, and these designs have no advantage in maneuverability for the tire pattern compared to the gerrida

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Medium cab spiders on bigrams can cross large maps much faster than gerrida.

The tonnage/mass and dura/mass ratios are comparable on all 3 legs.

Bigrams sit higher than gerrida…which is typically considered advantageous. ML are esier to build around and are smaller.

I am not saying gerrida isnt best. I am saying it is way too early to tell and will likely be situation dependent.


Yes, the bigram is a little bit faster for long distance movement, the gerrida is lower than the old two yes, however it is partially above the chassis, which will provide protection for the design, just like the ml200 before the changes, they have comparable mass to durability ratios and the gerrida is more maneuverable, all of this is correct right?

I just started building with them, I don’t think they are op. I do think they are animated a little strange though.

Harvesters eat through them pretty easily, so if melee gets popular ML200s might be preferable for some applications.
They all have uses. These new ones are quite interesting, but I haven’t decided what to build with them.

I like them as is, but their placement box needs looking at, they need so much space above and to the sides that all builds with them end up looking the same.

Gerrida’s are jank with busted acceleration and should have been added after several more weeks of work. These things are right between hovers and omnis. Sure rams are faster in wheel mode on fast cabs but these are fast without needing to lose time going from wheel to leg. Their acceleration makes them really fuckin annoying to fight if they have camera steering cause they steer better than omni builds, don’t get knocked around like hovers, and are plenty fast and durable enough for what they are.

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Anyone notice them having the same trouble on some hills that augers and omniwheels were experiencing for a while?

I think the legs are fine. They are not over powered.

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I for a change say that the legs are too strong against the background of the competition because:
Bigrams light leg move 45kmh and can ride (on a heavy cabin it will be up 70kmh)
Bigrams are 600hp and gerrida 480 + 25% permeability, it gives 624 hp (writes 480 because I remember so much I do not have how to check how much they had)
And they have 70kmh as much as biggrams in driving mode .except that without losing power when changing directions and in any direction.

And mlki are further as compacted hard turtles that push forward so they can not be compared, personally in my opinion ml should get fire resistance of 25% because after nerfie hp are from Paper against fire, especially since the fire burns even 3-4 thick frames 4x8 and consequently the last 4th frame is heating and for next 2 sec getting more 100% dmg.

Does not feel too strong for me, they’ve got a pretty big hitbox for their size and not that much health. But if you are trying to shoot at them with single shot and reloading weapons or at a longer range, the general speed of them is going to be a problem just like hovers and agile Omni builds are, but that has more to do with the fact that non-spray and pray hold fire button and point in the general direction of enemy weapons are just way more better at everything than any weapon that takes aiming to use and rotation speed of those weapons usually sucks as well, making hitting anything much harder than just holding your mouse on the enemy and holding down a button

I wouldn’t say they are strong, mostly annoying when in ally team) blocking sight all the time

I think these legs are fine.

No need for changes.

Camera steering HAS TO GO.


Still trying to figure out something that is good with these that isn’t with omni that I already have. Any suggestions? Not having is not a deal breaker…