Nerf porcs mobility blocking of own team!

too many players spamming porcs randomly and intentionally that is interfering with team mobility. 4 porcs can completely immobilize omni wheel tank. these porc players are doing it on purpose most of the time as area denial barriers to own team members to block team members from getting line of fire like on frontier defense. porcs use to bounce off team members they need to restore that so porc players can NOT abuse the immobilizing ability that porc currently posses. ITS BEING ABUSED TO ATTACK OWN TEAM MOBILITY!.

your just in the way :crazy_face: :rofl:

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nope they are randomly firing them. and NOT at the bots.

did your team win,or are they making it so your team loses? if it’s so your team loses then report it.

that is besides the point STOP JUSTIFYING BAD BEHAVIOR.

that is the point. :crazy_face:

actually read the TOS interfering with team mates is violation of TOS Stopping us from moving around is a biggy. when all that team mate is trying to do is help cover other team mates and to line shots up so more than 1 team mate is shooting the bots.

show us a video. :thinking:

go do raids with other porc players while your on wheels or omni wheels and see if you can move past unexploded porcs especially hit from side. by porcs you have your answer.

I was actually pinned to a barrier because of it. where they kept shooting me from side for no reason there were NO bots anywhere near me.


Sounds like you might not be running bumpers low enough.
Also, you need to stop worrying about raids so much. It’s a tiny part of the game, and not meant to be treated competitively.

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This is what should happen when you hit a porc


NO they changed the mechanics about the same time they changed the up slope speed changes. a update or 2 ago. They use to fly off you no matter where they hit you. IF it was team player shooting the porcs. where we could be used as deflectors to shoot a porc around the corners. off of us like pingpong balls.

IF my sides and bumpers were any lower I would be off the ground unable to move. am already bouncing over objects not there.

IMO Porcs do not need changed.

Is it annoying sometimes? Yes
Should it be removed? No

Porcs have always got under cars. This is nothing new. Don’t stand/drive where they are firing.

I got an idea - why don’t we make porcs huge and orange and covered in flames so people can see them better…. Oh wait…

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never said remove porcs I said restore porcs physics to behave like pingpong balls off allies and NOT impeed ally movement with unexploded porcs.

this physics that was recently added IS BEING OPENLY ABUSED. BY BAD PLAYERS. KEEP porcs remove the it acts like a barrier to allies. IT NOT just a little inconvenient its game ruining to those physically on the ground with wheel builds. and omni wheels. where these porcs mass is as much as 20k rig. for 4 porcs. .

im a porc player myself. i have 2 porcs and ive come across people who run porcs being jerks in raids most of the time. literally 7 / 10 players i come across who use porcs are kinda jerks. in hard raids theyll just rush it as fast as possible, spam porcs anywhere they dont care where team members are at and point hog the whole way through the raid. these people typically own anywhere from 3 - 5 porcs and i dont like coming across them.

on a side note i dont try to be a jerk to my team members, if anything my porcs help them alot of the time. if my team members are in the way i will throw porcs at them but not maliciously, i use the momentum of the porcs to bounce off my team mate and right into the enemy. porcs do bounce quite well off others.

the question i have is what exactly do porcs do to omnis? i cant imagine they can move them because my car cant even move omnis. i remember before my own vehicle getting flipped ALOT by porcs, i remember that when i was in clan wars and often times id hit a stray porc barrel from my team member and it would flip me completely on my back. if it even nicked my tire it would just flip me right over. even now it kind of does the same thing, it acts like my car weighs next to nothing :unamused:

STOP!!! … thats both scary and hilarious at the same time xD

this is my thoughts exactly. porcs are annoying most of the time but they reduced the time it takes to reflip your car and… didnt they make the car jack cost 0 energy now to use? or am i mistaken?

wait what physics? when i use my porcs it bounces off my team mates no problem at all. i havent noticed my team mates having issues with my porcs and if someone gets flipped cause of it i rush over to flip them back onto their wheels though this is very rare now. (sometimes i see tracks having issues with porcs to which doesnt make sense to me.)

I never said porcs need removed.

Them getting under cars does not need removed.

Raids suck and raids are only a resource grind.

People are not playing the game to “Care” about their team and obviously the dev team thinks the same way or they wouldn’t split the reward like they do.

I’m not saying it’s fair, I’m not even saying it’s right, but you can not blame the player. The developers made the system they way it is and you do not get rewarded for team work.

I wish they would let me solo hard raids, I do not need my teams help, they just get in the way. I very very very rarely play raids, but if my whole team blow up right at the start of the raid or just move out the way then the match would be done faster without their help.

This is not a weapon problem, this is a poorly designed reward system problem that not only promotes but rewards this kind of behavior.

you dont happen to say anything to these guys prior to them doing this do you?

I do mind when people porc spam in raids. I just hang out beside them and shoot the heated up enemies.
Makes the whole thing go by faster.

Haven’t really been playing raids since they removed them from the daily challenges. I did however finally start doing patrols to quickly clear the daily weapon challenges and earn some copper.